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  1. well,hey, im also a 300ZX lover <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
    and that stang guy is stupid, but thas not what im here for....
    i wanna get a 300ZX, and ill have around 8k for it...and since ive seen that theres some people here that own one and know what theyre talking about, maybe you could help me what to do. How much would it cost me? what kind of Low-budget mods could i do to it?(nothing too major) what kind of things need to be exchanged at what milage? what should i look for/at when im buying it? How do you like yours, if you have one, and did u have any bad experiences with it?im only 17, and i know a bit about cars, but i dont know too much about the engines and stuff, soplesae help me. Is it reliable? i dont wanna get screwed. also, is there any differences between the 90-96 years? because they look the same, but im sure theres some improvements...
    plesae, feel free to comment on here, or email me at [email protected]
    also, you can talk to me on AIM: Suppsany

    plesae help...thanks
  2. I will admit, I am a large fan of both cars, but I do favor the 300ZX better. Not just because I am an owner, but because of the raw figures and statistics. Also, the 300ZX (especially with a body kit) looks hella better than any stang I've seen.
    I picked up a silver 1990 Nissan 300ZX Coupe (non aspirated) for $2750 at a county vehicles surplus auction. I'd be thoroughly impressed if you could show me a Mustang that could outpreform this beast for the ballpark amount of that money. Regardless of HP, Tourque, and handling, keep in mind that we're comparing two cars with TOTALLY different aspects about them. Nearly nothing is the same. In a sense, it is totally useless to rant and rave about how one is better than the other, because the cars are so opposite. However, it seems fun, so I will too.
    The 300ZX has 2 WHOLE less cylinders, and 2 WHOLE less liters, yet makes nearly the same horsepower. Tourque is more on the Stang, but you're talking about a 5.0L V8 vs. a 3.0L V6... Throw me a frickin bone here!!! Once you factor in the ratios of the weight to power, the 300ZX blows any Stang under $30,000 to pieces. The handling... ooooh the sweet, sweet handling. It's nimble, quick, and agile, whereas the Stang has body roll, understeer, and basically handles like a brick on wheels. If you're going to argue a point here, argue the ETAs and HP and Tourque, because those battles can go on forever. The handling of the Z is undefeatable by any car I've ever driven.
    In conclusion, you must be crazy to think that the Mustang is a better daily driver, or for that matter, race car, for under $10,000. The Mustang's image is gradually deteriorating to trailer-clad mullet wearers and migrant workers with oversized leases, whereas the Z says, woah, look at that sporty young guy in that hot car! The cars may almost be the same in numbers, but never in raw style and handling. Just do away with your argument, it's futile. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  3. Re: HELP OUT

    I'm currently looking for a new car for college. I had my eyes on the 300ZX TT for a long time so this is the perfect chance. My friend's friend is selling his 300ZX 2+2 N/A auto tran. for 4,500 with 100k miles on it so far. U think it's a good deal and what should be checked most in a used 300ZX for future problems? The timing belt need to be replace...gonna be a hassle with the cramp engine. WHen i get it I planned to add some mods. to increase the HP but i dunno what to do except for things like intake n pulley. I heard you can only make a 300ZX N/A go up to 250-270HP cause of the cramp engine with a lot of money being spent. IF you do know how to increase even mroe can u help me by posting a list of things n parts i can do and change? The first thing i planned to do is replace new suspensions n superior brakes..maybe a coilover system b/c a stupid autocrossing bug bite me on the neck da one great day ^_^. Hard to learn how to drift...even harder with a 300ZX b/c of it's weight but it's not impossible. Harada post a message about TT swapping into a N/ much does that cost anyway? God i want a manual much does it cost to switch it?I know both gonna cost like crazy but still curious. Thank you for all your helps and replies.
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    Re: HELP OUT

    It's cheaper to just buy a manual TT than to swap everything out. As far as mods go, intake, exhaust, headers, pulley and nitrous are the only ways to make a NA fast. For any other info you need visit they will have all the answers you will need.

    I used to have a 1990 5NA 300zx 2+2 and now I own a 1991 300zxTT stage II+ and I must saw the TT is very nice to drive.

