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Discussion in '2002 Ford GT40 Concept' started by TAWS7, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Plus the GT has heritage. How many people can say their Viper has heritage?
  2. Yea the GT has years and years of heritage, the Viper doesnt have anything for heritage compared to the GT. Also the GT looks a whole lot better than a Viper.
  3. Yea i just think that anyon comparing a Viper to a Ford GT is just going to have bias towards the Ford GT.
  4. Yup. The Ford GT has alot of heritage which the Viper has not.
  5. Yea when you see people comparing these 2 cars they are always going to want the Viper to win for some reason.
  6. but the viper has a huge fanbase. Some are tru fans, some are ignorant, blind fools, and some just liked the show
  7. Yea but a fanbase.... at least in my mine, is different than Heritage. I would much rather have a car with heritage rather then a fan base.
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    itz gonna be close one i reckon, but i think the gt40 will take it on the power to weight ratio
  9. but what is the power to weight ratio like when compared to the viper? surely the ford would come out on top wouldnt it?? what d u think
  10. Well i read the comparo in the Jan issue of Motor Trend and the GT won it but not by much at all. Although i could see it was a bad day for a test when you look at the times and some of the performance things were a little off.
  11. agreed, how can a car ever beat those LeMans races?
  12. Yea Le Mans racers and cars are "BEASTS" lol
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    nuttin much to add to that, i think that the ford is an overall winner, i cheked overall stats and they are very close but the viper is heavy and despite a bigger engine, i doubt if i would hold up against the GT.
  14. I think that the Gt40 will win because of the top speed. Its about 10 mph faster but the Viper has more get up and go. The accelerations are the same and they both have the same amount of power. Just becuase the engine is bigger doesn't nessecarily mean that it is faster. But my choice is the gt40 because of the top speed. But i cant wait to see the actual road test.
  15. id say the gt, imo looks better, weighs less, same power=better performance. Also from every test ive read/ seen, ford gt is praised for being insanely quick and having very good handling.
  16. The Ford. Definately!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's 100% American Muscle. Extremly good looking.V8 at the back.

    And one true thing. The Ford handles hell a lot better. The Viper 's layout's bad. Which makes it very very bad at going through corners.

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