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  1. oh too nasty nate.....your 300zx GTZ runs a 14 1/4 mile the Cobra R would eat it.....and remember the Cobra R is one of the best factory track cars
  2. oh and strictly out of curiosity, you wouldn't happen to consider the 93 that you've mentioned a good looking, or even well styled for that matter. personaly id just as soon drive the thing off a cliff than look at it.
  3. what 93 are you talking about
  4. Can I say that Mustangs arn't all that bad I mean come on they are a part of a great car history, but I prefer the import scene because well I like inovation and the mustang to increase the HP all you gotta do is increase the displacement am I not right? because correct me if I'm wrong? with the imports you can't Jam a 610 V8 7.0L engine into it I like the very do able challenge of making a I4 2.0L able to Eat one of these killer beasts, I mean theres no use compairing the to because inovation and Displacement are not the same thing, agreed? but compair this to a car with equal engine size now we're talkin, yes I belive the Cobra can beat one of these stock but through some modds onto this thing and it's not an even playing field, B4 the mods it's an uneven playing field for the cobra 5.0 V 3.0 NE1 else see an advantage but 221.9HP 3.0L 1461KG 1990 V 215HP 5.0L 1542KG (This is the 1994 model) I think we know who won the race!
    Please I respect that you voice the opinion of an American Muscle car fan but check the #'s first<!-- Signature -->
  5. you also should check the torque Voices and the 1/4 mile times
  6. 1/4 mile is .3 seconds better with the GT but that all depends on the driver, and the torque thing is simple NO IMPORT HAS ANY TORQUE, they are not designed to pop wheelies they are ment to hold on the track, this car has the same torque range as an NSX are you saying because the Mustang has more torque than an NSX it would beat it? Don't kid yourself bro you got a very bad point here, look I'll let this slide and I wont start a personal vendeta against you just know what your talking about first plz if you can just do this I wont have to resort to bashing your name off this site (I really hate ppl that argue over proven data or that argue over the internet on stupid points that have already been proven wrong), lets leave it at this if you can drive this car here is a better choice than a 5.0L simply because well well it looks better and handles better and if you are to argue with this it's like argueing to a brik wall this car also has a higher top speed, it's like wondering around the street saying that the earth is flat<!-- Signature -->
  7. top speed is only 8 mph higher that's no big deal....but you say it handles better well the handling of a Mustang is underated, because of the reputation of high torque as being loose in the back end.....The mustang only has this trait in winter or very wet road conditions so don't say it handles better....And remember that a 94 stang is totally different from the 1993 and older....the handling was vastly you shouldn't go saying it handles better cause the Mustang is a true track performer.....And looks is all about opinion a lot of people would say either car looks better so that I can't really argue but obviously since I own one I think the stang is nicer
  8. it's only 8MPH higher? hold up here aren't you the one that made a deal out of .3 seconds? yes I will agree with most of your last MSG but I've driven both and belive me this car here out handels the Mustang by alot<!-- Signature -->
  9. well still the 300zx doesn't have the reputation of track performance as the mustang so I don't really know what to say about handling...
  10. speed aside the mustangs just don't have any style and the 300 zx is one of the smoothest looking cars around. And if you haven't driven a 300 zx then you have no right speak badly about the car. <!-- Signature -->
  11. we can't argue looks cause everyone has a different opinion
  12. Let' see, Stang boy. What car made the "Car & Driver Top ten List for its whole production run, oh yea the 300ZX. For its balanced handling, performance and overall value!!
  13. the stang always makes the motor Trend Top ten what's your point
  14. HEY stang're dumb. You dont even have the best american car. An Ls1 or Lt1 even would whoop you. A stang has turned into a family sedan missing 2 doors. My brother has a Rx7 turbo 2 and stock it can beat your lil stang with less than 200 hp. I'd like to see ya go into a Chevy or Pontiac forum and see whats up then.
