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Discussion in '2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R' started by mariowrc, Aug 10, 2002.

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    I'll take the rx-7 a the track and the corvette a the drag
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    These cars cannot be compaired. Different cars in different classes. Different prices for a good reason. But my two cents are a close race on the stip but the Vette would win, but Xeven would obliviate it on the twisties. Nuff Said
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    You my friend, is on the way of getting banned
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    What that really would matter is the course they are to compete.
    If it's on a circuit, then it would be the Vette. (z06 maybe, not the C5. I don't think it is fair to compete RX-7 with a C5, although the z06 is much more expensive) However, if it's a downhill battle on some mountain roads, then I would definately say that RX-7 will win. (The strongest weapon of downhill battle is weight reducing)
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    But it would be very close although the weight advantage for the Rx-7
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    Well, it's not impossible to beat an BNR34 with a full-tuned Suzuki Cappucino at Irohazaka, you know. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    (Irohazaka is a famous mountain road in Japan. It's full of hairpins, and you can JUMP from the upper hairpin to the one below; that's only when if you have a light-weighted car and some technique good enough to perform such a mad trick.)
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    Let us stop this non-sense of talking about how big or how little the engine is and let us compare competitor for competitor ( As the manufacturers intended it) And let us start talking in terms of who is more likely to get away from the cops first without crashing into that poor little innocent tree or wall or lamp post that that's just minding it's own business!OK
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    Gentlemen... I cannot tell you which one is better handling, which one's faster, or which one can pick up more chicks... cos no one's placed these cars together on the same track or did comparisons between the two.

    But as the owner of this Rx-7 Spirit R Type A, I can tell you this: This is by far the fastest and best handling Rx-7 ever to come off the Mazda production line.

    Here are the facts - I took this baby (stock) on a race track and headed against the following cars:
    Porsche 996 Turbo (stock), Ferrari 348tb (stock), Ferrari F355 Spider (stock), Subaru WRX (mod), M3 (mod), Z3(M) Roadster (mod), Nissan Silvia (mod), Lotus Elise (stock), S2000 (mod), Skyline GTR34 (mod), Lancer EVO6 & 7 (mod), New Civic Type R (EP3).

    Now there are various levels of modifications and driver skills involved, but if we take into consideration that I was just racing with stock shocks and springs, the only car that really wasted me in the corners was the 996 Turbo. The Skylines and Lancers were too fully modified (600+ hps) to be in the same race so I'll rule them out. The M3 and Z3M wasted me in the straights. All others got wasted!

    I've clocked my 0-60 at 4.9 secs - stock. It's weight is 1270kg and the factory claims that the 1.3 liter Rotary engine produces 280hps. I can't say what will happen if the new Corvette was in same race, but I can tell you this... the handling on this baby is so assuring and predictable, that I was literally racing with one hand on the stearing while chatting up my friend sitting in the passenger seat. I'll bet even an amature could drive this car like the pros~!

    My final words: I bought this car at the retail price as listed on the Mazda Japanese site... about 4 million yen. And I think this car's worth every dime of it. I'm not planning on modifying it anymore than the cat back muffler that I put in last week cos this is a collection car in my pov.

    By the way... I own the one and only one in my entire city~!!! =P
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    Why does everyone have to compare everything to the Zo6. Why don't we campare the z06 to a shopping trolley. I think the trolley wins with price and is lighter but I have to say the Z06 handles better and faster but then again trolley is more fuel efficent. But then again it all depend on the driver.

    Oh by the way I was being Sarcastic.
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    Road and track is the most bias magazine ever printed followed closely by car and driver. neither of them have ever let an american car come out of their test with good numbers. either their drivers suck ass (they are usually about .3 seconds slower than what the drivers from motortrend get) or *gasp* shall i say it???? maybe the editors... LIED
    i'll admit a lot of european cars will stomp on any american muscle for twice the price. but the only thing out of japan that could even touch an american muscle car without $40,000 in upgrades is the supra (i'd say skyline too but since they aren't normally sold in the US then no)
    thisw is a pretty nice car but its not up to the competition of a corvette. they aren't really even on the same level of performance so why compare
    this against a Camaro or Trans Am would makes sense and actually be a little bit of a competition
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    The Escudo had two engines both with turbos. and the supra just had giant turbos
    a friend of mine put a twin turbo kit on his ford tempo and got it up to 550 hp
    engine blew up
    but it just goes to show that with a big enough turbo you can make just about any pieve of shit go fast
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    Comparing a cornering circuit machine to a muscle car? You must be kidding me. =D
    That's like comparing a Desktop with a PDA; their goals are meant to be different.
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    4.8? is when it 1st came out, now they have improvements that offer more like 4.4-4.5
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    Let's get a few things straight. Corvette is not a muscle car and is not a drag machine. It is a pure bred track racer. Talk to anyone who has a true interest in muscle cars and they will agree. Corvette was always considered something above a musclecar, more refined (and more expensive).
    Corvettes cannot be true drag machines because they have independent rear suspension. I have to say this in almost every forum I go to because most of the people there know nothing about suspension dynamics, they just know the numbers that go with topspeed, 0-60, and 1/4 mile. An IRS setup is not as efficient at preventing the car from squatting back on its rear tires as a straight axle. Thats why people who race Vettes hard core will switch to a straight axle. However, IRS has a great advantage over straight axles on the track as they minimize camber change- they keep the tires parallel to the track despite body roll and weight transfer. Since Corvette has always had IRS, I think its safe to assume it has been a track racer since the day a V8 was thrown under the hood.
    As for OHV being 'old technology', I hate to inform you that OHC has been around longer. I guess that means the Germans and the Japanese have just been beating a dead horse in engineering their engines.
    Engine efficiency (in terms of hp/l) means nothing as long as your engine is powerful. Why should it matter whether you make 500 hp from natural aspiration with large displacement or from a small displacement forced induction engine. The only difference is the large displacement engine will have an easier time making torque at low rpm and will sound much better (high winding V6s/I6s/rotaries bother me like a mosquito in my ear).
    And as for which car is better: the best car in the world is the one that when you are driving, you feel at home. Home for me is a Corvette, no one can change my opinion and I don't expect to change anyones, I merely mean to dispell the myths surrounding the Vette.
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    very well put. ill admit, i dont kno everything bout suspentions and OHV and OHC(but im not completely stupid), but i prolly jus learned everything i need 2 kno from ur quote.
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    Hey, I guess this Post Kinda Ran out, I love reading peoples Opinions on shit, weather I think its wrong or right. SO thanks again to all who participated.
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    I havn't read everyons shit. Now listen. This car is practicly weightless. Some of you jus say shit based on your ideas. The RX-7 would out handle it because its way lighter and better balanced car. Also the car is way lighter and has a lot of hp. Now if a R-34 can beat a ZO6 then so can the RX-7. There is a video where this RX-7 beat the R-34. It this experienced jap driver hes amazin. Now the only place where the RX-7 might get beaten is the straight lines and acceleration. Top speed doesnt matter unless the car can reach it fast, cuz wer are u goin to find a place on a normal track a long enough road to achieveit. Now the only car that americans can compare to another car is the ZO6 does that mean that any other american car is track meat!

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