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  1. "The Corvette may slightly prevail in 0-60 and 1/4 mile, but will definitely lose to the prancing horse in technology, handling, BRAKING (70-0 in 108 ft)..."

    Check the stats below. That's with the old 385-hp Z06 vs. the 360 Modena. Both were tested at the same place on the same day with the same driver. And the '02 Z06 stops even quicker.
    "70-0 in 108 ft"?! Show me any production road car that can stop that fast.

    ..."aerodynamics, and cornering."

    It's a lot closer than you think.

    "Not to mention the Modena has as much horsepower with a 3.6 as the Vette's 7.0 (Supercharged, I think)."
    No, a 7.0 liter supercharged 'Vette is going to make about 700 horses.

  2. Well this debate will go on forever but heres some simple truths to the matter my parents own a 98 vette (granted not the best but still pretty fast) I've only got to drive it a few times and its fun as hell. But as far as being as good as a ferrari sorry it will never happen. The ferrari is ten times as beatiful even though the performance is strikingly similar and the cost isn't. Everyone is so obsessed with price vs. performance who gives a shit how much any of these cars cost most of us will only own a vette or a souped up domestic. None of these cars are about practicality in cost or ownership its about being the fastest and most beatiful in which the Ferrari wins.
  3. The Ferrari is more than a GT supercar. It's a legitimate italian GT, built to stir emotions, ignite passions and even cause envy. The 360 Moden's philosophy is completely different of the philosophy of the Corvette Z06. The 360 Modena is supposed to be a superb GT, built by those who are the most sucessfull F1 team of all times. The 360 is supposed to evidenciate and remind how much Ferrari excells on and off the race track. And this philosophy has a cost, a rather high cost I must say, but it is still worth every single cent.

    The Z06, as I see it, has the mission to place itself as the best American Sports Car (although it's a GT). Unlike with the 360 Modena, exclusivity isn't really a priviledge Z06 owners are looking for. They are looking for a car that has a powerfull engine, great chassis and that can possibly beat dozens of Euro-snobs and Vipers on race tracks and drag strips.

    Performance-wise, these two cars are in the same league.

    Two different philosophies that bring very similar practical results. If money is not a problem, the decision one will make will be based on entirely subjective items, such as status and prestige. If money is in the equation, the Z06 will seem as a better choice, since it's almost 1/3rd of the price of the Ferrari 360 Modena.

    I still do not have the money to buy a 360 Modena or a Z06, but I must say the thoughts of owning a 360 Modena seem much more exciting and rewarding to me.
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    But on a track, the 360 will win for sure, don't say things like who cares about track time, and straight line speed is the most important for street drag racing. BEcuz I don't like street racing, it's illegal. IF u wanna race, race on a track. And the 360 modena will beat the Z06 for sure, here are the reasons:
  5. Who cares if the Vette will beat it, think about it, comparing the best car Chevrolet can offer against one of the "low" end cars Ferrari has to offer. Better comparison would be against the 550 or 575m.
  6. I am sick and tired of people bringing up quarter mile times for every single car out there. When will you learn that no one in the world except for america gives a rats ass about 1/4 mile times. Americans can rant about 1/4 mile times all they want, cause no one else, especially in europe, gives a flying [email protected]#k about them. European manufacturers dont care about 1/4 miles unlike GMCrap. They don't have that in mind when they design engines and select gear ratios because they know that people in europe don't drive in straight lines, unlike in america where all city streets are parallel and perpendicular to each other. In Europe we actually have turns and twisty roads. Plus, we don't consider a drag strip a track. The 360 is designed with the race track in mind, just like all high performance european cars. Thats why they'll always outhandle american cars. Not that american cars don't handle well, but they don't anywhere near euro cars. I've never seen an american car take top honours in any road test. But I always see cars like the Lotus Elise and the 360 Modena take top honours. And speaking of the Elise, you wanna talk about price/performance, well there you go right there. The Elise is so much cheaper and yet so much better. And I wont even talk about fuel economy of Elise vs Z06 cause thats just laughable.
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    THE Z06 WILL WIN!!!

    What do you think about this:


    Now what due you have to say?