  15. I dont have a z yet but im lookin. Will someone give me an idea about insurance. And is an NA unacceptable?
  16. Cycreek the N/A rocks Ive beaten 5.0's with their flow master straight pips. Ive Pulled 95+ GT on the free way and left them off the line and flat out. On the open freeway Ive even had the liberty of beating a 99GT in a 5 mile run stock the governor will slow them down in their 4 and 5 gear transistion if they are manual and heh if their auto well its a nice try. My insurance is 109 for full coverage on my N/A and 120 with my TT plus I get a multi car discount from statefarms. But they have the best rate aroudn for full coverage and thats with a $100 com/collition deduct plus 80 towing and rental plus uninsured motorist for 20/40 goto and do a qute you will see its not so bad now the 2+2 is cheaper than all of them on insurance. Plus with a simple engine swap a 2+2 can be a 2+2TT.<!-- Signature -->
  17. whats up, new here just got a 90 N/A 300. Does anyone know if a TT engine will drop in to replace the N/A?
    And if anyone knows a good place online to buy an Invader body kit for it I would appreciate that info as well.
  18. Hey are they really 7.1 to 60mph in 1990, i really want a 300z they look great, but i want to move up form what i have, right now i have a 89 350Iroc camaro and its about 5.9 to 60 with the stuff im done to it can you give me some adivce as to which year z is the best for my money, or if theres another car that may be better suited, for under 16K. thanks.
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  20. No problem, also there is a recorded time of 14.2 for the N/A Z w/o the bottle.<!-- Signature -->
  21. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from 94stang5L</i>
    <b>what are you talking about can't afford them I had the money for a Z and didn't buy one cause there is way better cars for the money.....and I never said I ahd the best american car....the Ford Gt 40 is the best american car and the best car ever......haha can't afford one buddy I was going to buy a BMW which is better then both are cars.....but insurance was insane</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    Personally I'm going to argue that the Saleen S7 is on top of the American car ladder, and a BMW isn't to much, it all depend on what model, A saleen mustang eh? Supercharging a Stang don't make it a Saleen, the engine from a Saleen is much better than a Supercharged 5.0L mustang engine, the only thing that they have incommon is the basic engine idea, I'm not saying that you didn't add the basic Saleen engine it just seems highly unlikely to me, some more things from other people that I found ignorant is that an NA 300ZX is around the same price range as a stang people bought stangs because they liked em more, people blast other cars because they think that they are smart but want to show off their ignorance about cars, people loose races because they can't drive, or it's a dumb ass racing in a sraight line, if you don't have skills stay out of the corners, I'm also wondering why people what to prove that they are ignorance by blasting cars? I mean I do it only when I'm very pissed off with people<!-- Signature -->
  22. sorry pressed the worng button, as I was saying I blast peoples cars because I get anoyed with people but I actually look at the facts B4 I do it, the mustang GT compairs to be quite even with the 300ZX thank you that is all<!-- Signature -->
  23. thank you that's what I was trying to say and no I'm not going to get the saleen egine because that's way too much money....not really worth the money but It's basically the same car just with the 5.0L
  24. NA's are acceptable, they can be modded to 380 HP+ pretty easy, with about 80 shot nitrous, about 320 without nitrous. However, they are very expensive to mod. That's the price you pay, for having a bad a$$ car. Handling is top of the line and dead even with RX-7 and Supra. Acceleration is improved big time with mods(but it won't hold up to TT's). The only people who blast Z's are those who wish they had one. Insurance is expensive, especially if ur young. I'm 18, and mine is $750 every 6 months with good student discount, $1000 every 6 months without. Oh, yeah save a bit of money for maintenance. And if u get a TT, remember $1,500 in mods will give u 400+ HP(they can push out 600+ HP with a tad more money), but they are slightly more to maitain. People like 94stang5L blast 300ZX's cuz they can't afford them, not cuz they're not good cars. <!-- Signature -->
  25. what are you talking about can't afford them I had the money for a Z and didn't buy one cause there is way better cars for the money.....and I never said I ahd the best american car....the Ford Gt 40 is the best american car and the best car ever......haha can't afford one buddy I was going to buy a BMW which is better then both are cars.....but insurance was insane

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