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    "OH MY GOD. I AM IN UTTER DISBELIEF. I have read the first 3 pages of this forum and was freaking out. You guys are actually comparing an rx-7 and a CHEVROLET CORVETTE. I think the RX-7 is a great car, but it has no bussiness trying to compar itself to a Corvette."

    I seriously hope you're joking.... you're acting as if the Corvette is some kind of car god and the end all best performance car ever.

    "And, just in case no one noticed, this is no damn STOCK RX-7. IT is a SPIRIT R, does anyone know what that R stand for. YES, that right RACING. This car has a price of at least 100,000 dollars."

    No, actually the Spirit R RX-7 is a special version of the 2002 RX-7 in Japan, celebrating the last production year for the 3rd generation RX-7. It is not a racing car.

    "Now, if you want to compare modded cars. Compare this to a Corvette C5-R. Now we have a real test. Even though a C5 Corvette would blow this "Race" edition away."

    You seem to be a little mislead. A 1997 Corvette beats the 1995 RX-7 by two tenths of a second in the quarter mile and is one tenth faster 0-60. Year for year, the RX-7 was faster than the Corvette. Notice that the Corvette is two years newer than the 1995 7)

    Add on top of this:

    This car is the Japan edition which have always had about 30 more horespower over the US versions (emissions crap etc) and is about 7 years newer allowing for more engine and turbo refinements to create some more horsepower (2002 RX-7 estimated ~295hp) and that isn't even this special Spirit R version.

    Seems to me like a C5 Corvette barely beat a two year older US RX-7 in the quarter mile and that if any car was doing the blowing away, it'd be the Spirit R to the C5.

    "It makes me sick, none of you(well, I shouldn't say none of you. Spartire, and Z28Vette know what they are talking about)have any repcect for Corvette Heritage. There is just no comparison here."

    You really are confused here. Yes, I'm sure the Corvette has a great heritage and I'm not doubting that. However, you seem to think that the Corvette is on some kind of pedastal above all other cars which it certainly is not.

    "I'm not saying I don't like Japanese cars. They are good because they are cheap. I can buy a 10,000 Civic, spend 10-15 thousands on mods and it would smoke the shit out of a Vette for 25,000 dollars vs. a 45,000 price of a Vette. But which car would catch more attention on the street? CORVETTE. Which car is gonna be worth more in 20 years? CORVETTE. Which car would god rather drive? CORVETTE. AMERICAN MUSCLE CARS RULE."

    You're basing the whole car 'population' of Japan on a Honda economy car. Most Japanese cars are hardly 'cheap'. Just like America, they have their share of crap cars and performance cars.

    "Cars were born in America for crying out loud, now all you bastard ass ricers just throw that away like it didn't matter. While Americans inveted cars, all those damn japs had thier head up their ass. Now, just because they made a car lighter with a smaller engine and make it sorta fast you all bail on Classics? Thats bullshit. PEACE"

    We are debating the car's performance, not their heritage or history.

    "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? You think an RX-7 can out handle a Corvette. "The Corvette like all american cars is made for 1/4mile racing, and is a heavier car." That is the biggest bunch of bullshit I have ever heard. Yes, America does build cars for drag racing. Chevelle, Charger, etc. I will have you know that a Corvette only weighs 300 pounds more then then a RX-7."

    A 1997 C5 Corvette actually weights more than 500 pounds more than a 1995 RX-7 and even though the C5's lateral acceleration Gs aren't listed, I bet it doesn't topple the RX-7's .98G on the skidpad. And to make another point, look at the size of tires of these two cars:

    C5 Corvette
    F 245/45ZR-17
    R 275/40ZR-18


    The RX-7 pulls a .98 with patheticly thin stock tires.

    "And a RX-7's engine only displaces 80 Cubic inches vs. the 350 Cubic engine of a Corvette."

    Is that something to brag about? If anything its a good thing for the RX-7, showing how efficient its engine is. It doesn't need 350 cubic inches to compete.

    "The chasis alone of the Vette weighs less then the RX-7's.I apologize for the Jap comment."

    Oh really? Where did you find that out? Even though the RX-7 weights 500 pounds less, the Corvette's chassis weights less than the 7's? Intruiging.