  8. A ture supercar is a car that can reach 100mph in under 10 seconds, well not really.
  9. i'd take the Modena anyway,that of course is because i'm talking about the sweetness of the car.i don't think that the Vette has the class,the luxury,or the looks of the Modena.
    but performance <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>uch i'd say the Z06 is better.
  10. I hate german shit.
    Lets say some cars are not 0/10 for me I mean the new Cl 600 is 4/10,BMW 760 Li is 2/10 and S 600 is 8/10 for me while Chrysler 300M is 10/10 or Dodge Viper 9/10 for me while the Porche 911 is 0/10 for me.
  11. can somebody plz delete this thread?
  12. Which car would win? which car would you look at first the vette or the 360? which one handles better? which one accelerates faster? which one is rarer? which one is buck-for-buck
  13. what the hell does cost have to do with anything you guys are talking about? ya idiot
  14. Here's my 2¢, if you asked someone what they drove, and they said a chevy, and the guy next to him said a ferrari, which one would you care to find out about. The fact is I own a chevy, a good ole cavalier z24. If I owned a corvette, I would NEVER mention the chevy part, becuase chevy sucks! If I owned a ferrari, it wouldn't matter if it was the 360, 308, 355, f40, or 550, it's still a ferrari. It's still the car that dreams are made of. Same as porsche. Anyone can make anything fast if you throw enough money at it, but you can't make the vette a ferrari. That's it!
  15. Yo buddy, u a stopid dum shit ass motha #$%#a. Yo ass is trying to compare a #$%#en z06 to a 360. WHat u ass is on crack or sometin. MOtha #$%#a i can tell yo ass is just another poor white boy. U aint nothin but mo ha shit. look all poor people be takin like oh dis car is better den dis. MOtha #$%#a if u can't afford to buy da car u shittin on, then motha #$%#a shut yo ass up.
  16. Of course the 360 his more expensive than the Z06. One is an Italian finest (360), the other isn’t it. One is a work of art (360), the other isn’t it. One is a mass production car (Z06), the other isn’t it. It doesn’t matter who win or loses on a track, I would still prefer the Ferrari. Why? It has character.

    What painting do you think it’s worth more money? A painting by Van Gogh, or a painting by some artist in a very expensive canvas.
  17. Hey i feel the same way to the ferrari is not as fast as these new overpowered domestics but still that is why these ferrari cost alot they are a master piece.
    I also feel the same way with the nsx. I say most people hate the NSX because of its badge. But the car itself (to me thought) is a masterpiece. It hand built , its pretty fast, it beautiful, and it is good reliable car.
    Also the ferrari and the nsx have the same type of body style. They both have a low shoulder profile, that give the driver perfect view of the road and they have the engine in the back of the driver so that the driver could enjoy the sounds of the engine. I pefer the engine of a ferrari but the nsx is not to far behind.

    Just my opinion.
  18. u know what i am sick of? these goddamn threads askin the same type of question over and over and over... jesus christ!

    i keep seein: CORVETTE VS. VIPER GTS! WHO WILL WIN!!!!!!!!??????

    or these very stupid threads combinin more than one car: SUPRA VS. RX7 VS. 300ZX VS. 3000GT!!!!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK????

    plz stop these pathetic threads. i am for sure gonna talk to one of the moderators about this.

  19. Who cares if the corvette is a tiny bit faster. The Ferrari looks 10 times as good, is made of QUALITY materials, has a way niceer interior (italian style) and has awesome handling - the vette is front engined compared to a mid mounted engine in the ferrari - more responsive handling
  20. I think that people are staring way to much at numbers on the internet! Cars are not about numbers! They're about personality, character, and sensation. You get a car that makes you feel great to drive it, and that's the one you want. Doesn't matter what some numbers on the internet, or anyone else says! Maybe by the number the Corvette wins, but when you look at the stereo and it the same as any other POS chevy, you say DAMN.

    I saw a Ferrari 308 in the West Edmonton mall and I just stopped and stared. It's such a beautiful car. I see vettes all the time, and could give a shit less. I'm not a numbers man! I want something more.

    So those americans and/or number crunchers who want to talk about the vettes numbers, leave me out of it. If you've driven the cars, then talk my ears off, but numbers don't do anything. I've played GT3, and I can look at numbers there, but it doesn't inspire me (much).

  21. 1st of all, i am happy 2 say that i started this thread, maybe a year ago or so. Ferraris are beautiful yes no doubt about it. personal taste ill get the Z06 anyday. If you guys are comparing Price vs Price, then why dont u put the 360 Modena vs the 2002 lingenfelter Corvette. HAHA the prancing horse will get shot and then would be known as the dead horse. The point im trying to make is that the PERFORMANCE stats are virtually the same (Z06 is a bit better) looks are just a matter of opinions. But you guys think that the Corvette is not durable, is not as reliable?, from what I know is that the corvette won the "most reliable sports car" many times from motor trend and stuff like that. I even read an article that the Z06 is far more reliable than the infamous "GERMAN" M3. As far as Ferraris go from reliablily, i heard they need a tune up ever 30,000 miles or something, what kinda reliablility is that!? the Z06 doesnt require a tune up til 100,000 miles. What i trying to say, just dont be stupid.
  22. What are you, a #$%#ing hillbilly?
    This car would rape the Z06, even though I love the Z06.
  23. do realize that you're talking about a chevy right?

    ferrari anyday over a any day over an american car for that matter

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