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    Ok, I as well have to apologize i did not know that much about the corvette untill yesterday. I still believe that the Rx-7 can outhandle the corvette. What is the turning diameter on the vette? The Rx7's is 35.4~!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    The turning diameter on the C5 coupe is 39.4 feet. Thats on the coupe, not the Z06. I'm sure it would be less on the Z06, but thats not what were comparing here. So you've got me there. Well Kuro Neko, maybe we should just call it a draw seeing how we've beat this RX-7 Corvette thing to death. Lets find some other cars to ague about. See you in other forums man. PEACE
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    this car its almost unchanged . since 1993 . in fact its now heavyer. I say rx7 owns a c5 no sweat. it does 0-60 mph in 5.2-4 secs thats a fact. z06 owns it hands down but i would rather take the rx-7 on the road than the vette. its sad that USA cant taste the sweet of mitsubishi evolution :( .
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    Re: 2002 RX-7 Vs. 2002 Corvette.

    I dont know if people are still on this subject or not but here it goes. But first I believe the limited version was the RX7 Bathurst was the limited edition, I might be wrong but thats what I believe.
    The Bathurst was the limited model that was only 500 made in Japan ONLY to celebrate the last year of RX7 and it cost around $45K~$50K in Japan. I really agree on some comments about it all depends on the driver, that is the most true factor in a competition.

    I like to admit that I do own a RX7-93 R1 Model. I love these cars and they are real performers, but they are not godly cars. The corvettes are also very good cars and I have the greatest respect for them as well. The discussion is about the performance of both models and I think it will be a good match on the track (with the Stock vette not the Z06). I addmit that the RX7 Spirit-R is no match for the Z06 in most areas and I also believe the Z06 is also about $20,000 more (This is comparing prices with domestic product, being RX7 bought in Japan and the Corvette bought in US and if buying a Corvette in Japan it will run you more then $80K to $90K). Many people put up great points and argument for both cars, both have its good points and it's faults. I can say without carefully mantaining the RX7 engine it will fail quite easily and after just one overheating I can safely say you are looking for a rebuild (The O-rings on the 7s are very fragile and the Apex seals as well). But I like the 7 because of its beauty and also the diffrence from all other cars (not much cars have rotor power). I personally consider the Corvette more reliable, because of its time and tried technology.

    The Corvette however I have not much experience with them, but on paper and personally racing aginst one they are very capable cars and able to compete quite well. The design of the exterior is also very stylish and I would not mind own one as well. I hope for all the people are making fun of the Rotor power plant would stop and consider the AGE of this piticular engine. Please check out the link below and see when the engine was developed and how far it have come in a such a short life span. Considering the first "Gas Buggy" was made in 1901 and the Rotory engine first seriously funding during the WWII era by the Germans to come up with a SMALLER and more powerful power plant then conventional engine so they can make quicker and more agile TANKS(they had tanks and regular engines for cars are already made for over 30years already by that time by the way) THE FIRST road tested wankel spider was in 1960 (one that actually worked with 50bhp)

    When comparing cars please consider all fact before hand and give the rotory another 30 or so years and then we can compare with this year's Corvette.

    I hope that was not too long and by the way "B23" you are just a jerk for making all those false comment and racial slurs, please do a little research before posting.

    For closeing this post I would think considering the ability of the Driver is even in skill, the Stock corvette and Stock RX7 SR will be most likely pretty much even.

    93RX-7 Black R1
    295 rwhp (with some slight mods)
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    RX 7 will take the Corvette. Plain and simple. I have a RX 7 and it will take any Vette on the road.<!-- Signature -->
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    I have seen a 94' RX-7 and a 1996 SS Camaro (which was my friend) race and they where about the same speed the SS pulled a little better at 60 but then at about 100 the RX-7 pulle him pretty bad. They are both bad ash cars.
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    I'll take the RX-7 unless you give me a Z06...<!-- Signature -->
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    u guys r a bunch of retards if u think a vette would beat this rx the rx stats i have and a vette don compare
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    i think the the Vette would kill the RX-7! why?
    becuse looks are the main thing in new cars
    and boy RX-7!!
    i've seen Hyundai's that look better so don't waist ure money on a shitty car like that spend it on somthing nice
    like a Corvette Base C5 or Mustang GT Cobra.
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    I would take this over a normal vette... I would take a Z05 or C5-R over this tho...<!-- Signature -->
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    Honestly, I think they both look the same from the front. And which came first? The RX-7. So I accuse General Motors of Copying the design and slightly changing it. As for the rear, the RX-7 looks more original.

    I'd take a Hyundai Tiburon over a Corvette any day.
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    Based on the topic i'll take the Corvette over the Mazda...
    mainly because i live the good old American Muscle.
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    LOL!!!!! YEAH go deawoo!!
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    oh yeah an i'd take the vette instead
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    I'll admit that I'm starting respect Corvette more and more becuase people are camparing it with the viper. The chevy isn't (right now at least) putting in a terribly inefficient motor (but huge) into their corvette. Their making theirs better.

