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  1. Now, let's take a look at your sig shall we?

    "My garage-1989 ford mustang lx, 1972 plymouth duster, and 2003 yukon denali.

    Dream garage- 1970 hemi cuda, 1970 chevelle ss, 1969 camaro z28, 2003 ford mustang svt cobra, 2005 ford gt, viper gts-r, prosche 911 gt2, farrari f-40 and f-50, lambo countache, mercedes SLR mclaren, ferrari 575m maranello, volkswagon jetta, and 1967 corvette L88.
    SHIT! im gonna need a huge garage!
    american and most european cars rock but jap crap just sucks

    NSXs r nothin but ferrari wannabes"

    Now WHO started "this nsx thing here"?

    I do like them, but unless I'm on the NSX boards, I don't bring it up unless somebody else does first, and you my racist friend, are the one who brought it up.
  2. just cuz its in my sig doesnt mean that i started talking about it. u started the argument. and how the #$%# am i racist?
  3. In one post you essentially said that two cars - which are widely regarded as unique, beautiful cars - suck, I had to provide my reasoning for questioning whether or not you're actually a car enthusiast, otherwise it wouldn't have made sense at all. Besides, where would you have liked me to have brought up that line in your sig? You knew someone would bring it up eventually, particularly since it's quite far from the truth (that NSX's are Ferrari wannabes that is), and I don't see you posting in any of the Honda forums, so I had to bring it up somewhere, that was as good an opportunity as any.

    And yes, when you include your sig. in your post, it's equivalent to adding it as a sidenote when you're talking to someone, so yes, it does mean you started talking about it.

    You're assuming that all Afghans are crazy in your username (unless of course you're actually an Afghan, and I think it's safe to assume you're not), yet that's just a typical American stereotype, the vast majority of Afghans are decent, honest people, just trying to make a living. That makes you racist.
  4. well im not american and i'm not trying to stereo type them. i made that my name cuz i couldnt think of something so i just used a nickname from some online game that i play(and there everyone makes thier name something like this eg.- hitler, OSAMAS_SON) and other shit like that. and im not trying to be racist either.
  5. i think the cobra would win in a straight line and around the track because the cobra has more hp and torque and can probably handle better and also considering the fact that the m3 seems more like a luxury car then a sports car. but hey, i could be wrong.
  6. the M3 more of a luxury car than a sports car!!! that is the most noobish thing ive ever heard. The Mustang proably would beat it in a straight line but the M3 would slaughter it on a race track
  7. so what if the m3 is slower in straight line, i know my name is ford america, but c'mon people, work with me. beamers were made to race.
  8. Can probably handle better than the M3???? R U a glue victim????

    The M3 is renowned for being one of the best handling BMW's, likely ALL BMW's handle better than the SVT Cobra.

    Yes, you ARE wrong, except for one thing - the Cobra would definitely be faster in a straight line.
  9. theres always a cheaper faster car.

    2002 Noble M12 GTO-3
    3000 cc , 253.5 kw / 340 bhp , 340 ft lbs
    1050 kg / 2315 lbs
    $40,000 0-60 3.6
    How about this:
    TVR Tuscan S: £50,000

    0-60: 3.68
    0-100: 8.08

    Caterham R500: £36,200

    0-60: 3.47
    0-100: 7.26

    Radical SR3: £35,250

    0-60: 3.35
    0-100: 8.00

    Note that these are street-legal production vehicles as delivered from the factory on standard street-legal tires and the times aren't manufacturer's "wet dreams" but actual times clocked by real drivers from Autocar magazine and duly reported in their July 30th, 2003 issue.
  10. Um, I dunno about the Radical, but I know Caterhams don't come on tires at all (they come with tires, but not mounted) most of the rest of the car is in pieces, and they generally come without an engine.
  11. Really? Even the Super 7? (yes, i know, it was originally a Lotus) Wow, thats gay. Either way, Cobra in straight line, beemer would win in track, unless u replace the tires on both with slicks, then the cobra would give the beemer a run for its money due to accelleration, especially on straightaways.
  12. They're kit cars, and engine choice is up to the buyer (buyer may specify which engine he/she wants when ordering it, and it may actually come with one, I'm not sure), but they do have their suggested engines. Even if the engine isn't covered, that's still an awesome deal for the performance.

