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Discussion in '2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra' started by Cobra Man, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Your small mind doesn't think, it really doesn't do anything at all.
  2. No, I didn't, but I didn't feel like saying that, I figured everybody would realize it, but after you posted your weak comeback (claiming mine was a poor excuse for one, despite the fact that it was more descriptive) I figured I would point out the obvious (btw the hymen can be restored to its original condition, just not regrown)
  3. lol.....shall we look just 5 posts above yours? who's mind doesn't do anything at all?

    Lil' Mini has more room than a Mustang<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  4. Yours doesn't think at all for thinking the wrx can run a 12.3 stock.
  5. As far as Camaro's Mustangs being pecker compensation, I'd never imagine that but what ever not something I wanna argue with cause talking about peckers is retarted. But NEVER EVER in my life could i've known about the escort service, i've never used them never plan on useing them and never gave it a second thought. NO offence to you cause i'm not trying to be an ass, but you know way, way to much about escort services. Even giving me the % stats on not getting laid by one of those escort hookers. Also I realise that cars from different countries require different shifting skills. BUT I own a 98 mustang and a 91 accord. The accord is my winter beater, not a bad car, worth the $300 I paid for it. It took a little while to get used to the shifting but I got it perfect on the 5th or so try. I'm sure that they do a few runs before testing and a few during testing. I've got a g-tech which tells me the 1/4 mile time the 0-60 times brakeing etc etc etc and I've got the best times compared to my friends that I let drive and g-tech my car just to see who the better shifter was but that's besides the point, what i'm trying to get at is I can get the good times on a honda (jap) and a mustang (us) then i'm sure that a pro that gets paid a lot to do this shit shouldn't have much of a problem. Also I'm sure that not the same person drives every car, but if they do this for a living they should all be good enough where the person driving the car doesn't make that big of a difference. Did I miss anything else?

  6. I don't see why everyone says the Z28, SS, and TA can all whoop Mustangs. For one, all of them are gross and HUGE, and weigh more than Rosie O'Donnel. Second, they may have more horsepower but in 0-60 times, and 1/4 mile times, I'm sorry to break this to you GM morons is that for 10-15g's more you pay for your crap over a Mustang, you beat us by 1-2tenth's in either race. I could use all that extra cash to add modifications that would blow you away, and have spare change to whipe my butthole with. Now saying that the new SVT Cobra is "bad" because of the guys are idiots. It's rated at a safe level for the engine to maintain over the course of the warrenty. If you want more power, tune it and more PSI. WOW...that was really hard, eh? Now, time to compare prices and times with the big boys. The ZO6 can tie or barely beat the SVT in the 1/4 mile. For twice as much, I'd say that's a kick in the balls. The Viper can barely beat it. But then again...throw on a pair of street-slicks and then you beat it. Oh, and you BMW fans. Well go talk all your BMW quality crap to me all you want. True performance cars don't need some naviagtional system and some heater seats. You don't even need a stereo or AC. The new SVT Cobra has nothing wrong with's affordable, damn fast, and is more fun to drive than your grandma's Gremlin.
  7. I had to reread the guys post again to make sure i was right the first time. No where in his post did he say the old mustangs could beat an ss ws6 stock on stock. He said that the times were almost the same but the stangs are cheaper and slightly moded would rape it's competition. Now even with 2/3 of the f-bodies dead people start to compare stangs to vettes. yeah GM fans try to rip on the stang as much as possible, which is bull cause I didn't ever expect a stang to be competition for a vette but someone had to do it and compare the 2. So the svt does a good ****ing job with the zo6 and again for a lot cheaper, that was the whole point of his argument. Not gonna say that he is 100% right but you should take the time to read what people say and then post. OH and there are F bodies? What do you think a vette is? it's considerd an f-body.
  8. Come on, the 2001 svt cobra and the 2002 camaro ss both ran almsot idenitcal times. Both are low 13 second cars.
  9. I agree with the man.Why pay more for less?
  10. The arguement is over now. The results are in. Everyone face it. The "crappy" Ford Cobra has beat the ever so elegant BMW M3. I'm sorry for all those Stats that I posted. I don't know what came over me.
  11. cobra sucks....!!!!! u can still dream to beat a m3...tell me when u'll see an american sports car...look what we've got in europe...:
    bmw, mercedes, porsche, ferrari,bugatti, venturi, tvr, marcos, aston m., jaguar (r.), zonda.....etc..etc...
    what u've got: viper, shelby, mustang...and all of them sucks!!!
  14. Come on really, are you retarded? First take off the #$%#ing caps moron. Now try to at least come close in the spelling department. And last lets try to form a complete sentence, ok?
    And if you're trying to say American cars don't do good at "Le Mans", the viper, vette, and even the GT-40 have all won many races.
  15. um...he didn't spell anything wrong (except for what was abbreviated). Look at 24hr. LeMans, not your wannabe 12hr. LeMans.
  16. Ummm...when you abbreviate every word it's retarded.
  17. Tell me what words other than "hour, LeMans, example, you" did he abbreviate? and how does this constitute "every word"?
  18. If you wanna talk about raw power then let's get down and dirty you nimrod. 2000 Ford Mustang Boss Concept.

