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  2. First of all, SVT did not mean for this car to go head to head with the Z06. It's meant to compete with the BMW M3. THAT would be a better comparison.
  3. I would go with the Z06 any day.
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    Where is your proof the cobra is faster than the coupe model Vette again?
    Last time i checked this car is just under 5 seconds 0-60, and the fastest time i have ever seen listed for it is, 4.5 seconds. Anyway, the corvette coupe is also in 4.4 - 4.5 seconds 0-60. Yea is does cost more, but its not supercharged already like this car, and also weights a lot less.
    Don't get me wrong i don't hate this car, it is the best bang for your buck HP wise (Hands down), But if your going to compare a mustang to a vette it should be the Mustang Cobra -r, not this. This car slaughters almost any F-body I can think of, but just out of the the vettes league, dou not by much. Z06 ? Lol ahahahh
    Naturally Aspirated Vs Supercharged ? Come on you do the math.
  5. Frankly, I don't like American Muscle at all. It represents all the wrong things to me. Big horse power, no suspension, no brakes, NASCAR, etc. But these two cars are two of the best performance to dollar cars on the market today. These cars are awesome. I don't think by arguing you'll prove anything here, because they're both amazing.

  6. And what about American muscle is wrong? Is it that since the 60's its brought high horse power to the average person who couldn't afford those over priced and unreliable European sports cars? Is it because even back in the 60's some of the muscle cars were amazing handling vehicles for their time? Is it because today you can go out and buy a mustang for $35,000 that will run in the 12's all day, and still kick the crap out of more expensive cars at the track?
    And while I'm not a big fan of NASCAR, what makes it bad to you? They have suspension, and brakes? Both have to be pretty damn good to handle 500 laps don't you think?
    And even the entry level muscle cars (v-6 mustang, camaro, trans am), all have 195hp-200hp, not that bad. Most imports have that or less, and are thought of as amazing, why not these cars? Is it just because of the price? While thought of as slow, these cars will hold their own against other cars in their class.
    I just want to know why American Muscle represents all the wrong things with you?
  7. I told you why I don't like American Muscle. I never said that it sucked, or it was stupid, I just said that I didn't like it. I don't like straigt line cars, with all muscle and a huge unsophiscated engine. Some people like it, and thats cool, its just not for me.

  8. And your reasons for not liking them are based on false facts. The newer generation of muscle cars handle great, some are just downright amazing. Even some of the older muscle cars were hailed as great handling. Huge unsophiscated engines that get the job done better than most other engines, whats wrong with that? Yet, the mod engines in mustangs aren't unsophiscated, and the vette z06s ls1 engine is considered to be one of the most advanced engines in the world...
  9. Have you even driven any of the muscle cars of today? No, its obvious you haven’t with an idiotic post, about them only being straight-line cars. Unsophisticated engine? Lol ahhahahah. So, I am guessing you drive that TVR in your pic everyday HU? Or are you just talking shit because, you straight up hate American cars. Last time I checked the “unsophisticated engine” of the C5_R has been mopping up a Lemanz lately. Oh Well you are noting more than a HATER and a waste of time.
  10. Good one. Way to put words into my mouth. First of all, just because someone doesn't drive a really sweet car, doesn't mean they can't like them, not to say that I don't. The C5R isn't exactly a muscle car, its actually a good race car. Its has upgraded brakes, suspension, etc.

  11. If the Mustang lost about 200 or 300lbs and did that underdrive pulley thing it for sure would beat anything for that amount of money. Also is the Saleen better than the SVT cobra or the other way around?
  12. Thats what I #$%#ing said, idiot. Read my post. "But these two cars are two of the best performance to dollar cars on the market today. These cars are awesome". I never said there was anything wrong with unsophiscated engines, I prefer lots of technology and engineering! READ MY POST. God, you're so stupid. Let it go, you just look for fights by putting words into peoples mouth.

  13. No thats not what you said, you did say that these two (the svt cobra and the zo6) are great cars, but then you also said this "Frankly, I don't like American Muscle at all. It represents all the wrong things to me. Big horse power, no suspension, no brakes, NASCAR, etc." What did you mean by that then...yeah thats what I thought, and thats why I posted that moron. Saying that they have no suspension, of course I thught you were trying to say they couldn't handle, if thats not what you meant then by all means tell me what you did mean by that statement? Same goes for the staements "no brakes, and it represents all the wrong things to me. Big horse power"? I don't put words in peoples mouths, they say them and then regret them, like you do all the time. You are a sorry little man.
  14. None of your post makes any sense. Thats what American Muscle represents to me, 0-60 times, 1/4 mile times, top speed, horse power, torque. Such as NASCAR, thats American Muscle, they don't even turn right!

