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  1. h0rdy is absolutely right!!!
    well said.<!-- Signature -->
  2. 59.15 bhp per litre?

    I have read plenty of threads about American cars having low bhp/L. I am partial to neither domestic nor foreign cars and I acknowledge that bhp/L isn't all ways important; I am merely curious as to why no one questions a Ferarri's numbers (BTW, this is still a fantastic piece of machinery).
  3. Sure this is a great car, its nothing less than anyone would expect from Ferrari!!
    Now when it comes to bhp, Porcshes has the best, and if not, one of the top 3, mechanical engineering team, these guys are making 2001 Porsche Sportec 911 Turbo Stage 4 with 600 bhp from a 3.6L twin turbo flat 6, (166.7bhp). and that is very respectable. Now you might say, "Sure cause it got those twin turbos", yeah, but take a look at the 1997 Porsche Gemballa 911 Extremo, and you can see that they are making 600.0 bhp @ 6520 rpm aout of a flat-6, thats 157.89 bhp per litre and a top speed of 220.6 mph. The things that these Porsche guys are doing with those little engines are amazing.

    Compare: take a look at the configuration and top speed!!!!

    1997 Porsche Gemballa 911 Extremo

    HP / Liter 157.89 bhp per litre
    Configuration Flat-6
    Displacement 3800 cc / 231.9 cu in
    Power 447.4 kw / 600.0 bhp @ 6520 rpm
    Top Speed 355 kph / 220.6 mph 0 - 60 mph 3.4 seconds

    2001 Ferrari Koenig 550 Twin Turbo

    HP / Liter 144.32 bhp per litre
    Configuration Twin Turbo V12
    Displacement 5474 cc / 334.0 cu in
    Power 589.1 kw / 790.0 bhp @ Not Available rpm
    Top Speed 350 kph / 217.5 mph 0 - 60 mph 3.4 seconds
  4. Dont forget HONDA's S2000~
    it s 125 HP/L ~ (N/A)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  5. The displacement listed here is incorrect, the 456 in 456GT signifies the displacement in liters (around 4.56 here), NOT 456 cubic inches as it was entered here. As you can see, 456 cubic inches would make for a more than 7 liter engine, which the 456 most certainly does NOT have. So, the horsepower per liter is 442/4.56, or about 97 hp/liter.
  6. Hey guys, how often do we have to say, you can NEVER compare bhp/litre of turbo cars, WHATEVER they are, you even cannot compare 2 turbo cars with each other.

    If you want to know what is a seriously high BHP/L

    Formula 1 car of 1982 from BMW
    BHP: 1500+
    cc : 1499
    BHP/L : 1000

    its a race car, but still a turbo, it only works with 1500bhp for half an hour, but who cares, its bhp/litre. sorry but you guys always talk like that!<!-- Signature -->
  7. With 406lb ft it must be more than 4.5 litres, probably 5.5 something like the ferarri 550. Even so, its a only little over half the size of a eight litre viper V10 engine and has the same torque - hah - who says american cars have torque?

    also the powerband looks to be deccently midrangy, should be a damn nice car to drive too.

    with them 1500hp F1 cars a 30 minute lifespan is good considering, they would put that power out long enough for qualifying etc. but turbo cars are difficult to compare, because the turbo F1s were really a pair of very large fully sequential (thats right - one boosted the other) turbos with a wee engine attached to them. NA cars today do well to make the kind of torque some turbo cars might have made 15 years ago.<!-- Signature -->
  8. 59.15 bhp per litre?

    hey, this is better than a viper, it only gets 57.57hp/l This car is more made for being a good performance "family" kinda car.<!-- Signature -->
  9. made another mistake.

    The displacement of the engine is 5474cc , which gives a hp/l ratio of 80.74
  10. Guys you are all wrong (again). NismoMasta nearly got there.

    The number in a Ferrari designation is not the number of cubic inches (obviously as this is peculiar to that automotive dustbin that is the USA) and is not a pointer to the number of litres (Mercedes do that).

    Logically, it is the number of cc per cylinder. The 456 therefore has 456cc per cylinder- it is a V12 so has a ~5.5 litre engine. Therefore it develops around 80bhp/litre which is an extremely suitable figure for a long range high performane grant tourer.

    The 360 develops around 100bhp/litre - more inkeeping with the high performance/engineering of traditional Ferrari racecars-for-the-road.
  11. Read my precedent post idiot , and stop thinking to teach us something
  12. deuginthesky, his post was still informative. The idiots are the ones who go aroudn making stupid posts with large assumptions or the ones who go around calling ppl idiots. <!-- Signature -->
  13. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from izemyunche</i>
    <b>Dont forget HONDA's S2000~
    it s 125 HP/L ~ (N/A)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    and thats normaly aspirated too! no turbos or superchargers here!

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