Re: 6-speed for a 200 bhp car.....?????

Discussion in '2003 Acura RSX Type-S Performace Package' started by way2fast4u2, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. WOAH... this entire site is full of haters. you know the only reason civic drivers put an exhaust and intake into their car is to be able to go up hill, not to race. If you have waisted an 106 HP civic LX with a 62 inch spoiler and your proud of yourself then you obviously are a PUSSY... I have an acura NSX and i make sure that camaro, mustang, firebird and corvette drivers get a daily dose of my rear license plate which proudly states "YO MOMA"

    P.S. how can anyone talk shit about this car, its engeneered brilliantly, something that american cars lack... i mean jesus christ the monte carlo SS gets 200 HP from a 3.8L engine, for the slow minded freaks in here thats almost twice the engine with the same amount of power... NOW THATS SAD!

    P.S.S if you're gona talk shit about a riced out civic, at least have a car that can work it, otherwise just shut your red necked mouth.<!-- Signature -->
  2. Yeah man...right. First part I am okay with, but spoilers and wings start working...oh...probably at 30mph for anything readable by scale. At 60mph, you will usually be getting decent downforce. You do realize that downforce is meant to keep a vehicle stable at high speed, AS WELL as help a vehicle keep control when going through a corner, right? Moron child, practice your own fruggin advice before you deal it out: "so think b4 u reply next time asshole!!!"
  3. yea u #$%#ing retart i ot a idea lets buy a shitty honda and put a muffler the size of a watermelon on it so it sounds like a fat ass just ripped one when i go down the srteet!!!!! here is another idea lets put a wing on the car that is three times the size of the car... o and those spoilers on start working at round 160 mph and i highly doubt that ne of these P.O.S. can go that fast with out putting #$%#ing nitro in it and even at that it can barely do it then.... so think b4 u reply next time asshole!!!

    Racing your civic is like the Special Olympics, even if you win you're still retarded :-D<!-- Signature -->
  4. wow I didn't know that quote would bring so many people a smile haha<!-- Signature -->
  5. yea i c ur point with the better performance with the car but its gotta be a pain in the ass if u just want to go around the block or something like that

    Racing your civic is like the Special Olympics, even if you win you're still retarded :-D
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  6. nothing to do with this car but i just gotta say that "racing your civic is like the special olympics, even if you win you re still retarded" is one of the greatest quotes i ve ever heard.<!-- Signature -->
  7. For god sake its only 1 more gear people.
  8. Hey, Dingus. Honda doesn't use turbos because they actually pay their engineers to work. Throwing a turbo on a small engine is a short-cut to big power gain. Honda wants to see how much they can extract without forced induction. Hence the S2000 making 140 bhp/l, and the RSX making 100 bhp/l. If you haven't driven an RSX, you can't say anything about the gearbox. It's a sweet one. If you complaining about missed shifts, learn to shift or buy a slushbox.

  9. AS for the original post about the gears. This thing is running 4:3's it needs that 6th gear to go down the freeway, unless you want to be turning 4500rpms.

    As for turbo, well I am an adiment fan, having it in two of my cars (both 91' MR2's) One I have dynoed around 375hp and 325lbs torque, that's my racer, and I am often rebuilding that engine after a hard hill climb (I've never lost a climb either). I'm not even gonna get into the list of mods on it. My other baby has headers, exhaust reprogrammed comp (to get perfomance out of no longer having a cat, you ricers might learn something from this, go get your exhaust, you loose your cat, but you won't gain much out of it unless your comp is set to work with out a cat). Turned up the boost a bit, and I'm turning 275hp wiht 250lbs torque. And I do have a MK1 supercharged MR2, with no mods... yet, I think I'm gonna make it my drag car, since it's so light. (Ok I admit it, it's been a while since I've been able to show off this stuff to someone new)

    I do love vtec, but don't think your special for having variable valve, most performance ricers already have it, they just don't advertise it like honda does. I'm not bashing honda, they do have it perfected the best, but plenty others have it. And I am a great fan of the S2000, it being the most powerful unassissted car on the market for it's engine size, (Most powerful overall if you go by HP/l) and I plan to own one in the very near future.

    I've lost complete track of what I was gonna say, been a long day at work.

    I am a huge fan of american muscle to, if I could find my self a hemi I would swap it for my 351 clevelan in my 38' delivery truck in a second, but they hard to find (did you know toyota made a hemi? course, that's not the one I'm talking about)

    On one final note, since I can't remember what i was gonna say.

    Friends don't let friends do NOS

  10. hey firebirdformula thanks. its cool you know. someone must calm idiocy in forums. personally i only like a few american cars but every country's cars are good in their respective ways.

    some people here say that 142lbft of torque is little, but tha's merely because of hte engine size. v-tec actually boosts low end torque compared when using a cam profile that does not variate itself accordingly to different rpms. a six speed is good because honda knows people will hotrod its vehicles, its a high revving vehicle, therefore aggressive gearing is a MUST if you want ot fully take advantage of this. the main point of having a high revving car is that you can carry your torque peak longer and thus avoid shifting at an earlier rpm. so its the 'gearing' that makes the high rpm car go fast!

    on the subject of some people thinking this is the type-r, it is not. why is it called the rsx? i think its because most american drivers dont take as much pleasure in driving as their foreign counterparts and to trick people into thinking this is a small brother of a nsx.
  11. I don't think having 6 speeds is a bad thing for this car. I just think there's no real bennefit. It's a marketing ploy.<!-- Signature -->
  12. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from SeansVette</i>
    <b>I don't think having 6 speeds is a bad thing for this car. I just think there's no real bennefit. It's a marketing ploy.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->6-speed is good for this car becuz of its powerband.<!-- Signature -->
  13. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from MCSE+I</i>
    <b>The 6 speed transmission will definitely help performance with a lower torque engine but driving it every day in city traffic will be a pain.
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Actually, it wouldn't be as bad as you think. If you take for example's sake an automatic into thick city traffic, like this car's base-automatic incarnation, and put into its SportShift mode, you'll probably never get into 4th and 5th gear unless the traffic really starts to flow. (Trust me, I know because I own one... and I've driven it in that situation...)

