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Discussion in '2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra' started by Cobra Man, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Yeah, we already went over that dumbass, please read all the posts, jackass.
    Have yourself a great day.
  2. Also, is an M3 or an E36 M3 the one that MSRPs at $45,900? Make your mind up, please.
  3. Who are you even talking too? That doesn't make any sense at all. Do you even know what E36 means? I guess since you've never left the trailor park you wouldn't know.

  4. Why don't you leave the stereotypes to yourself, you sound ignorant.
  5. I would have done it except that guy is a total idiot and he doesn't know what the hell he is talking about. And you just feel insulted because you know its true.

  6. You are a narrow-minded ignorant individual.
  7. You guys are totally missing the point to the M3. Some buyers want a performance machine that looks mean and tears up the pavement, many of which are weekend only cars. Other buyers want a more conservative looking luxury car, usually white-collar types who feel a beafy looking Mustang is for the younger crowd.

    Usually you have to choose one or the other, because luxury sedans almost never offer world-class peformance. There are many "sporty" luxury coups out there, but few offer REAL performance. But the M3 offers a fantastic mix of both worlds.

    I have no doubt that the 03 Cobra can handle a BMW M3. But one is not better than the other. They are both meant for two different types of buyers.
  8. Don't know why these 2 cars were even compared in the 1st place. Totally different cars, made to totally different principles for totally different markets.
  9. If I were going for power, I'd go with the Ford. If I were going with brand names, I'd pick the BMW.
  10. bmw sucks huge horse cock
  11. Hoseman is a narrowminded total idiot. hahahahaha u suck
  12. Hoseman is a narrowminded total idiot. hahahahaha u suck
  13. Angisio, just for the sake of your panties not crawling to much furhter into "where the sun don't shine", it was my understanding that the E36 is refering to the M3, and the chassis, or bodystyle of which encompasses said vehicle. For example (in case your not quite following), E36 is the bodystyle of the 99 and below M3s, and E46 refers to the body style of the newer M3s(2000-2003). So if you wish to continue to display your superficially intelligent, yet terrifically involving details a bit more about Ford Mustangs, Stalin and Hitler, or who doesn't know which bmw chassis code is which, I'm right here with ya.
  14. Oh really? They've got 4 tiny little wheels that are way too small?

    Mustang GT tires: 245/45
    Mustang Cobra: 275/40

    BMW M3: 225/45 front, 255/40 rear

    It's funny how things change when you look at FACTS instead of ASSumptions. Here is another fact that you won't like. Any Mustang would mop the floor with any equally priced BMW. That's just a fact you'll have to get used to.

  15. Thats really impressive, after I made fun of you for it, you managed to go do some research for yourself! Congrats! Whats this about Stalin and Hitler?

  16. On that note, perhaps you should have researched the actual tire size of the Mustang before you opened your cock-pocket. Read-up.
  17. That, and I dont think that they are exactly 10 feet across. And I'm not quite sure that anyone who's going out to buy a Mustang wouldn't ever change that for an M3. If it weren't for the additional $20,000 they had to finance, I'm sure they would do it no problem. Now changing things up a bit to be more economically reasonable, I would have no problem dropping my stang for say, a 99 M3, which falls a tad bit more in the available range. And is still....drool...and M....drool. Sweeet...sweeet M.
  18. You more than anybody on this site needs to do some research before opening our mouth. 4 little tires huh...I won't stat the facts(tire sizes) since Seansvette already did, but wow, for how intelligent you try to sound, you just make yourself look worse and worse all the time.
  19. I was refering to the regular Mustang, not this one. I haven't even seen this one. The regular tires appear as though to be bike tires on a regular Mustang because the car is so big and bulky.

  20. As far as performance goes, you're completely right. Except your not just buying performance with BMW, you're buying prestige. You don't get that with Ford. Any idiot can buy a Ford, but not many people can buy a BMW.

  21. Well of course they aren't 10 feet across, I was just exagerating.

  22. Sorry dude, they just look way out of proportion on the car. The car is just to bulky for the tires. I know you aren't going to agree because you own one, but thats just my opinion.

  23. Let me tell you something. Having money does NOT make someone a prestigeous individual. Buying a BMW doesn't make one person better than another. Not everyone can afford a Corvette, but I sure as hell don't have a superiority complex about it. And FYI, not all Mustangs are that affordable. Try buying an old Shelby Mustang or a 2000 Cobra R. Hell, there are some BMWs that are cheaper than the 03 SVT Cobra, which starts at about $35,000.

    Let me correct you on something else. The standard Mustang GT does NOT have sloppy handling. No, the handling isn't on the level of a Corvette Z06 or a Lancer Evo VII. But that doesn't mean the handling is sloppy. Mustangs and Camaros are PONY cars, which by definition are meant to focus more on acceleration. That is why they have a live rear axle.
  24. Its not my opinion, its a fact, they are not small. Not on the cobra, not on the mach 1, and not on the gt. Its your opinion, but opinion can and are wrong sometimes, as yours is now. If I said that I don't like vipers because they are all wheel drive, my opinions wrong, because the facts I based it off of are wrong. Understand? I doudt it.
  25. U people really put a grin on my face thinking that a piece of crap like a beamer could beat a wonderful car like a mustang just a mustang not the cobra a regular coupe could kill a M3 no contest that is sad BMW cant make a more powerful car my ford focus could probably beat a beamer considering i do have a 4.2 with a crap load of engine work and reienforcing the frame... so it dont twist i am runing more horse than a BMW M3 on a focus lmao that is sad well on to my 2nd post muahahah

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