Re: 500 hp @ 4000 RPM??????

Discussion in '2000 Dodge Viper GTS-R Concept' started by Guibo, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. blaze4eva:
    I just thought you should know that NASCAR engines (I still think NASCAR is boring) do indeed rev to nearly 9000 rpm as do the top fuel dragster engines. To do that they need some seriously stiff valve springs and a lightweight valve train.

    Not to be mean but, you got your port velocity thing backwards too. A two-valve/cylinder engine has less flow area than a four-valve/cylinder engine (when comparing engines of similar bores). This results in HIGHER velocity through the intake port (vs the 4-valve motor). This aids cylinder filling at lower rpms but is a larger pressure drop across the valve at higher rpm resulting in greater pumping losses. The four-valve/cylinder engine experiences fewer pumping losses because of the smaller pressure drop across the valves. There is the main reason why a similar two-valve/cylinder engine will produce more low-end torque than a four-valve/cylinder engine but will not rev as high, and more than likely produce less peak power.
  2. 2 bad there aren't more intelligent, courteous people like Monkey on these boards. Good post!

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    Re: lotus ruling

    Any car that is from Great Britan can't rule. They may have the style or the handling but to rule you need one thing, Horses and lots of them. For this you need to look towards america. For example as you mentioned vipers the fastset street legal GTSR in the world has 775 horsepower with a top speed of 227mph(364km/h). As an added bonus it also does 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds. If you can find a European car (street legal) that can go this fast please send a reply. If you would like proof of these stats please email [email protected] and ask them for stats for their 1998 Dodge Viper GT2/GTSR which is currently selling for $100000 american dollars. You could also visit
  4. what are u talking about??? it need more the hp, you ignorant kid...
    handling, is one of the most important....
    buy yyou standards of judging a car, you would race a top fuel rail car in a lemans race, instead of a car that can handle. Great, another new member that thinks we all need 800 hp engines...<!-- Signature -->
  5. EXACTLY. Now imagine you've got 10 of them arranged in a V-formation. These large, heavy pistons will also probably require larger, heavier connecting rods. And larger bearings to handle the load, and then consider the increased friction due to these larger bearing surfaces, piston ring-to-cylinder wall frictional losses. Larger valves, heavy-duty valvesprings and crankshaft, etc., etc.
  6. Yes thats right. Guibo said it right. Also because of all the heavy rotating parts like the forged Crank and pistons a good amount of that power goes into keeping all that moving which needs a heavy fly. Which slows it down. As for the big rigs they are inLine 6 5" bore 7.5" stroke. Massive.
  7. Thank you.
  8. shutup man he just wants to know a little info.
  9. first of all its your not yyou. Secondly The Viper has handling otherwise it would not have won the Le Mans GT2 class four years in a row and thirdly im not ingnorant I just have taste.
  10. Re: 500 hp @ 4000 RPM???????

    ok buddy the rpm doesn t matter really. high displacement engines like the viper and the corvette and camaro etc. etc. do not rev high at the most the corvette z06 peaks its 400bhp and 6000 rpm and the camaro SS's 325BHP at 5500 rpm. the only difference is the sound and the exhaust note.
  11. to the asshole who started this idiotic topic, this is not the racecar version so therefore the gear it down to produce its max power at a lower rpm, dick.
  12. hey idiot, u think i didnt knwo this is not the "racecar" version. And, what street cars all have to have lowe gearing whiel "racecars" have high gearing?? I suppose your favourite car on your list says it all about people give the skyline a bad name... also changing the gearing doesnt prodice power at lower rpm, its the displacement and tuning of the could put all the different gear ratios u want on the car and it will still make the hp, its the gear ratios that change the way it is delivered. and what exactly do you mean by "power" torque or horsepower.....u want torque and a low rpm not hp...and whats with al the trash talk?? cant u have a civilized conversation about cars on here?? new members are nicers and more civilized then your disgraceful self, do everyone a favour and get off the site
  13. I could build a V-8 with 4.5bore and 3.75 or 3.5stroke which comes out to 477cid or 7.8L's. Which is high displacement and which could rev high because of the high bore stroke ratio.
  14. This is the only american car I really would buy. Even though I love BMW, I'd prefer the Viper GTS.
    @ all freaks of Japanese Cars: There's only one Jap. car that kicks ass: GTO LM And if u guys have money like shit buy a CLK GTR (if it's allowed to drive onto your roads)
  15. So 4000 RPM sounds low to you? And this car will lose it's breath quickly huh? Consider this, the Viper makes more HP at 1000 RPM than the "mighty mouse" S2000 (no offense to it though) at 8700 RPM, the higher the RPMs, the faster engine parts wear down, and if you don't like the acceleration of this beast why does it do 0-60 in 3.7 seconds?
  17. why can't they crank more horses out of this 488ci engine? A chevelle SS 454 can get 450 horses, how come they don't get more out?
  18. Ok now what will determine how fast a engine can spin is the stroke . The piston can not exceed the speed of sound or you will have a major failor . The longer the stroke the faster the piston will go per rpm . Low rpm has to do with lasting long since reving high damages the engine . Also with so much low rpm grunt this car will leave the line early . Also The viper and corvette has been domanating on the race track . So you can gain power either by rpm or by displacment and one will damage the engine . The C5R runs a stock engine block just bored and stroked from 350(5.7L) to 427(7.0L) . It redlines at 6,800rpm and goes faster than the olive garden Ferrari . Also you have to look at the fact that the Corvette isnt blowing its motors . The Ferrari blows motors and gets hot enough to catch on fire which it did . If it is horsepower you are after the C5R is restricted and under rated . It is rated at 620HP when it has 650HP and with the restrictor off it runs at well over 700HP .

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