Re: 2002 BMW M3 Vs 2002 Pontiac Trans Am Firehawk

Discussion in '2001 BMW M3' started by BMW M, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. As the former owner of a WS6, I'd choose the Firehawk any day of the week. However that doesn't make it a better car, just a better tool for the job. In my case I only took the car to the track once and that was enough. Most of my time was spent embarassing M3s', tuner-cars, and older 993s' on the street. That's the concept behind a car like the Firehawk, to offer near-exotic performance on a budget. The only modifications I made to the car were: SLP "true" dual exhaust, after-market plugs/wires, and a TransGo shift-kit. These simple mods paid-off to the tune of [email protected] 111mph. I understand it's unfair to compare those numbers with a factory-stock car, but the concept of an F-body vs. M3 is unfair in and of itself. Noone cross-shops an M3 with a Firehawk, regardless of how quickly it moves. The question is how do you want to use the car? If you want a car to impress/scare your significant other, yet docile enough to drive everyday, the M3 is peerless. If you want a car that scares YOU with near-Corvette speed, then opt for the Firehawk. Everyone knows the Firehawk will save you nearly 20K (in 2002), but it may save you another 10K in the long run. Documented maintenance/service records are very important to maintain the value of any BMW, and cost of those trips to the dealer are only getting more expensive. That combined with the astronomical price of BMW parts, greatly reduces the M3s' performance/dollar ratio. Another thing to consider is durability. The LS1 in the Firehawk is almost bullet-proof and parts are generally inexpensive. Anyone considering upgrading their M3 needs to realize the performance "ceiling" is fairly low. Forced induction will most likely leave the high-winding six scattered in a million pieces, with a $12000 replacement bill soon to follow. I drove the wheels off my WS6 and had alot of fun without replacing anything but the tires. NO BMW owner will ever be able to say that.

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