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Discussion in '2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra' started by Cobra Man, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Oh I totally agree with you. Buying a BMW doesn't make anyone better than anyone else, its just like a status figure, it shouldn't be, but it is. And I know that some mustangs are expensive, I never said they weren't.

    And I'm not sure I said that they handle sloppy. If I did, it wasn't what I meant to say.

  2. On just the low end, entry level Mustang, they look really small. And I'm not saying that they are small tire, they just look too small. They appear as though they are only about 5 inches wide on that huge body frame.

  3. Well that's the low end level mustang. He told you every car they're not small on except the V6 (V sux) <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> Nobody likes the V6 Mustangs except bitches! That's the only thing that made the Mustangs sell so damn well was stupid ass bitches who think they have something fast. Why people? Why the **** can't you just go up to the better option, GT or Cobra? Can't afford it? then get a used one.
    It's always women in there maroon V6 convertible Mustangs! Makes me sick just to think about it. How many Stang boys hate that version mustang? I bet a lot of you do. I hate the V6 camaro too! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  4. The v-6 mustang, while not my cup of tea, isn't as bad as most people make it out to be, same goes for the v-6 camaro and trans-am. They (mustang lx) come with 195hp, and 215lb ft of torque, not bad by any means. Most imports are around that or lower, so even the base model mustang can hold its own against them. And its a great deal, ex: the 2003 eclipse gts is around $30,000, it has 210hp, and 190lb ft of torque. The mustang lx is around $17,000, has 195hp and 215lb ft. The mustang is lighter also. Again, its a great car if you are in the market for a 6 cylinder at a low price. With some mods (supercharger, etc...) you have one hell of a car. Again when I think of muscle cars I think v-8, but even back in the days of muscle cars (60s-70s) they all had base model v-6s.
  5. not everybody can afford a v-8 stang and not everybody wants one. i dont understand why they dont but it happens i guess.even in the muscle car era, stangs and camaros both had a v-6 or I-6 model avalible. they sold back then adn there still sellin today. but nothin can replace a throaty v-8.
  6. Well I agree with all of that, but it doesn't change my point at all. And where I live I see the V-6 way more than I see the V-8.

  7. And why do you agree with that...?
  8. Because what he said was true to my opinion.

  9. And again opinion can and are wrong all the time because they are based on wrong facts. Tell me why you agree, give us a reason, not that its your opinion. If you said I don't like red mustangs because they are slower than yellow ones your opinion would be wrong, because the facts you based it off of would be wrong, so I want a reason, not a opinion.
  10. I don't like the V-6 for most of the reasons that he mentioned. Tires to small, engine to small, and I don't like the look of any of the mustangs, but thats not specifically directed towards the V-6. Why wouldn't someone just spend the extra money and get a V-8, or spend the same and get one thats like 2 years old? I also see mostly women driving Mustangs. Oh, I and don't like any Camaro.

  11. Their are many reasons why people buy the v-6 model, here are some of them.
    1. Price. They are cheaper and more people can afford them. Yeah you could go out and buy a used gt, but then you don't get a warrenty, and you don't get a new car.
    2. Insurance. Some people can't affrod the insurance of a v-8 msuang (or v-8 anything for that matter). Somebody young, somebody with a bad driving record, etc, probably cant afford the high insurance rates of a v-8 mustang, so they need to get the v-6.
    3. Some people don't care about performance, so why would they buy the mustang gt or cobra? They can get the same car with out the v-8 engine (and without the 17 inch wheels) for alot less money.
    4. A modded v-6 mustang is a great sleeper. The mustangs v-6 can be modded alot, and it can be one hell of a fast car.
    Those are just some of the reasons why people might want to buy a v-6 mustang. Also, why don't you like the camaro?
  12. Okay, fine. I never said that it that wasn't true.

  13. No, you asked why somebody would buy a v-6 mustang, and I told you why, understand, I really doudt it.
  14. Oh you "doudt" it do you. If you are trying to make fun of them by saying that they're stupid, make sure to do it correctly.