    Stage: Modifications Required: Approximate M-T HP at Flywheel
    Stock None 222hp
    Stage I JWT POP charger & Underdrive pulley 238 hp
    Stage II JWT ECU Upgrade 250 hp
    Stage III Performance cat-back exhaust system (also ALC for A-T) 262 hp
    Stage IV Stillen headers 279 hp
    Stage V Ported throttle bodies & Matched intake 290 hp
    Stage VI Injector upgrade & JWT NOS system 390 hp
    Stage VII SGP head package (porting & 5 angle valve job) 420-430 hp

    Stages: Modifications Required: Approximate M-T HP at Flywheel & Boost Pressure
    Stock None 300hp 9.5 psi
    Stage I JWT POP charger & Underdrive pulley 305-325 hp 10 psi
    Stage II JWT ECU upgrade & boost jets 365-380 hp 12-14 psi
    Stage III B&B test pipes & Gut pre-cats 385-400 hp 12-14 psi
    Stage IV Performance cat-back exhaust system 400-415 hp 12-14 psi
    Stage V EVC 420-435 hp 15 psi
    Stage VI JWT NOS system 490-505 hp 15 psi
    Stage VII Larger intercoolers 495-510 hp 15 psi
    Stage VIII JWT dual POP charger 510-525 hp 15 psi
    Stage IX Ported throttle bodies & Matched intake 515-530 hp 15 psi
    Stage X NISMO 555cc injectors 530-545 hp 17 psi
    Stage XI Sport 500 turbos
    Sport 600 turbos
    Sport 650 turbos (cam upgrade required) 555-575 hp 17-21 psi
    560-605 hp 17-21 psi
    620-675 hp 17-21 psi
    Stage XII JWT cams & SGP head package 640-695 hp 17-21 psi
  6. I think Nissan didnt do that well on this car.. it looks quite attractive but it weighs way to much and is nothing like the original Z cars were engineered to be which is a light weight, good handling sportscar. Cars such as the Datsun 240Z were dubbed as the cheap mans Jaguar E type. With the current 300ZX is where i think they are starting to go right again and are following their old design credentuals.. this car is a miss though i think its too ummm Americanised trying to compete with the heavy american cars of those days..
  7. oopz my bad the 350Z is not following its old design credentuals coz it looks nothing like the old Z cars i meant to say its old engineering credentuals
  8. oh really, well doesnt the infiniti q45 have a 4.5L V-8 with 340hp and 330 ft lb torque. and when it first came out in 1990, it had 278hp and 292 ft lb torque, thats more then todays mustangs.
  9. holy shit, think of what u just said u dumbass, "7 litre stang" against a 3 liter 300zx.i would have to say ur 1 of the dumbest guys on this site. and besides Z's can run sub 9s like some1 said b4 and thats with a 3 liter. this thread jus went way off track cuz of ur dumbass remarks. the fact is a stock 300zx NA will beat a stock mustang v-6, and the TT will beat the v-8. The Cobra or any other mustang above the gt shouldnt have been brought up because now ur makin the most jackass comparisons and saying that an 850hp car would beat a 300hp car. wow a frigen genius, of course it would beat it
  10. lol an NSX agaisnt Z32TT? u gotta be kiddin me...the Z will smoke the NSX any time..NSX is slow equiped with 3.2 litre Vtec...but the Z equiped with 3 litre twin turbo..u hear dat son? its twin turbo..Honda Vtec engines are useless against twin turbo engines
  11. In all reality the 300zxTT is only .1 seconds faster through the quarter than the NSX.
  12. Shit I am buying one this weekend (hopefully everything works out) for $4000. As far as we can tell, nothing wrong with except for a leak of power steering fluid (easy fix), needs a muffler- then again I was gonna put new exhausts on anyway - and a power antenna that doesn't work. 95,045 miles on it.
  13. F.O.R.D = FOUND ON ROAD DEAD...face it, fords suck ass.
  14. I need some help with my nissan that i just bought for $1,800 its a 1990 2 seater awesome car but i have some questions when i start it the oil pressure is at 60 pounds and once its warmed up or i drive it down the road for about 15min it drops to about 20 pounds sometimes when i get on it the pressure will go back up my question is do you guys with the Z's that drive them every day have the same problem or do you think i might need an oil pump also the same goes for the fan clutch once started everything great onced warmed up the fan makes a winning sound THATS ENOUGH ABOUT THAT WHAT FOR $1,500 CAN I DO TO MAKE THE CAR EVEN FASTER? Well just to let all you guys wounder how i got the car for &1,800 is the kid who had it befor me never took care of it 180,000 miles little rip in seat small dent in the body the drivers side door dosent line up with the t tops because he had pushed his car with the door open and ran it into another car.#@$#$#^% what an idiot so there are many things i would like to do on hardly no buget at all but cant wait to get my dream car where i'd like it-- Z fan forever -- would GREATLY APPRACIATE ANY HELP ANY ONE CAN GIVE.....THANKS
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    Start with replacing the oil pressure sending unit, and a fan clutch.

    As for making it faster, you really can't, NA's cannot be made as fast as a TT without a LOT of modding (ie; see nitrous)

    Go on and look around the tech and FAQ sections.
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