    Front Engine-Rear Wheel Drive
    855 HP
    755 lb. ft. Torque
    1/4 mile: 10.55 secs. So what where you saying about

    BullSh*t Motor Works

    America is still the greatest country on earth when it comes to cars.
  19. C-O-N-C-E-P-T.

    How much did that cost? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  20. well, if we're gonna look at concepts, how about the Veyron? oh, wait, it's not a concept anymore, it's a reality.

    BTW, 10.55 seconds isn't all that impressive considering that's 8.56 seconds to accelerate up to 75mph more. It's also not all that impressive given the power it has.

    Bavarian Motor Works makes high performance Sedans, not sports cars dumbass, and they make REAL cars, not a collection of concepts and a few lack luster "sports cars".

    America has a long way to go before they become anywhere near the greatest country on earth in designing cars.
  21. "America has a long way to go before they become anywhere near the greatest country on earth in designing cars."

    Thats funny, because an American car in the 60's killed off many of the "greastet" cars in a race called the Le Mans. It was the GT-40.
    No one country is the greastest in designing cars, all of them have both positives and negatives in their designs, period.
  22. Hey ass wipe let's get this straight right now. You can say Veyron all you want. All I'm gonna say is:

    Hennessey Venom 800 Twin Turbo
    HP: 800
    Tq: 850

    Price: $ 164,000

    F*ck With It.

  23. "No one country is the greastest in designing cars, all of them have both positives and negatives in their designs, period"

    That's my point!

    Did I claim that ANY one country is the source of the best designed cars in the world? NO!
  24. Good job BlackWidow, you just brought up the most overused MODIFIED car brought up in debates by the most narrowminded of rednecks, congratulations, how long did did it take you to think of what car to use as an example?

    First off we're discussing STOCK cars, not modified, if you want to bring up modified cars then I can barrage you with countless examples of Skylines, Supra's, RX-7's, etc. that completely outdo the Hennessey viper.

    Second - That Hennessey guy (can't remember his first name) is currently being sued for countless scams he's attempted to pull off, the overall performance increase on an already unweildy yet fast car is hardly worth the trouble.

    Third - the Veyron should not have been brought up, the only reason it was was because someone else brought up another non-applicable car (ZL1 I believe), the Veyron was only brought up to show that person how retarded it is to bring up cars completely irrelevant to the current discussion. So go cap on his ass as well, otherwise you're an extremely biased asshole.

    Anyway, the Veyron has more power and torque than the Hennessey Viper, AWD, and although it MIGHT not perform as well (we have yet to see, later this year when it comes out we'll know whether it does), it's still a whole lot more car.
  25. I take it someone likes the Skyline. Wow
    1 that car is greatly over-rated. Let's just say this: Nobody will ever say anything about foreign companies adding turbos or s'chargers to cars. But as soon as an american company does they all complain. Some people really scare me.

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