  15. Ok, you're "stupid". Was that what you wanted to hear?
  16. you're stupid!
    Get that TVR out of your Avatar cuz it's everything that you make fun of. High horsepower and everything that's what TVR's are and yet you think it's ridiculous.
  17. Oh, "that it that" wasn't true eh? If your going to try and defend yourself, please make sure to do it correctly.
  18. The TVR as all about Power to weight ratio. They use small engines to produce a lot of horse power, naturally aspirated. I'd take a TVR over any American car, any day of the week.

  19. Well to each his own and more power to you. But guess what here's a quote from you....

    "None of your post makes any sense. Thats what American Muscle represents to me, 0-60 times, 1/4 mile times, top speed, horse power, torque. Such as NASCAR, thats American Muscle, they don't even turn right!

    Angus "

    You're beloved TVR does everysingle one of those options but it turns right. And of course that's just you stating your opinion. You do realize that the Camaro ZL-1 hits over 1g on the skidpad, so does the ligenfilter corvette TT and oh yeah the 03' Cobra hits .90 and I have another fact for you...The Dodge Vipers seem to constantly break slalom records every-year stock as the best production "SUPERCAR" under 100,000 dollars! You seriously cannot achieve what Vipers do for under 100k. Now your TVR's some of the best damn looking cars on the planet, but your gonna sit there and tell me that the TVR Speed 12 has small displacement, and can turn on a dime? I think not, and that's TVR's flagship so like I said take the TVR off your Avatar because TVR represents European Muscle and from you standpoint you totally disagree with everything Muscle stands for!

    Oh yeah one more thing....YOU'VE BEEN OWNED!

  20. Its not the first time he's been owned, and it won't be the last. Idiots like him are proven wrong all the time.
  21. No, I wasn't owned. You are refering to my avatar, which isn't even a TVR Speed 12, so you bringing that up is completely pointless. European Muscle is more about power to weight ratio more than anything else. Such as the Esprite, Speed Six, and the Elise.

    When did I say that Vipers weren't great cars for the money? I didn't. As far as performance to dollar, Americas cars are the best.

    "You're beloved TVR does everysingle one of those options but it turns right". What?

    Oh, and then thing you quoted me on wasn't even in this thread, so why did you bring it up?

    Either way, I'd take an M3 over the Mustang any day, even if it is less expensive. Because I wouldn't ever want to own an American car, and I would want to own a Mustang.

  22. Good cover.

  23. I see you never bothered responding to my earlier response to your "that it that" post...funny. Almost as funny as when you typed
    "Because I wouldn't ever want to own an American car, and I would want to own a Mustang."....what the hell does that mean?
  24. Because I'm not a lower class grunt, that works at a construction yard, and lives in a trailer park.

  25. You still never responded to my previous post, and obviously aren't paying very close attention. I was asking about your post when you said, "Because I wouldn't ever want to own an American car, and I would want to own a Mustang". You wouldn't want to own an American car, and you WOULD want to own a Mustang? That makes no sense. And you making up your own fictional stereotype that to own such a vehicle you must be a "lower class grunt, that works in a construction yard, and lives in a trailer park", just about sums up how your level of maturity and intelligence is recognized here. Avoiding admission to your own mistakes and making rediculous comments like that I've only seen before in a "troll". Which is what you, whether deliberatly or not, are making yourself look like. And it has now just become even more obvious.
    Take a look at your first post for example:

    "Okay boys there has been enough pointless argueing so let me lay it down for you. The Ford Mustang Cobra is a totally different class than the BMW M3 and they are aimed towards completely different buyers. Now I don't know much about the Mustang because I don't follow American muscle, so I don't know its lateral acceleration or skidpad numbers or any of that, but if its like the rest of the mustangs, then it will simply be a straight line car. The people that will buy this watch Nascar and Drag Racing leauges. While the BMW is for more refined or "upper class" type people that do luncheons and work behind a desk."

    You state that the people that will buy this vehicle watch Nascar and drag racing leagues (that's g-u-e-s) and that a BMW is "for" more refined, or upper class people that do luncheons and work behind a desk.

    I have a Mustang, I would buy this car. Yet I don't watch Nascar, or drag racing, nor do I live in a trailer park.
    I do however, do luncheons, work behind a desk and consider myself an individual that's keen to the likes of refinement, but I'm not getting a BMW any time soon.


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