Re: 2 of these and the Sultan of Brunei won't even drive them.

Discussion in '1996 Ferrari F50 Bolide' started by MarkM91286, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. 2 of these and the Sultan of Brunei won't even drive them.

    If you ask me, that's a pretty upsetting thought. Two beautiful cars that are as rare as an elf, sitting in a dark garage for years....never being touched<!-- Signature -->
  2. Does that guy make anybody else sick to their stomach? How does he not run out of money?<!-- Signature -->
  3. I wish someone would assassinate that punk Sultan. All he does is take all of Brunei's oil money and spend it on himself. One rare Ferrari isn't enough for him; he needs to buy 5 of the same kind. What a selfish prick.
  4. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Stuttgart</i>
    <b>I wish someone would assassinate that punk Sultan. All he does is take all of Brunei's oil money and spend it on himself. One rare Ferrari isn't enough for him; he needs to buy 5 of the same kind. What a selfish prick.
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    ya, and give each member here one of his supercars. <!-- Signature -->
  5. He wont drive them!!!??? He doesn't deserve them!!<!-- Signature -->
  6. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Ferrari F50 GT</i>
    <b>He wont drive them!!!??? He doesn't deserve them!!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Nope. Not to mention that they're not for the public's eyes because they're always couped up in his private 200 (or some crazy number) car garage.<!-- Signature -->
  7. Try 5000 car garage. This man pisses me off more than anybody else alive today (except maybe Osama Bin Laden). As for all the other points, you guys took the words right outta my mouth.<!-- Signature -->
  8. This guy could at least open a museum or something like that. He owns the most desired supercars in the world, don't drive them and don't even let us take a look. :(<!-- Signature -->
  9. hE ALSO GOT THE FIRST bENTLEY gT COUPE, AND A RARE 1 OF A KIND 550 Spyder. If I had his money I would buy super expensive cars, but only one of each, and would actually drive them. He's such a little *****-ass punk. I should rob that muthaf*cker.
  10. Ferrari God

    Where did you get the info on the 1 off 550 Spider ??

    Remember the Ferrari mythos

    He now owners it and has Ferrari make him 2 hardtop versions as well I have 2 pics of it.

    MMMMmmm what else O he's got the following versions of the 456 Estate, sedan, spider

    As well as the FX not the Enzo but the FX 1 of 2 he sold the other
  11. lets beat his ass! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  12. well he doesn't run out of money because he got 40 billion dollars. So in other words he could spend over 100,000 dollars every day for the rest of his life and not worry about going broke.
  13. who gives a #$%#...

    he paid for them he can do whatever he wants with them...if he wanted to shit on them everyday, props to him...IT'S HIS FUCKING MONEY


  14. i bet bill gates could buy more and better cars then this turbin ass
  15. hey guys, i think i found the sultan. someone is offened by us cracking on him.
  16. you guys are pretty jelous, he did pay for the damn things, i wish i had those cars though, even if he doesnt drive them, he did buy them. if he wanted to crash them all into a brick wall, that would be his desicion. anyways if you had the money, you would be able to get a cuztomized Ferrari from the factory
  17. Come' n now... he has money, Ferrari builds a car, be buys it. It's perfectly fair. He just got extremely lucky, and happens to be a sultan of an oil-baring country. Why kill a perfectly legitimate man?
  18. You'd hop a plane to the middle east (I'm not sure exactly where brunei is, somwhere not that far from China if I'm not mistaken) just to see a some cars? I mean, I'd rather just save the thousands of dollars and put it towards actually buying a car of my own.

    Oh and btw, you all sound pretty stupid insulting a sultan. I mean honestly, it's not like you're going to hurt his feelings if he were to ever see this rather pathetic display. What do you hope to achieve by whining.

    (I happen to think the f50 is a rather ugly car, looks like something straight from a cartoon. I wouldn't mind catching a glimpse of his cars, but then again, If I owned all the cars he does, there's no way I'd bother to start a display so that people could see them. He does have a country to run, after all)
  19. As much as I can't stand the idea of the Sultan wasting all those completely beautiful cars, I do envy the man.

    Come on, who wouldn't want to own that many of the worlds greatest cars? I know i would, except i would drive the hell outta them everyday
  20. does the sultan have like a website or somthing? I remember seeing one earlier but i dont remember where.
  21. WELL...

  22. ok this guy lives in the middle east, he doesnt need 100's or more like 1000's of super cars. he would be more than set with like 10 cars where is he gonna drive a car over there theres barely any paved roads and if he prob wont even make it to a paved road cause by then he'll prob get i could see some dude in europe or america buying all of this shit but he aint got no use for them. y be spending like a selfish ***** when ur stuck in the middle of a war torn , terrorist , poor country. like if i were him id get the #$%# outta that shit hole they call the middle east.
  23. This is stupid, the mother [email protected]*in sultan bought the cars and chose to lock them up and not let anyone see them. That's his decision, it's his money, so what if the guy is a selfish prick, he's still got a sh!tload of cars and you don't and c'mon guys insulting the man? What do you hope to accomplish?
  24. Actually I don't think it is his money he uses. I heard he is corrupt and uses tax money to pay for his collection. SC reported in that story they ran awhile ago that he shuts down highways just so he can joyride in his cars. I wouldn't exactly call him a great leader.
  25. He's right....Someone sees what i see,hey may be stupid but it's his money

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