Re: $350,000 Is this car worth its price tag ?

Discussion in '1995 Bentley Azure' started by FI50, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. You are so right i would rather drive A Chevy!
  2. Why is it so expensive? Well if it wasnt every Tom Dick and Stani would be rolling around in one... Its perfectly priced to distinguish people like me and you from the dogs bollox!

    The price also ensures that not everyone has one, hence it not being a common site...

    Its a beautiful car, no one would say no to it... and it deserves the price tag...i know i'm speaking like i got a money making machine in my back yard, but still i'de rather have this car pricey than a Ferrari!<!-- Signature -->
  3. $350,000 Is this car worth its price tag ?

    Please tell me why this car is so expensive...?? I can't see what this car is for.. or why you would buy it ?<!-- Signature -->
  4. I agree its very nice and probably does take a huge effort to build but it doesn't really excel in anything. the only thing it really excels at is being very heavy<!-- Signature -->
  5. Cause its a Bentley, these cars last forever, I mean forever, and they do if you know how to maintain it right. And once those years come when you have to worry about the maintaince cost, this car hardly has any. Its got upmost starndards like that of the Rolls Royce. And please dont even ask why the Rolls Royce is so expensive, if you dont know that, then you dont know the heritage of great car makers.
    If you want to know more then look at the other forums...and price is not a question when you want to buy a Bentley, cause you should have enough of it to spend for one, and its worth every bit of the 350 grand.

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  6. This car is a bit pricey but when you see one you dont just over look it! thats why it is a status symbol but a verry expencive one. so don't hat on this beautiful car jus cuz u cant afford it.<!-- Signature -->
  7. I'll tell you what this car is for. It's for people who want to say "hey look at me. I'm stupid enough to spend $350,000 on a car that is neither safer, faster, or more luxurious than anything else." And for the guy who says he would rather have this than a Ferrari, what the hell are you doing on a sight called
  8. I know why its expensive, ...its hand made etc ?? but whats it for..its not very fast, so its not a sports car. and its not the best luxury car u can buy...(see s class). so why buy it ?? is it JUST a status symbol or what ??<!-- Signature -->
  9. Herers an easy question, first off this car is all custom hand made, and it basically is a house on wheels, it has everything you need but the kitchen sink and tiolet, i mean you got television, internet/computers, more electronics, and have you seen the engine? It got great torque and overall is a mechanical masterpiece, what more can i say.
  10. I know nothing about Bentley's. I think It's because it's History and passion. You got to have a passion for this car. I think owning this car would make you think you the best...... Too me I rather own a supercar.... I THINK THIS CAR IS FOR OLD RICH PEOPLE.
  11. yea i think basically you'de want to own it because its bentley. the interior is pretty nice but not high tech like an S class.. I think the biggest thing it has going for it is the looks and the badge. plus if you hit something in this you won't notice
  12. Bentleys have giant price tags because they are a luxury car without equal (except it's RollsRoyce twins) When it comes to luxury, an S-Class Merc can't even get close. Under Volkswagen ownership, however, Bentley is changing: better quality (if that's possible) better power plants (the new Bentley Continental GT has a W12 twin turbo) and lower prices (the new continental will cost approx AUS$350,000 or US$125,000)
  13. I'll tell you what you are: Ignorant in thinking anything is more luxurious than a Bentley, and still has a huge amount of power. 0-60 in 6.3 seconds? Not bad considering this car weighs a crapload. Bentley and Rolls-Royce are the car gods. And I would take this Bentley over *any* Ferrari. And I'm positive that this car is safer, faster and more luxurious than whatever it is you're driving.
  14. 1. its made by hand. 2.u can totally trick out evry inch of the car. 3. best luxury cars (bentley) in the world xcept i gess mayb maybach or possibly rolls royce. will u guys pleez stop bringin up the topic
  15. in a simple word........NO
  16. It is worth it, it's one of the most stylish cars out there, and it's much nicer than the newer one IMO.

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