Re: 575M VS. Vanquish VS. Murcielago

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari 575M Maranello' started by turboV8man87, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. 575 any day of the week!

    Murcielago by a country mile
  3. 575M VS. Vanquish VS. Murcielago

    These are all awesome Supercars!!!

    Witch one do you people like the best?<!-- Signature -->
  4. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from RLQ</i>
    <b>These are all awesome Supercars!!!

    Witch one do you people like the best?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    UMMM Really close race between Vanquish and 575M, they are both super beautiful GT cars, one of my hardest decision of my life. <!-- Signature -->
  5. The power to weght ratio on this car is better than the DB7 and its also a lil quicker 0-60<!-- Signature -->
  6. if it was the 550 in the comparison, i would take the vanquish, but now ill definately take the maranello, this car is great.
  7. If you live in Australia try and get hold of the March issue of MOTOR. Its got the 550 Maranello vs 911 GT2 vs AM Vanquish vs Lambo Murcielago vs MB SL55K!

    It's a great comparo.
  8. these are 3 of the best GTs in the world if not THE best, so either choice you are sure to walk way with a terrific car:either a british super driving machine in all its glory, a ragin itallian bull and all the amazing performance that comes with it or the smple status of god for owning a scuderia car...
    my choice? the vanquish .
    why? because it has the charm of a brish sports car, the beauty of an aston martin and the simple beast that is ready to pounce look that is only true to the vanquish's<!-- Signature -->
  9. I would definitely take the murcielago. I am not really a fan of the Vanquish or Auston Martin since Ford bought them out. I don't like the fact that its all just ford parts with the name of a great British sports car. So i'd take this ferrari second, i think it is a little classier than the Murcielago, but not quite as good performance wise, as close as they really are.
  10. if ford hadnt bought out aston martin, id take the vanquish. but #$%# that ferrari is better than ford this time.<!-- Signature -->
  11. The 545 is good but it just looks good even a Viper RT10 with kit give 1500hp and is street legal.
    THE Murciaglo roadstar will #*^% all the cars.
    Aston Martin is dead its just Ford using the name it is not better than a modena
  12. I'll take ferrari, coz' i love the prancing horse......aston martin? hmmmmm....don't like it anymore since ford got into the picture.<!-- Signature -->
  13. I'll take the Vanquish. No doubt. Murcielago is not refined enough, and giving only +- the same performance. Ferrari is very nice, but the Vanquish has that little thing extra: Britishness (except for the interior; it needs a stripe of wood). God, I love that car!!! For styling, the DB7 is even better, but performance, sound (I heard this car on the road, CRAZY!!!), etc are in favour of the Vanquish.
  14. i would choose the lambo, cause all these cars are beautiful, so the only thing that would govern your choice would be personnel likes and dis likes, if there are any. i would have the lambo with a leggy blonde in the front seat with me <!-- Signature -->
  15. i will take the 575M any time<!-- Signature -->

  16. I would take the Lamborghini. i'm sorry. i have been a Lambo fan since day one. neither of these cars can touch a Yellow Murcielago! <!-- Signature -->
  17. stick you hand over the front section of the 575M, what do you see? a Porsche of some sort? and the front is just plain dull.
    no marks for you...

    The Vanquish has pretty much the same specs (though 190mph top speed, little slower)however it looks more robust and roadworthy then the basics of ferraris, and besides, a better contender for the vanquish is the 456M.
    not bad at all...

    The Murcielago is just a copy of the old diablo which was a copy of the countach which was so old that jesus had one (i wouldn't be surprised anyway) so i think this it will rapidly go out of fashion however it is a hell of alot faster the the other two and nowhere near as basic as a ferrari, but not as seductive as the British Vanquish.

    As a British person i would personally go for the Aston Martin Vanquish, it is fast,stylish and well built but the best car performance wise is without a doubt the Lambo Murcielago.<!-- Signature -->
  18. If one day I have the chance to chose between one of these cars, I'll go for the Murciélago.<!-- Signature -->
  19. Life is filled with decisions. It is hard to chose between these cars.<!-- Signature -->
  20. personal tastes. i would have to test drive all three since they are so alike. based on looks i would take the vanquish. maranello too bland, murcielago too weird, but look might grow on me.
  21. the 575m is better
  22. 575 first,then the Vanquish second and last is the Lambo.<!-- Signature -->
  23. The 0-60 time will tell you all.. SCI rated the Murcielago with a time of 3.8. GOtta love the people who quote "It doesnt matter if you win by an Inch or a mile, winning's winning!"

    Plus the Murcielago is one of the most refined, yet most sophistocated 'sport' car on the face of this planet. The first day i got delivery, it was insane. The looks, everywhere i went i got looks. Mabye its cause its a bright orange rocket. I hate the people who drive slow. If my car can do 170 in 5th, stay outta my way.
    Then ill shift to 6th. i got scared at 320 KM/h
    <!-- Signature -->
  24. please the Murc looks drives and is all around a better performer, it rules in its current forms and will in the future forms as well, the ferrari replacement is a different, the 2004 575m replacement is gonna be awesome, but no murc beater, i cant wait to see the Murc GT vs 575 replacement vs the Vanquish Vantage, i would like to see that!!!! peace<!-- Signature -->

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