    "But this forum is trying to compare the RX-7 to a Corvette. There is no comparison."

    Why? They are very close in performance year for year.

    "I am a die hard Corvette fanatic. But I don't only like them cause they are fast. I feel, overall, they are the best sports car bargain in the world. The Vette runs with its 80,000-300,000 dollar exotic car competitors."

    So do RX-7s. They can compete year for year with Corvettes and they actually cost less than them.

    Nothing against the Corvette, they're great cars.
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    this car its almost unchanged . since 1993 . in fact its now heavyer. I say rx7 owns a c5 no sweat. it does 0-60 mph in 5.2-4 secs thats a fact. z06 owns it hands down but i would rather take the rx-7 on the road than the vette. its sad that USA cant taste the sweet of mitsubishi evolution :( .
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    Re: 2002 RX-7 Vs. 2002 Corvette.

    I dont know if people are still on this subject or not but here it goes. But first I believe the limited version was the RX7 Bathurst was the limited edition, I might be wrong but thats what I believe.
    The Bathurst was the limited model that was only 500 made in Japan ONLY to celebrate the last year of RX7 and it cost around $45K~$50K in Japan. I really agree on some comments about it all depends on the driver, that is the most true factor in a competition.

    I like to admit that I do own a RX7-93 R1 Model. I love these cars and they are real performers, but they are not godly cars. The corvettes are also very good cars and I have the greatest respect for them as well. The discussion is about the performance of both models and I think it will be a good match on the track (with the Stock vette not the Z06). I addmit that the RX7 Spirit-R is no match for the Z06 in most areas and I also believe the Z06 is also about $20,000 more (This is comparing prices with domestic product, being RX7 bought in Japan and the Corvette bought in US and if buying a Corvette in Japan it will run you more then $80K to $90K). Many people put up great points and argument for both cars, both have its good points and it's faults. I can say without carefully mantaining the RX7 engine it will fail quite easily and after just one overheating I can safely say you are looking for a rebuild (The O-rings on the 7s are very fragile and the Apex seals as well). But I like the 7 because of its beauty and also the diffrence from all other cars (not much cars have rotor power). I personally consider the Corvette more reliable, because of its time and tried technology.

    The Corvette however I have not much experience with them, but on paper and personally racing aginst one they are very capable cars and able to compete quite well. The design of the exterior is also very stylish and I would not mind own one as well. I hope for all the people are making fun of the Rotor power plant would stop and consider the AGE of this piticular engine. Please check out the link below and see when the engine was developed and how far it have come in a such a short life span. Considering the first "Gas Buggy" was made in 1901 and the Rotory engine first seriously funding during the WWII era by the Germans to come up with a SMALLER and more powerful power plant then conventional engine so they can make quicker and more agile TANKS(they had tanks and regular engines for cars are already made for over 30years already by that time by the way) THE FIRST road tested wankel spider was in 1960 (one that actually worked with 50bhp)

    When comparing cars please consider all fact before hand and give the rotory another 30 or so years and then we can compare with this year's Corvette.

    I hope that was not too long and by the way "B23" you are just a jerk for making all those false comment and racial slurs, please do a little research before posting.

    For closeing this post I would think considering the ability of the Driver is even in skill, the Stock corvette and Stock RX7 SR will be most likely pretty much even.

    93RX-7 Black R1
    295 rwhp (with some slight mods)
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    RX 7 will take the Corvette. Plain and simple. I have a RX 7 and it will take any Vette on the road.<!-- Signature -->
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    I have seen a 94' RX-7 and a 1996 SS Camaro (which was my friend) race and they where about the same speed the SS pulled a little better at 60 but then at about 100 the RX-7 pulle him pretty bad. They are both bad ash cars.
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    I'll take the RX-7 unless you give me a Z06...<!-- Signature -->
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    u guys r a bunch of retards if u think a vette would beat this rx the rx stats i have and a vette don compare
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    i think the the Vette would kill the RX-7! why?
    becuse looks are the main thing in new cars
    and boy RX-7!!
    i've seen Hyundai's that look better so don't waist ure money on a shitty car like that spend it on somthing nice
    like a Corvette Base C5 or Mustang GT Cobra.
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    I would take this over a normal vette... I would take a Z05 or C5-R over this tho...<!-- Signature -->

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