Re: 2003 SVT Cobra vs. The BMW M3

Discussion in '2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra' started by Cobra Man, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Yes, and How much did they want if you didn't put nearly 1/3 of the cost down?

    All manufacturers will give you the car for the sticker price if you give them a large portion of the price right away. Any stupid twat could figure that out (ahem, americanhp, that was for you).
  2. "Hi, I'm an idiot".
    Well, I'll agree with you there, thebadfish229.

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  3. ???

    Wow, this topic has a lot of pages.
  4. 38, and im not about to findout where that was.
  5. Ditto <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  6.'re a moron, please say it with me, YOU'RE A MORON.
  7. Ok,

  8. I fail to see how that worked out in your favour. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  9. LOL

    In the end there was the true. MORON
  10. i like the cobra better then the m3. i hate bmw's,they suck and they cost more then wat they should. bmw's r just for people with money and wanna show everyone that they gotthe $$$$$$ to buy a bmw
  11. Dissin' the M3, and thiss???

    "NSXs r nothin but ferrari wannabes"

    Are you sure you're a car enthusiast? In what way is the NSX a Ferrari wannabe, in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER? It's quite possibly the most perfectly designed car ever built (how many cars with an NA 3.2 litre V6 do you know of are as fast, reliable, handle as well, and are as useful as a daily driver?)
  12. and u have a SLR in your dream garage? BMW's are expensive for many reasons
    saftey, technology, best engines in the world, among the best driver cars in the world. Of course you dont have any idea what u are talking about, me typing this post is giving more attention than u deserve
  13. of course im dissing the m3 cuz they suck dick and u noe that. and NSXs r ferrari wannabes cuz the when they frist came out they tried to imitate the ferrari F-40 and now they changed the headlights to make it look like an F-50. like holy shit, cant they make their own car designs. those dam posers
  14. i got an SLR in my dream garage. so wat? is it a bmw? no its not and mercedes r way better and then any bmw and always will be. and i like the SLR cuz it looks good and it has good specs unlike the #$%#ed up m3
  15. wtf? if anything its the 355 and 360 [its compitition] but f-40? f-50?
  16. well they do look a like the 355 and the 360 too. but im not saying its only the f-40 and f-50 i was giving an example my point is that they r trying to imitate look of ferraris.
  17. The NSX is also faster than both those cars.
  18. LOL! were u smoking a blunt while u wrote that? cuz i dunno about the 355 but the 360 is way faster then the nsx in topspeed and 0-60
  19. around a track the NSX would most likly beat a 360. If the 355 performs in a straght line around the same as a 360 [seeing how they are so simular] up to around 70 the NSX would be infront. no arguments for top speed.
  20. No, my braincells are gradually becoming "fat free" thank you very much.

    I agree with you there on the top speed, and 0-60, but around the track, the NSX-R has quite often had both the 355 and 360.
  21. on Best Motoring they tested the type S-zero Vs a 355, and the NSX beat it in the 1/4, and to 60.
  22. Oh, nice, never saw that one.
  23. how do u figure that the nsx would beat the 360 around the track? cuz if we r talking about the normal acura nsx the i think the 360 would handle better then it and i noe for sure that it accelerates faster to.
  24. we are getting off topic here so lets stop talking about the nsx on a cobra vs. m3 board. and password please y did u start this nsx thing here? y not go to an nsx board if u like them so much
  25. I wouldn't be surprised if the 360 were to beat the base model NSX around a track, but then it would be stupid to compare the 360 to a car below its class.

    While the NSX-R is still below the 360's class, it's still faster than the 360 around a track 9 times out of 10.

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