    And to the people talking about forced induction making a big difference, this is still an old rotary (from 93), the new ones (check the RX-8) can make 250hp with their little 1.3litre.

    And to those who are talking about corvette and porsche's history being about equal, pull your head out of the sand, porsche has, at some time, COMPLETELY DOMINATED every class of motor racing other than indy and F1 (including rally). Corvette has a great history in some racing series, but Porsche has a great history in ALL!
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    Dude, your stupid! Americans can make good cars, you #$%#ing idiot. Corvettes are legends, not garbage. Now, I know those muscle car fans annoy me because they're always comparing it to some super-stock car, but man, the ZO6 is awesome. There is no way it's garbage.

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    Oh My God, I Hate People Like You, Comparing Everything To The Corvette, Get A Reality Check, You Cant Compare Two Cars With Words, You'd Have To See It In Person To Actually Talk After
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    drag racing, and straight line speed, and oh, all we want to see are some numbers on paper....... well i geuss this is why people post here.

    im not even going to bother saying that yes in terms of highway battles, unless modded, the rx7 will get beatan very badly,
    but i geuss most people cant do much else than that, since one it becomes a twisty road a vette will be had for breakfast, brunch, lunch and then dinner with a little midnight snack to follow.

    dont bother looking for anymore of my dumb comments, i dont argue much with internet jockeys.
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    I'll take the RX-7...If you are just comparing speed most probably the vette would win but if you are looking at how nice the car is and speed I'd go with the RX 7.
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    I believe this sums it up
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    I figure i'll add my two cents too.

    The american corvette engines are actually rather efficient. While they don't put out HP/L of many european and jap cars they do hold their own. They can manage to be a little wasteful because:
    a)It uses a larger stroke which = torque
    b)The chevy engine hasn't had too many significant changes and so is inherantly cheap and easy to produce.

    The Z06 is a world class car and in my opinion; the most cost effective supercar in the world. Now the 427 (originally developed by Katech for the c5-r) available to the general public, for less than the price of some porches you can get a 10 second normally asperated large displacemnet small block than can pull close to a G. For proof of Corvettes dominance look to the ALMS. The 'wasteful' V8 has had beeter success at Le Mans than the 'efficient' rotary.
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    oh wow, the same type of goddamn question that i see in every forum. different cars, same lameass topic. i am for sure hopin this will end.
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    1995 Mazda RX-7
    horsepower: 280bhp
    0-60mph: 4.9 seconds
    standing 1/4 mile: 13.5 seconds
    hp per liter: 195.03hp
    top speed: 155.5mph
    base price (US) $31,000
    $110.71 per horsepower

    2001 Corvette ZO6
    horsepower: 385bhp
    0-60mph: 4.6 seconds
    standing 1/4 mile: 12.6 seconds
    hp per liter: 67.96hp
    top speed: 171.0mph
    base price (US) $45,000
    $116.88 per horsepower

    Which numbers are important here? You be the judge.
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    you are thet shit when it comes to your article i totaly agree with what you say about the mucle cars.

    but you have to give them credit for what they bild.
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    G'day from down under kids.

    Seems you guys have little idea on what the SPIRIT-R actually is. Like most manufacturers, Mazda do Run-out versions & this was it for the RX-7. So they made a few (cheap) changes like the other companies do & marketed them as exclusive to ensure they sold well. (which they did)

    The changes to the SPIRIT-R over the normal "Type-R" RX-7 are..

    1. 17" BBS wheels
    2. Cross drilled discs (same diameter)
    3. Painted calipers
    4. Braided steel brake lines
    5. Light weight Recaro seats, (optional)
    6. Titanium grey paint work
    7. Exclusive number 0-1500

    The 13B used is the normal 280ps engine that all "Type-R" & "Type-RS" Rx-7s got. However on a race track you would find the "Spirit-R" would perform slighty better as the braking would be improved a bit & the Recaro's would hold the driver better allowing him better control.

    Matched against a C5 Vette for a drag race........Who knows???
    On a race track though...... RX-7 would make it look stupid

    Matched against a C6 Vette for a drag race.......Vette should win
    On a race track though...... Rx-7 should still kick it.

    Remember guys, GM openly acknowledged they copied the Rx-7 design in more than a few ways. You only have to shrink a C5 pic down & its hard to pic it from an RX-7. Despite the Vette being quite an improvement over its predesessor its still got a long way to go to match the ultra sharp dynamics of the timeless Rx-7.

    It was only this year that the annual Tscukbo battle in Japan found the RX-7 "Type-RS" the winner against all comers including the Skyline GTR V-spec, Honda NSX & the like. 8 laps of high performance thrashing & the little RX-7 beats them all. (Its all about power-to-weight 1st, then how its used 2nd)

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