    BTW - I'm not sure whether the Super 7 is a kit car, but I think it is.
  13. Hmm, I own an 03 Cobra and have driven the M3. Any M3 older than 2001 would get it's butt waxed by the Cobra unless it was a Dinan variant but the latest models would come close to the Cobra in straight line work. As far as handling goes, the edge goes to the M3 by virtue of a more rigid chassis and slightly less sprung weight. With a little aftermarket stiffining, the Cobra would edge the BMW only slightly. I think it would come down to the driver as it usually does in close competition. I don't know how many of you folks in this forum have owned or driven either of these cars so my advise would be to try them out before ya judge 'em. Until you've thrown them through the twisties and romped on the gas it's all talk and everybody knows talk is cheap.
  14. The M3 SMG is a gorgeous car that I wouldn't mind having in the stable alongside the Cobra. However, the M3 is also 55K for questionable increases in performance over the Cobra. Hmm, if I spent another 20K on the Cobra how do ya think they would stack up then? Well, for around 2K I can get right at 600 HP at the flywheel which should translate to around 3.7 sec 0-60, not bad. Another couple of grand would stiffen the chassis to get rid of the flex so I could out corner the beemer. Ok, now I spend another grand or so and throw Brembo's on the rear to match the front. Get the picture? The Cobra is FAST and FUN for a good price. Another thing, have any of you guys priced an old GT-350 or KR-500 lately? The M3 SMG might retain value better in the short run but the limited edition Cobra will be far more collectible later (personal belief).
  15. yo man where do you get your drugs at? If I do some of the shit your doing maybe I will also see a cobra do 12's or 11's with slicks in the 1/4mile. I'd have to get really messed up to ever see that happen though.
  16. Yo cobra man this is jules. im in some deep shit man as ive never seen a cobra get close to mid 12's or ever in the 11's. I need some of your drugs so i can pretend these bitchs do these times freel. Thanks dog.
  17. want me to get some time slips? or you could go to several people are in the 12s, some in 11s. with proof.
  18. Well, like ive said before, it all comes down to who has more money and whos the better driver.
  19. There is so much on your statement that is wrong and it will take time to disect it. Anyways, your comparing an NA V8 to a Turbo V6. Compare the supra engine without the turbo to the V8 and what do you have a more potent engine. Put a turbo on the v8 and compare it to the supra's turboed engine: Much more power from the v8. Also, when you have a high performance car, the last thing on your mind is fuel economy because any high performing engine will eat up gas compared to an average communter car. So pick what you want to talk about, high performance engines or fuel economy engines. So when a person looses a race to a turbo v8, what are they going to say to compensate for the loss of the race "Well at least my engine has great engineering and saves gas on my way to work". Any engine can be taken to great performance level, doesnt matter the size of the engine and who the manufacturer is. Not all V8 engines are huge engines, Fords Gt engine is just a mere 281 cubic inch in displacement.
  20. Ford's GT has like a 329 (5.4L). The 281 is in the Mustang GT.
  21. the Supra's engine can be built up (stock bottom end) more than most V8s. aswell, on the highway the Supra kicks ass. its almost what it was designed for. peak torque: 4000-4500 RPM. now dont tell me that wont tear up most anything on the highway, but dragracing is a differant story...
  22. "on the highway the Supra kicks ass"
    Racing on the highway is stupid here in the US (unless youre in Montana, as far as I know theres no speed limit on the highways in Montana, but I might be wrong). The cops are gonna either pull you over or yer gonna spin out on one of the turns. Trust me, the highway is NO PLACE to race (hey, that rhymes, lol). On a track I doubt the Supra would hold it's own against say a Cobra either. The Cobra has more power and probably better handling. Dont get me wrong, the Supra is a cool car, but the Cobra is probably better.

    "the Supra's engine can be built up (stock bottom end) more than most V8s."
    I dont really understand how that is. Care to explain?
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    "I dont really understand how that is. Care to explain?" On the stock bottom end a Supra has/can reach over 700RWHP. Correct me if I am wrong, but this is more than the Cobra. Though, oviously, not all people on that site have stock internals.
  24. The '03 Cobra internals are all forge HD stuff and can support up to 1,000 HP without modification.
  25. The bottom end of the Supra's engine was made for high boost, and yes it was made to withstand 700RWHP. The 2003 Cobra's engine was also designed to withstand a high amount of boost but can withstand more the the Supra's engine can. The Cobra's engine being that its cast iron can withstand 1000 plus RWHP before internals need to be replaced

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