Re: 1971 boss 381 pics?

Discussion in '1969 Ford Mustang BOSS 429' started by SKYLYNE, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. 1971 boss 381 pics?

    coulds someone find me some pics of the 1971 mustang boss 381? cuz its my favorite car<IMG SRC="">
  2. Here you go, and by the way, it's a 351 not 381.<!-- Signature -->
  3. Here you go, and by the way, it's a 351 not 381.<!-- Signature -->
  4. Pics did'nt work, I will post it later.<!-- Signature -->
  5. OK. Let's see if it will load.<!-- Signature -->
  6. i was just gonna come in here an set him straight ;) stangman took care of it for me. <!-- Signature -->
  7. wow not bad pics! wonderful job guys!<IMG SRC="">
  8. Hahahaha. Here are some pics for you.

    Sorry about the quality, this was all I could find.
  9. you are all stupid asses 381cid is a damn Mopar engine they never put it in a boss because it was not Ford. as for the guy who claims he has pic of one needs to pull his head out of his ass and learn shit about cars because he is wrong.
  10. shut the #$%# up
  11. Temper, temper.
  12. There is no 381, Mopar has a 383, not a 381, Genious.
  13. COPO Camaro w/641 cfm edelbrock carb
  14. people people . . .were talking bout the Stang? Ive only worked with 351's never came across a 381 before. so untill i find one, dont belive it. Gotta say though, the 351 through out some good horses for a small block. Yet the thing as a really small bore, so thickin that outa tad and i belive u could get to around 400ci. just guess, when i get paid to do it, ill let u boys know.
  15. what's beautiful about this that you spelled genius wrong
  16. oh, and doesnt she look nice?
  17. R U sure its your favorite? Its the Boss 351, not 381!

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