    Anyway, unless you enjoy neck wrenching starts and nosediving stops, I doubt you'll go through all six gears in city traffic. Shifting might get tiring after a while if you like to tailgate and do what I just mentioned, or if you drive this like the S2000 and attempt to keep the revs way up there. I can usually keep the gears going between 4th, 3rd, and down into 2nd and 1st when slowing down and stopping. I doubt anyone else would drive very much differently in city gridlock.<!-- Signature -->
  14. Ok this is my first post ever on First, off I want to say blaze, WAY2....You guys rock. You have both tried to be yourselves and not get sucked into the trash talking I've seen here. Not only that but you guys seem to know your stuff. I thought that if I joined this site I could finally get some decent conversation about automobiles. Instead I find the same thing I have found everywhere else. Nothing but adults and teenagers acting like five year olds. Folks we are all in this together. We all love our automobiles and we enjoy discussing them but we need not insult one another just because of the group we follow.

    I know this is going way off the post-topic but I must vent this. If it's not apparent by my screen name I own a '96 Firebird Formula with the LT1 and a 6-speed transmission. Granted the first five gears are for acceleration and speed but as soon as you shift to 6th gear the RPM's drop to almost idle for fuel economy and highway crusing not for top speed or added acceleration.

    Now I have driven the RSX Type-S (Buddy of mine and I went "test driving" one day) and I will say this car has excellent acceleration and good overall handling. It also has a fairly open interior even for me and I am 6' 4" here. The transmission is necessary because the EPA freaks who want to spoil our fun as car enthusiasts want extremely good fuel efficiency. For a car to have 200Hp-142 lb. ft. of torque (something that is also overlooked) and squeeze it out of a 4-cylinder, and sell it for a reasonable price, I have to take my hat off to Honda. I am an American car fan and do not like imports but I do not make fun of people who drive them. I just prefer an American vehicle.

    Imports are nice don't get me wrong. But in my eyes nothing car replace the sound of an American V8. Nor can anything, in my eyes, replace the pulling torque of a small black Ford/Chevy. Now I do make fun of those, who as stated in this topic, kids, adults, or whoever that slap decals and eye sore paint jobs on their cars. Not to mention the all to important super-spoiler, lowering kit, and unnecessary ground effects kits and then add a horrible sounding muffler and then shoot their mouths of that they can out run anything short of a Porsche. These are the people I make fun of because they are ruining the hobby of motorsports for everyone else. Import or Domestic. We are all in the same field here. Things may have changed in recent years but the goal is still the same.

    I do, however, support anyone who wants to do legitimate modifications to their cars. Be it a Civic or Viper. If you want to modify your vehicle. Go for it. In fact I'll even help you install the parts you buy. I love to get my hands into an engine whenever possible. If you have a car that is faster than mine, I will gladly change lanes and let you by and give credit where credit is due but don't come up to me and shoot your mouth off and then challenge me at the local drag strip and then make a lot of excuses when it's proven that you have nothing after all (this has happen to me on more than one occasion).

    Flame me all you guys and girls want for this post but it is the truth. Frankly I am tired of "this sucks" or "that sucks" and "American/Imports can do this, this, this, and that and your American/Import can't." Makes me want to retch all over the keyboard. Have fun folks.
  15. yea i have some sort of disorder. i guarantee you that the compressor can compress air by itself.

    i have found the exact same words in european car, sport compact car, and hot rodding magazine.

  16. both of yall need to shut the @#$%@#$ up you mother@$%@, both you hoes have some knowledge ill give it up to you... just stop fighting and focus on the topic, YES the 6 speed for this 200 hp car is great, PEACE THE F@$#% OUT<!-- Signature -->
  17. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from blaze4eva</i>
    <b>"A blower pressurizes air plain and simple, I know of no system that actully compresses air within itself, they all force air into the motor which in turn pressorizes it."

    - hotboxer

    this is what you said. then why do you argue with me. i said how many single turbo systems on V engines are used ON THE MARKET. i never said anything about whether or not you could do it or if it was even a popular tuning thing. i said on the market. and of couse this comment is obviously wrong as a compressor does compress air. </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    what I said was I know of no system that compresses the air within itself which is true, because they rely on the engine to create the pressure. If you hold a turbo or centrafugal charger in your hand and spin it does pressurized air come out of it? No it doesn't. it needs something for the outgoing air to be held up in for it to be pressurized. The way you worded the hole single turbo thing made it sound as if it were not probably that anyone made single turbo systems for V engined cars. "and of couse this comment is obviously wrong as a compressor does compress air." when did I say that compressors don't compress air? