Re: 245 hp????

Discussion in '1999 BMW Z9 Concept' started by Boarder4Life, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. 245 hp????

    thats it??
  2. yeah, i know, i was surprised too, I was expecting something 400hp plus. I mean its a Z9. But then again is a turbo deisel engine. Now why do they want to have a turbo diesel engine in a car like this?<!-- Signature -->
  3. maybe they just wanted to try something
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  5. The reason for the turbodeisel is because of the massive amounts of torque supplied at low end (because it's a deisel), plus, it's probably got a massive turbo on it, giving it good top-end. It's not always about the number of horses under the hood. Torque is just as important,if not more important, than horse power.
  6. Vizhunz x, I can tell your going to make a great member on this site, even though your still new.<!-- Signature -->
  7. agreed, the torque on this thing is the real prize. 245hp is really a lot when mated with over 400ft-lbs of torque. well done BMW.
  8. but do u think that if it comes into production they'll add more Hp?
    and personnaly,i think a Z9 should go to 60 in less than 5 secs.
    what do u think?
  9. Right, 400 torque is great combined with 245 hp. but it should take the Z9 60 in about 4.5 to remotely compete with the 360 Modena

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