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    porsche never dominated in F1. They failed to produce a good car so they dropped out.
  2. le mans

    Rx7s and rotarys were banned from Lemans after the 787B won becuase they are too fast. Some are aloud to compete but they have many restrictions which slow them down alot.
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    this mazda may not be able to beat a vette but it sure as hell would come close. it has the same twin turbo charged 2 rotar engine as the 2000 RX-7 type RZ but has upgraded brakes and interior. i think it is the best performing RX-7 ever made.
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    Against a C5 this car would be the nicer one to own barring one thing. Insurance. At least in australia, turbo's always encounter sadistically high premiums because insurance companies tend to be ignorant of the fact turbo's are just another way of gaining displacement in an engine without gaining much engine weight.

    The mazda's a sweet handler and phenomenal braker, mid nineties it was compared with the 911 of the time to have a competitor in Australia. It wasn't as good but it was by no mean far off. The C5 Corvette is a big improvement on the old ones, and from everything I've read on that it'd be a good comparison. I'd have Jim Richards and John Bowe drive the two of them and then switch. They'd give a good verdict and decent lap times.

    Now, for people baying about American engine technology being behind: Sorry, it's true. Not because American's are lacking in technology though. *wags his finger* nope. Cheap gas prices and leniant emission laws as well as a more budget and less quality oriented market. Though it's changing a bit and now they're having trouble catching up.

    For those who think the chevrolet V8's are decent motors technically, look at the Toyota V8. It's an amazing unit. Now BMW and Mercedes have great V8's.

    The problem with pushrods is valvetrain mass. In drag racer's this isn't so much a problem because they are going for power through a more moderate revv range. However, in normal car motors not designed to empty a tank of juice over a quarter mile, valvetrain mass is bad and more and more, they're spending money to eliminate it. Even the base Australian 4.0 litre 6 cylinder has hollow cams and 4valve heads now with dual cam phasing. And even still that engine is pretty far behind the rest of the world with 220hp or therabouts. (though close to 400Nm of torque, the motor has to serve roles as family, base sport engine and 1 ton light commercial / tradesman utility).

    And whoever mentioned Caprice's being sold here and thinking they're the same rolling heaps of crap (sorry, the early nineties American Caprices I've seen are just laughable. No wonder they stopped sale of them.) sold in the USA should get their head read. It's a Holden Statesman with top line options basically. Not a particularly good car either but decent enough.
    Anyway, the reason for pumpin more power out of smaller engines isn't a tech showcase or showing off. It's based around chasing better fuel consumption figures in town driving (where most Japanese cars have to excel for their local market) only achievable with lighter engines and more efficient engines. Smaller engine's by nature have less reciprocating mass and are easier to refine and get decent NVH out of. With less moving mass, for any amount of power they're losing less to this problem than a larger motor.
    They can also meet emissions standards better. There are of course, exceptions and even old small motors phase out though like the old SR20DET. It just happens.
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    What is the max horse power possible for an rx7 engine? 13b and 20b.

    Back up what you say please.

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    really...thats hell funny...gettin' kicked out cause u too good...
    thats like geetin' sacked from work 'cause u too good!
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    people get too jealous
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    That's a stupid comparison. All of you guys know the winner.
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    Oh yeah, at least we don't need turbos to achieve high speeds. Turbos lag, but a naturally aspirated engine that has more displacement has no problems.
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    i think the rx7 would chop the vette around the track. HSV use modded chev engines but still don't stand a chance.
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    i think the rx7 would chop the vette around the track. HSV use modded chev engines but still don't stand a chance.
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    agreed. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    This RX-7 would absolutely smoke a Corvette on the track. On drag or 0-60 stats, the Corvette would. But for someone who calls the Skyline overated, Skyline Blitz, using PARTS YOU CAN ORDER IN A MAG does 0-60 with non-slicks, 850 HP and has a supposed max speed of 348km/h. Not to mention it has most likely the greatest engine in existence, insane handling and a great 4wd system.
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    A tweaked RX7 will muder a tweaked Vette at all things, I know this cuz ive watched a RX7 smoke the Venom Viper on the strip. But as for the stock model the RX7 would diffenetly smoke a vette on the track and the 1/4 would be a good race to watch. The RX7 has a better power to weight ratio then the vette which could play a big factor in the race but that tourqe on the vette might equal it out so that would be a good race.

    The 13B highest numbers ive seen is 874hp dont remember the tourqe. Not sure about the 20b but im sure its alot more.
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    it had slicks on!
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    i got one of these. i'll kick your vette anyday.
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    Once again the RX-7 is heavily modified if we brought in a heavily modified Vette it would kill it, sorry.
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    I wouldn't be so sure about that, The Rx-7 has problems putting torque to the ground because of its weight, If it was equiped with TRC it might stand a chance but if not, the person will lose control of the car and crash
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    I wouldn't be so sure about that. Wheelspin is likely. Losing control and crashing is a little off the deep end. If you know how to control your car, you can win. Plus, the Corvette is pushing big torque also. What's to say that the Corvette driver won't do the same thing?

    A Mini Cooper could beat a Corvette. It can really depend on the drivers.

    But by the numbers, I'd have to say Corvette.
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    But how much does the Corvette weigh? Much more then the Rx-7, that's where you dont get it, The Vette might have more torque then the Rx-7 but the weight advantage gives more traction to the tires which might reduce wheelspin, on the other side the Rx-7 weighs much less then the Vette and its a RWD with no TRC, if a noob was to drive one of these, I guarantee he would have problems controlling the Rx-7 with the pedal to the floor
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    This RX-7 would smash the vette... not the Z06 <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    The Z06 is a wonderfull car... i love it, bt comparing it with gt2...
    american cars are very goos on straigt lines and they can handle very very well, but do not compare the Z06 with a gt2, I own(well actually my fahter does) a gt2, a viper and a skyline... they are all amazing but different cars. I love the porsche, it is just perfect
    And about the thin of displacement Have you ever seen the ls8 out of tbe vette? it's not bigger than the vq35.
    The americans do not push the hp/liter thing, because they dont want to, they have cheap gas and highways.
    And i hate when people say you can 3 vettes for the price of a gt2...
    so what are omnipresent and you can drive the 3 cars at sime time? or you are just going to put them toghether like a #$%#ing train?...
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    I wouldn't be so sure about the Z06 If I we're you, Sure it might have more power but the Rx-7 is extremely light and may be able to take the Vette Z06 around the track
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