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  1. thank you nate
  2. A 300zx was really expensive when it was new too...what's your point
  3. Thanks a lot for thi info and the link harada, that will help me out a lot.
  4. bodykits for a 2+2

    HI everyone. I just picked up a nice 1990 300zx 2+2 with 68K. the cars mint yet i would like to add on a nice looking body kit. Prob is there are no side skirts basically for a 2+2. Can anyone out there help? Also whats the quickest and cheapest ways to boost your HP? Feel free to e mail me at

    Thanks, Matt
  5. i think i may be of some use on this topic, i own a black '92 300zx that i bought about a year and a half ago. in the time since then i have had it upgraded to a Stillen stage VI, for about $3300. ive had it dynod at 394BHP/362lb.ft. now i bought it for $6200 leaving me at a total of about $9500. i now run a 12.92s 1/4off the bottle.
    my cousin has a 97 saleen mustang S351 which he paid like $34k for, thats 370BHP and i still spank him in the 1/4 by about .5-.9s and his cost more than 3x my 300zx did total.
  6. that's because the saleen costs a lot for body kits and handling...saleen are more of a track car...for the money you paid to get your car the hp a stang could have over 400
  7. I don't know, but the last time i checked, that was 9 years ago, where do you think you can buy a brand new 300ZX?? the mustang still costs more
  8. the 94 cobra is faster and sells for the same often lower price then the 300zx
  9. Mustang V 300ZX

    Actually if your looking at the stats then you would know that this car rivals the modern 2001 Mustang GT but theres a little difference instead of V8 this has a V6, you see being lighter than the mustang is a very good advantage, you know what a Merkur XR4TI is? in 1986 the 2.3L (175HP) car V a 1990 5.0L (?HP but I know it's a fair bit more) Stang would get worked I had a friend who once owned a Merkur but crashed it I actually saw this race and because of the aero dynamics or the car the Merkur took off on the mustang, My point the mustang is not a good car it has only a reputation thats all people know about the mustang look at the numbers, O yes another thing most of the new Japanesse cars could eat a mustang, hell alot of the older Japanese cars could put the mustang to shame please waist our time with something more usefull then bragging about a piece of shit car<!-- Signature -->
  10. Re: Mustang V 300ZX

    have you ever driven a stang they're so sweet I almost bought a 1990 300zx but I didn't like the handling I would have taken a Toyota supra 1989 over it...and a mekur could never beat a 1994 stang....and you know what funny that my gt isn't even the top model an SVT cobra would destroy all these cars....especially on the race track!!!!

  11. Re: Mustang V 300ZX

    Actually I owned a 5.0L and I hated it, it didn't handle didn't have anything except a little acceleration please tell me, how much were your mods on this stang of yours? I had a hard time keeping up to a Mustang GT but that was in my 150HP Supra from 83 I'm sorry but I killed it in the corners and it stayed behind me untill we hit a straigh away then it slowly overtook me.

    PS my Supra doesn't stand a chance against a 300ZX! I tried and failed<!-- Signature -->
  12. Re: Mustang V 300ZX

    I didn't say an 83 I said an 89 Supra which have 232hp.....what year was your 5.0L?
  13. Re: Mustang V 300ZX

    No I own that Supra Previously mentioned and my mustangs ranged from 86 - 91 I much prefer my Supra even though it doesn't get the respect it deserves until I race some1<!-- Signature -->
  14. it doesn't matter what year the mustang is, this car can still smoke it
  15. ok buddy how about a 94+ Cobra I'd like to see you compete with that.
  16. no problem, a 94 is simply just an appetizer
  17. no problem, a Cobra R is what around 55k? for that you can have a 700+ BHP 300ZX ive seen one of these run sub 9's on street tires. that leves the Cobra almost 5s!!! behind. every aspect 0-60, 0-100, top speed, you name it, the 300ZX eats it alive. dont get me wrong i love the cobra , i think its a great car, ide love one but it just couldnt keep up. and handaling-wise, someone look up slalom and skidpad stats for a cobra and a 300ZX GTZ (baisicly a toned down version of what we're talking about here) but i believe the GTZ holds over 1G on the skidpad andruns a full 10 MPH faster in the slalom.
  18. 300ZX

    I think this is the best fast car you can buy used for under $10k.
    They are naturally fast, and when you put an intake in them, whew they can fly!!
  19. This is a great car for not much money, and i think its cool that they're bringing it back in 2002 so all of us "rich" people can buy it<!-- Signature -->
  20. Re: 300ZX fastest car?

    oh no my friend. fastest car under 10k? no way it is the fastest and best looking ever. this car is so bad ass. i would do antyhing to have one. its the best ever made they were morons for discontinuing it.
  21. dude your car is totally bad ass! whats the info on it? i am going to be getting a 300zx soon what all should i get for it that would quickly bang up the hp.
  22. they are pretty sweet cars.<!-- Signature -->
  23. oh, i'm sorry, that wasn't my car just a pic of one. One car that didn't get recognition on this site was the 240SX, which is a sweet car, sure it doesn't have the sleek design of the 300ZX, but the performance is just as good
  24. Under 10K, I haven't seen that one yet, I found one today for 10K.

    1990, 180,000 Miles, Paint Pelling, Broken Antennia, T-Top, Spoiler, New set of tires.
    It was nice regardless, the salesmen didn't know shit about it, he didn't even mention the brand new tires, the tred hadn't even been started to be worn.

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