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Discussion in '2002 Ford GT40 Concept' started by TAWS7, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Nah, unless they seriously [email protected] up on the drivetrain, or the gearing, the GT will be faster.
  2. The GT40 will kick the Viper's ass! This car is being produced with a main goal of going faster, handling better, and defeating the Ferraris for a second time. Meaning as Ferraris outmatch the Viper, if the GT40 is successfully produced, it will knock the Viper into oblivion.
  3. A direct quote from the men at the head of the project "...there's really no specific targeted 0-60 time, the only acceleration target to really speak of is under ten seconds, preverably the lower end of 10 seconds" Read from that what you will.
  4. SVT bought a Ferrari 360 so that they could make a car that was better then it
  5. are you serious? these cars aren't really comparable. the gt was designed to compete with the ferrari modena 360 coupe. it would kill the viper on a track. in a drag race however, id have to go with the viper
  6. What is this barney, GT will always be better! (Even though I love vipers)
  7. i think the Gt 40 would win!!! ford actually has abit more experience with cars than dodge. yes i know vipers are made for straight line racing i also know that the Gt 40 shut down ferrari in the lemans for 4 years straight in the late 60's and early 70's so on a race track with turns the gt 40 would dust the viper both being stock, the venom tt is a car in a league of its own
  8. i think the GT40 - lighter midengined, and the engine of the ford will be supercharged as well, not na, so it isn't just 5.4 vs 8L. i like both styling but i prefer the new GT40. the 03 viper is an improvement over the last one too, i hate the rear end on the last one and build quality is much much improved.
  9. I think the viper wood win even on a track cuz ther hafta b at least sum straits on the track and thats wher the viper wood get ahead...and in the turns and the resnt, the 2 r least a lil.. so id go with the viper
  10. 8.0L V10.... 5.7L V8--those numbers will only add on weight. Both cars will have 500hp 500lb torque only the viper has its 500cubic inches while this one is much smaller. This car also will weigh much less and was designed to beat the viper. I saw GT.
  11. Just to let you know its a '04 GT not a '03 GT40. Note: The name so far is GT and I think it will stay that way but could change never know. And it wont come out till '04.
  12. Viper GTS doesnt handle that well at all and Ford know it. Not even the SRT10 will out handle this car. The GTS was defeated on handling by not only the wonderfull handling corvette but a 2000 Mustang Cobra R. I love Vipers but this car will rock them.
  13. wow. i'm surprised by all of the ignorance in this forum. the viper doesn't handle well? it was only built for straight-line performance? i mean, come on, aren't we all car people here? at least have the courtesy of not speaking if you don't know what you're talking about. the viper has excellent handling IF you can drive it right. the tires are more than a foot wide, they have a LOT of grip. the f/r weight ratio is very close to 50/50 (49/51, if i remember correctly). the steering is very sensitive; the steering wheel has absolutely no play. and, correct me if i'm wrong, but i always thought that 0.98g lateral acceleration means that a car turns really well at fast speeds.

    people think that the viper handles poorly only if they can't drive it. regardless of what some may say, 450hp (or 500 in the new one) is A LOT of power. combine that with the fact that the throttle is EXTREMELY sensetive (at least in the old viper, haven't driven a new one yet), and the result is many tires being spun when some unexperienced driver or know-it-all automotive journalist tries to accelerate too hard out of a turn.

    anyway, getting back to the topic, i would have to take a '03 viper over a '03 gt40, as the latter hardly exists. but in '04, come on. the gt will cost almost twice as much as a viper. ford would have to be really stupid to release a supercar that expensive that couldn't definitively defeat a viper performance-wise. i say the gt wins, hands down.
  14. I wouldnt say that the Ford GT will win because it cost twice as much. After the 2003 Viper beats a Ferrari 360 modena and the viper is cheaper. The numbers that the viper has produced are at the top and will be hard to beat. After all in Motor Trends issue of speeding they got the viper to pull 1.05G's on the pad and 60-0 in 97 feet. Those numbers have humbled every sportscar out there no matter the price.

    On the race track or on the street this will be vary close. After all these 2 cars will leave most sportscars gasping for air. Both cars would tear appart a Ferrari 360 Modena on and off the track. I just cant tell.
  15. sorry, just to clarify my statement, i didn't mean that the gt WILL win, i was only saying that it SHOULD win.

    also, when i said it should definitively win, i mean only that it should beat the viper consistantly (especially after bill ford's comment a year or two ago that was something along the lines of "our new gt40 will tear the viper apart"). i don't think that the gt will be able to beat the viper by a lot, however.

    and as for the ferrari, it may be that both of these cars are faster than it, but people have different reasons for buying ferraris than they have for buying vipers (and gt's, i would assume).
  16. I thick that the viper would win because it a V10 and its got a bigger engine and because ford sucks!!!!!!
  17. dude i know that's not what its name is now, but i made this topic like 2 years ago when it was going to be a 2003 GT40. Note: it'll be here fall 2004 as a 2005
  18. wow.... thank you for being banned
  19. I think the GT40 will win, because its lighter
  20. As a racer, I can honestly say I think it depends on the driver!

    All joking aside however, It depends on too many factors to list, ie gearing, tires, suspension, aerodynamics, etc.
  21. engine size doesnt matter; this has better power/liter
  23. actualy its not all that much lighter, if i remember right its either the same weight or only 50-100 lbs lighter, which for a 3000 lbs car, isn't that much
  24. Well, this is more aerodynamic, has a beter hp/liter ratio, is lower, and its a built race-car. The Viper is fast, dont get me wrong...but theres about a 99.99997(?) chance that the GT is faster.
  25. It was a good match up but as you can see the had a sort of bad day or something to test them on because I have seen the Ford GT do 0-60 in 3.3 sec but they only had it clocked at 3.6 sec. I think if they had both cars in top condition it would be a better comparison. I say the Ford GT is better even with the price tag. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> I just love those GT's.

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