  15. You're so ignorant that you don't realize that they race on some road course's moron, which includes right turns.
    My post makes sense to anybody with half a brain (which is why I'm guessing you don't understand them). You still don't understand that muscle cars can be and most of them are amazing handling vehicles. And hell, your reasons for not liking American muscle cars can be used on almost any high performance car idiot. They all mean something when you're talking about sports cars, muscle cars, exotics, high end luxury, etc. Are you really that dumb, or is your ignorant and blind hate for American cars so bad that it makes you a hypocrite?
  16. Ok just to clear things up, your saying that either these cars as being American muscle, (I don't normally capitalize "muscle"), also have big power, no suspension, and no brakes, but you still like them. Or do you mean that all American muscle cars lack said equipment, except for these two only? Just out of curiosity.
  17. How the #$%# did I put words in your mouth? You said, and I quote “. I don't like straight line cars, with all muscle and a huge unsophisticated engine”. If that’s not talking shit about American cars, I don’t know what is. ” The C5R isn't exactly a muscle car, it’s actually a good race car.” Quote, what do you think the #$%#ing Vette is? What the hell, you talk as if the Vette has no brakes or suspension. 2003 Corvette “Delphi shock absorber that uses a magneto-theological (MR) fluid to vary shock response according to magnetic input”, which I know is better than your TVR's suspension. You Import lovers are all full of shit. You hypocrites just hate on American cars for no reason. It’s always the same bull shit, over and over again. I know all you Fags are just tired of getting beat by stocked Mustangs all the time in your little Civics’ / Integer’s / Accords. Well, you better go modd up your muffler, so your, so-called “sophisticated engine”, can sound like a real car. Don’t forget your Type R stickers, and Fake N2O gauges, that are there just for show.

    Say, you should do that shit when you get your TVR--- half-wit. Lol ahahahaahha
  18. Would you say that a C5R is the same performance level as a standard corvette? I sure wouldn't. I don't mod up any Japanese cars, I don't think Japanese cars are performance cars, and by modding them, you are just kidding yourself.

  19. All I'm saying is this, if your interpretation of American muscle is straight line 1/4 mile times, and unsophisticated engines, then your interpretation is flawed. That's why it is called, "YOUR interpretation". Maybe in the 60's you would be correct about the handling, but unsophisticated? I think not. Dodge was pumping out HEMI's while Europe in the same era was, well, not. And all you really need to do is admit to us that you think a motor like the HEMI is unsophisticated, and that's about all I need to hear from you to determine if your even worth a response. You don't think Japanese cars are performance cars? You've never heard of the Skyline, Supra, RX-7? I think it is you, who is kidding yourself.
  20. No, I don't think that those are performance cars. They perform well if they are modified, but otherwise they don't perform that great. I'm sorry I don't think that the 8.0 Litre V-10 isn't sophisticated. I'm sure it takes a lot of engineering to develope 62 horse power a litre.

  21. you say that american cars from the 60's could not compare to european cars right?? if this is true, tell me y is it that when ford introduced the gt40 to le mans it kicked ass. there whole plan was to slay ferrari and they did. as soon as the gt40s swept le mans, ferrari dropped out because they new they couldnt compete with american muscle. im not dissin european cars cuz they are very nice, but these two cars in the comparo are the best bang for ur buck on the planet. they offer power, handeling, and braking for a low price.
  22. No, I never said that cars from the 60's couldn't compare to European cars. I already said that these two cars are the best bang-for-buck.

  23. Another unintelligent post, you're on a roll moron.
    If you don't think that the rx-7 and Supra are sports cars, well then you just proved that you have no real knowledge of cars. Even people who call every Japan vehicle "r!ce" will agree that those are sports cars, they are fast and can handle, what else do you need...?
    Next, you go out and build an 8 liter v-10 and try to get better than 62hp/liter. Yeah that’s what I thought, you're just some idiot bitching about things you don't understand. It’s very hard to get high hp/liter (which is just bullshit marketing anyways, I'll explain later) in such a big engine. The internal parts are larger and heavier, making it almost impossible to move them fast and making it hard to get those high hp/liter numbers. And now I will tell you why those numbers don't matter anyways. A car with a 1 liter engine making 150hp/liter will still be slower than a car with a 3 liter engine making 60hp/liter. That number (hp/liter) has no relevance in the real world. The car making the most power in the end will win. That’s why people with s2000's get beaten by people with mustang gt's. Sure the s2000 has more hp/liter, but it has a lower hp figure overall and alot less torque. Just because a car has a higher hp/liter figure does not make it a better car, not in a long shot. Way to prove you're an idiot again.
  24. I never said that they weren't sports cars, I said that they weren't performance cars, big difference. I'm not saying that I can build a better engine, but every other car company in the world can. I know its hard to get good hp/litre in a big engine, so why use that big of an engine? Because Viper buyers just want huge horse power, nothing wrong with that, its true though. And thats not true about a hp/litre not being important, it can greatly reduce the weight of a car, and weight is a cars enemy. Hahahaha, how stupid are you? People beating a S2000 in a V-6 mustang, classic American muscle comment, why don't you race the two around a trakc.

  25. Do you respond after three shots, and a 40oz? I'm going to ASSUME you meant to say your sorry you don't think that the Viper's engine IS sophisticated. Give me a call when your TVR makes over 500 lb/ft of torque.
    "They don't perform that great."
    Nissan Skyline GT-R
    0-60 4.7 seconds
    Runs high 12s in the 1/4 mile
    and has a top speed of 180mph. Ok buddy.

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