Re: 2002 Lingenfelter Corvette in Motor Trend.

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  2. Yep I "saw" this comparison on this week's edition of Motortrend Television on the Speed Channel. Pretty impressive I might add! Although I have to point out that the engine's bored out from 5.7liter to 7.0 for this baby to help make that kind of HP and Torque #, and the whole car was completely reworked from head to toe. One can only wonder if this car can still be raced on the road course effectively or even driven on the street safely with that kind of horsepower. Boy that brake better work well! <IMG SRC=""> I'd think it's an insane thing to do, to drive this car on a street course. BUT still it's a great bargain for the mods done! I'd go out and get one if I'm in the mood for NHRA ass-kicking ! <IMG SRC="">
  3. it was also accomplished on drag slicks whcih obviously make a huge difference. your not going to be rolling in slicks on the streets are you? how about in a road race could it corner? probably not. i know someone will bring up the lateral accel and shit but you know hat i think the mt drivers aren't good. after all they recorded results saying that a porsche gt-2 is slower than a 911 turbo? care to explain that. how does a car get better handling with a bigger engine more uneven balancing and no suspension modifcations to make up for it. though an impressive car going in straight lines is by no means the only form of racing
  4. It was done on slicks, yes, but they were road legal slicks. And why wouldn't it be able to corner?
  5. What are you talking about THEY ARE ROAD LEGAL SLICKS!!!
  6. They were Mickey Thompson cheater slicks which have minimal street legal tread carved into them

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