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  1. I would want to drive it on the road,I live in AZ where it never snows,hardly rains,I would have so much fun with this little car,lol.
  2. Point taken. You obviously know about power/weight ratios. Just because the car does not have 1000 hp doesn;t mean that it wont have increadible acceleration and handleing contrary to American belief. You dont need a 10 liter v8 making around 10hp/liter and a pushrod valvetrain and 2 valves/cylinder with no fuel injection and an iron block weighing more than the car.
  3. hey peeps, im sry for bothering your conversation here but ive cre8ed an account just 4 telling yo how i disagree with ya'll.

    First. As a matter of fack, you, americans ( im a canadian sry !), must admit that you all prefer cars that go on straight ahead with a mothe*****ing big power plant, just look at the cars you are all building since american car's history has begun.... and this is normal, since your "national sport" if i can call it like that, is Drag Racing ! And youve alaways met the requirements for so... but you must all remember that the cars you see in europe are NOT designed for coming in America ( i mean the continent, not the us). and its like that for american cars that should not met the things that europenas want ! so dont bogther triing to #$%# on eachother's head. Yes american, your companies are building cars with the only goal to be having the biggest motor.But europe isin't like that ! The goal of europe is Handling and desing... so please, go say shit on forums : Amerika vs Europe ok ... we are alking about a fabulous car here and id like to keep on hearing from it rather than nuclear power plant !!

  4. Yes, an S2000 car. They won't admit it!

    They can't admit that a

    120hp Lotus can beat there big block V8's

    a 153tq Honda can beat there Big block V8's
  5. the point is, you have no point. the vette weighs twice as much, and is geared for mroe top speed. No american company makes a small quick car like this, so why compare it with any american cars?

    you just made this thread to take a shot at american cars, nothing else.
  6. you might think that, but it doesnt make his point invalid.
  7. dont post anymore. Everyone is sick of your generalizations.
  8. okay, you expect anyone to take that seroiusly, when that elise is modified, and in the article, say its almost making 200 hp at the wheels, when the cobra is stock.

    Yeah, thats real fair. Grow up.

    To end my part in this thread, ill say, yes, there are of course many stupid american car fans posting in here and in alot of the other elise forums, when they actually have no idea what they are talking about. I love the elise, and wouldnt mind owneing one one day, and I am an american. However, there are euro/jap fanboys in here as well, (blitz, many on first page) who are just as bias/stupid when it comes to american cars.

    My advice to all of you, is to Fucking grow up and learn to respect all cars, and understand why the owners like them so much, etc, before you go start flaming them.
  9. in turns it would match the 'vette?!?! ahahahahahaha you are living in a dream world! the elise would walk all over a 'vette on a track
  10. Why would anyone compare the vette to an elise? These cars are in completely different leagues. The elise is a feather-weight mid-engine car with a relatively good power to weight ratio and honed for lightning quick maneuverability. The vette is more of a relaxed, if somewhat pushy, low-end supercar. It's a completely different layout(I'm aware of the tranny being in the rear for weight balance), much heavier than the elise, and is designed to hug the road more than to maneuver as quickly. This is because the US is dominated by wide roads, making really sharp steering unnecessary. If you're gonna compare the elise to anything, compare it to the boxster or the edgy elise-clone opel speedster.
  11. Why did they make it soooooooooooooooooooooo s....l......o......w, but so sweet looking.
  12. If by slow you mean it would lose in a drag race?
    When you start growing pubes and get a drivers liscence you might be lucky enough to take a corner in you "wicked Fast" camaro and get that "wicked Sick" feeling in your stomach when your tires lose grip and you fishtail.
    This car would kill about 90% of the cars on the road in anything but straight line perfomance.
    At least you realized it looks good.
  13. Lotus is a bit of a mixed blessing. Although it comes at quasi Formula 1 weights ( Formula 1 being 600kgs). It is a track car not a weekend thrill. Most of all I deffinitively don't think it is a Supercar. Weight wise it is good but, hp wise terrible. I mean if they are so obsessed with weight they could use a sr20det and easily be making 400 hp. That would make it another story. Also we can look at cars like Ultima GTR and ASL Gaira to see that light weight can also come with power and create a mean car.
  14. Im American and I agree with you on this. In America, only # of HP means something to everyone, never does anyone talk about a lightweight low hp car that can outmatch most cars in performance. My brother talks all about horsepower, and he loves his Mustang....which isnt slow at all, just to let you know.

    I love European cars (not the ones meant for LeMans racing) I love their stylish looks such as the TVR Griffiths. I would love to have one of those.

    One more thing, please dont bash on Camaros and Mustangs and other saying that they cant make any corners cause thats not true. Those cars are built with performance. Its not like they are the heaviest cars ever built. Skylines, 3000GTs, and I beleive Supras weigh just as much and more (skyline) then those cars.
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    have u seen this biturbonite
    Re: 120bhp nightmare to americans

    Something very strange is going on, I recieved this mad little promotion movie yesturday in my inbox, my mate must have sent me it, he knows I love road legal race-cars. My name came up during the short promotional piece and I guess that’s what freaked me out. At first I thought they must have filmed it loads of times, putting random names in it but then I realised I could send it to my mates with their names appearing. The car looks unreal, I think the guy in it must be a real Elise nut, cutting out clippings and taking poloroids of his car in every position, but we can all relate to that! It reminded me of my scrap book I started when I was 19. I spent more time on that than I did on my girlfriend!
    Anyway the following day I got a letter through the post. It looked exactly like the one on the movie, a note pad made into a scrap book, with detailed drawings of the Elise. The guy obviously fell for the car and I can see why , but that didn’t stop me thinking that maybe I was hooked- if only I could exchange it for my Ford Mondeo!!!!!!
    This is the link I got sent

    Alan told me that it takes about 5 minutes, and it wasn’t blocky at all, I think it must have stretched to full screen during the download, part of a desk top TV thing, nice though.
  16. "Im American and I agree with you on this. In America, only # of HP means something to everyone, never does anyone talk about a lightweight low hp car that can outmatch most cars in performance."

    So, as an American, YOU don't talk about lightweight, low hp cars that can handle good? If "never does anyone", then you don't either... That's a contradictory statement, right there.

    The FACT is that America has been the largest market for small sports cars since the end of WWII. We have more sports car race tracks, and have more SMALL sports cars racing than pretty much any other country (from tiny Fiats and Bugeye Sprites, to larger sports cars). ANYONE who thinks all that Americans are concerned with are straight line speeds and big block V8s is simply stupid. Period.

    Yes, Americans DO love those things, too. And many of us know how to combine both genres.

    As to the comments about the Buick V6s and the like, those comments were in response to the original post stating that in the US, you need big V8s to match it, which is patently untrue.

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