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  1. I love it, you are proved wrong by around 3-4 different people and whats your reason, oh I was only kidding around...! What a loser.
  2. Well, on TVR's website it says it's about 45,000 pounds. Which is 71,400 euros, which is 70,000 american dollars. I beleive a base Viper runs 65000-70000.
  3. This karma thing is freakin gay. Its not working already and we have only had it 4 days.
  4. TVR Tamora over a Saleen S7? Hmmm...okay.

    You haven't a clue what it takes to own a TVR, do you?

    Keep up that wishful thinking about the Speed 12. It doesn't even exist as a street legal production car.
  5. So who gives a shit about how much it would cost if you were getting it in the US. And who says I even live in the US, I might easily be able to get it for less than 100K American. And anyways, the Viper you wouldn't be able to get for less than like 150K in the UK.

  6. If this is true, then aren't you saying that the cost of the M3 is owed to its cache and not any inherent superiority in design or engineering or production? Sure sounds that way to me. I don't agree with it, though.

    On the issue of M3 vs. SVT Cobra, I'd say overall I'd go with the M3. The look of the interior, the materials and fit and finish are a step above the Cobra. But then again, this is purely a subjective observation; it's a personal preference and is not an indictment of the Mustang being "worse." If the Mustang did indeed cost as much as the M3 (or more) and offered less performance with the same interior it has now, then certainly I might make the case that the Mustang is worse. But aesthetics being such a personal issue, I understand I'd have a hard time convincing someone who doesn't give a rat's ass about luxuries or qualities of interior plastics and leather that they SHOULD appreciate these things. To each his own, as it is and must be, if the marketplace is to be diverse as it is.
    On the outside, I'll go with the Cobra. In fact, in the past couple of years, the entire Mustang lineup is looking sharper and better (and this extends to the interior to some extent as well). On the other hand, I'm not certain the 3 Series has improved much, visually. And this M3 has nothing aesthetically on the original E30 M3.

    Oh, and to assume Mustangs are only for white trailer trash, does it look like this SVT Cobra owner lives in a trailer?
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    Quite talking outta your ass, man. The Viper in the UK originally sold for £55,000. In US dollars, that's $85,900. Barely over half your 150K claim. Here, take a look:

    Even in the last years of the Viper there, it sold for £70,000. That's still $40K less than your estimate.

    Now, show me where it says ANYWHERE that the Viper is the equivalent of $150K USD in the UK.

    And besides, no Speed Six has ever been clocked at 193 mph. The Viper has.
  8. Ok, thats fine, but the Speed Six still isn't over 100K.

  9. Dude, I was just talking out of my ass to piss people off.

  10. Wow, what a loser you are, I mean really you have 4-5 people prove you wrong and make you look like a complete jackass, and then and only then you say, oh I was just joking, haha, loser. Everytime you are proven wrong you either say I didn't say that, and now your sayig you were just joking, moron.
  11. eah, no one said you were smart.
  12. if the cobra was priced at the same thing as the m3 it would be a far comparison. interior is only a personal opinion. to me, i could care less if theres heated seats or other options that are pointless. thats just my opinion and im sure theres other people out there that would sacrifice power for luxury.
  13. I would say this if either,

    A. It were true and my life is actually that dull, or

    B. I just actually am admitting to myself that I had been wrong all these times and I'm just saying this to make myself not feel quite as stupid. Either way....who the hell cares.
  14. Keep in mind this rig is outta the factory with independant suspension and a whole slew of other bells and whistles. Props to Ford for coming up with a production car with a supercharger and a pickup truck with a supercharger (lightning). I would like to see how they packaged the liquid-to-air intercooler with the supercharger under the hood. That is a challange in itself. I like the way performance is going lately with American muscle. For a while there I thought everything was going to be jibletized with all the Gov't regulations on emissions and fuel economy but the V8 is still very much alive and well which is damn good to see. I also dont believe this car is just a straight line car. Ford is a much larger company then BMW with a mass production line much bigger then Beamer so naturally the Germans perfect everything and are way more pricey. That is the key point here. Beamer is simply perfecting a specific product for a specific class of people. Ford appeals to a variety of markets and they do it very well. Lastly, let Rouche or Saleen get their hands on this and watch it handle!
  15. Quite simply the BMW M3 is a better car.

    Its 0-60 speeds are almost the same, the mustang probably edges it out by a bit.

    For what you are paying for the mustang it is just as good of a deal as the M3. So, there is no real way to compare the two. This is a dumb comparison, something more realistic would be SVT Cobra Vs. 02' Camaro SS.

  16. you'd be surprised bro......I could be your pappy! LOL!
  17. man it must suck to be related to such a nice piece of ass.....unless you are a fan of incest...then you're ok with it
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  20. Ever heard of the mustang Boss? Beat the sh*t outta the ZL1 in front of Car and Driver.
  21. I gotta tell yah....AMERICAN MUSCLE ALL THE WAY
  22. The Boss was only made to compete with the ZL1 and it beat it. I guess chevy has some extra time on their hands to try and make the ZL1 faster afterwards, but Ford is busy with production mustangs. Doesnt the ZL1 not even have a chevy engine/block?
  23. I just checked and the M3 goes for $46,500 and the Cobra goes for $35,000. Last time i cheked that was a $11,500 and it has 333 hp, stock. and the Cobra 390hp. Im sorry but you just lost.
  24. The zl1 does not have a chevy block in it. I can't remember the name of it, but it is in no way a chevy block.
    At the track the Boss was faster in the quarter mile, and both broke down on the race track, giving the boss the win overall.
  25. Alright let's just face it. When Ford decides to get out there and Kick some a$$ in car racing and normal competition they do. Look at what was said by homeboy. Chevy didn't even use a chevy block So what does that tell you. they can't hang with Ford. Ford just pulls out all the stops and digs into their closet and pulls out the old cook book. That's why they have so many monster cars not many people know about. Just remember. The guy with a horse and a scooped in hood will knock youir block off!

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