Re: 3.3L and only 175 hp? Looks a lot better though

Discussion in '2001 Pontiac Grand Am Hot Wheels Concept' started by PreludePower, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. 3.3L and only 175 hp? Looks a lot better though

    My 2.2 puts out 200 hp. Stop using OHV, its old ass technology. If OHV were truly powerful everyone would be using it, too bad only domestics use it. If domestics used a camshaft valvetrain they would be a lot more powerful and efficient. Why wont they learn?
  2. I agrea but I had a Quad 4 with DOHC and with an intake and a chip I had 190, thats not all bad. Plus GM has restrictions on HP and I do admit less refined eingines than the ricers. An dI know I am just adding insult to injury but its a 3.4L. Hey but we got a lot of tourqe. I really think the specs are wrong on this car. I know the regualr Grand AM GT has 175hp and 205 torque. With Ram air it should be 185 or so with or about 220 torque plus the borla exhuast should add another 20hp on it and some torque. So lets say this car should have 205hp and about 260 torque. They need to fix it. <!-- Signature -->
  3. yea GM could deffinely add power to this car without to much trouble...if im not mistaken pontiac had an awsome grad am concept a few years ago but it was to over done for production. i had upwards of 200 horsepower also
  4. it seems that only the looks on this car r great...
    let's just hope<!-- Signature -->
  5. comeon man its a grand am witha body kit its not a ferrari its not a six speet tt 300hp jap super car its a nice looking american family sport car. But to level with ya that is a budle to pay to make your car look fast when its not. so i see both sides.
  6. guys. . . .205 lb ft of tourque is not very bad. . . that outwieghs like any japanese build vehicle in this things price range. . .hp is not everything. . . dont get me wrong, im not a big fan of grand ams. . .it makes no sense to tune them. . . they are all looks and no substance. . .<!-- Signature -->
  7. I hate Grand Am's and Grand Prix's because they are slow. They are only sports cars to the insurance company. They are "sporty" cars, which means, they have more hp than, lets just say, a '92 Ford Tempo. All this one has is Borla exhaust and body kit, but it looks fast.<!-- Signature -->
  8. So a grand prix is slow? 240 hp and 280 torque is slow?

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