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Discussion in '2002 Ford Focus SVT' started by 94octainemotorsports, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. That was a very, very stupid remark. You obviously dont know ANYTHING about:

    A) The "Fun to drive" factor
    B) Pricing
  2. this car was made for handling first and stright lines second [a new thing to SVT]. if 170 HP isnt enough buy a edelbrock turbo kit and you will be pushing close to 300 [if you get the whole exaust looked at]
    btw dont get at me for what i said about SVT's straght lines first thing, they are great handling cars but thats not what most of the emphasis is on.
  3. civics are point A to point B economy cars that are not fast nor sporty. stop wasting ur money on hooking these shit boxes up. plus they are ugly. whens the last time u heard a girl say..."omg!! that civic is sooo phat..please take me for a ride in it!" well ive gotton that several times in my mustang gt convertible. go stick those ugly wings in ur trash can cuz they do not help with downforce when ur car cant take corners faster than 10mph. and do u honestly like the sound of those rise burner mufflers???? it sounds like shit. i love it when my flowmasters set ur alarms off as i drive through parking lots, haha. next time i see a civic with a 9inch wide round gonna kick it in....well not really..i dont ^$&* with other peoples cars..that aint cool.
  4. Just out of curiosity, in what way do Civics have anything whatsoever to do with this topic?

    Point A to point B cars true, but the sportier models have always been designed to do it quickly, in a very fun manner.

    Dude, if a 1990 Civic Si has 53/47 weight distribution, and can run the 1/4 in the 12's with just a bit of weight reduction, a few drivetrain mods and an engine swap that produces 150hp, 130lbft torque. Then it definitely has good racing potential, IF MODIFIED APPROPRIATELY.

    Dude, if you need a car to help you pick up 16yr old girls, then I truly feel sorry for you. I prefer to keep things legit. Though alot of girls I've met, thought mustangs were hideous, poorly made cars.

    Don't get me wrong, I agree that those ryced out wings are retarded, however for the ones that actually do provide downforce, along with a front spoiler, then they actually are pretty useful when travelling at 130mph on the highway. Just as a sidenote - I'm sure the FAKE, HIDEOUS hood scoop on the front of your mustang gt is so incredibly useful for the blindspot it creates when you can't even take those same corners at more than 5mph. Do you honestly think that the bloated, overweight, soft suspensioned Mustang GT can actually corner faster than the lighter, more nimble, Civic? get real buddy.

    Dude, your grumbling, spluttering, ryced out exhaust on your mustang gt sounds no better than the high pitched whining sound coming out the rear end of a ryced out Civic. Get the Deltaflow Flowmaster muffler, then perhaps we can talk about performance without stupid noise.

    LOL, the only alarm you set off is your own when you try to start your car and it backfires before you disengage your own alarm.

    Next time I see a Mustang GT on the side of the road, with its hood propped, I'm going to urinate all over the side of it.

  5. am i the only person who see the SRT-4 for 19995 is a better choice 230 hp to the ground 245 lbs of torque adn a mopar stage 1 that's aready out gives u 10+ hp and torque and stage 2 will be soon and 3 after that that gives u 300 hp and 325 lbs. of torque under waranty (1500-1800$) because mopar made it and dodge installed it (yes i know mopar is the prefornace group of dodge, but i can't word things right today)
    1/4 mile 14 sec or under
    0-60 5.4 sec
    limited slips avalible
  6. No, lots of people think the same. But then, a lot of people who orignially liked the SRT-4 are now beginning to realize it's not all it's cracked up to be (myself included)

    However, it's a MITSUBISHI Turbocharger, NOT MOPAR, and its engine can't handle the kind of boost pressure an EVO can, so they need to use a 2.4 litre to put out less than the EVO's 2.0 litre....weak.

    and try 14.3 for the 1/4 and 5.8 for 0-60.

    and the LSD is not yet available for the car.
  7. thats right they want 2 sell this gayass easter-egg on wheels 2 morons like urself who think "its so fast!" please this garbage has 170hp why dont people get real carz instead of grocery getters haha
  8. I think 170hp is enough, being a sport hatch, and its very light weight, may be meant to be modify after all for those whose want more.

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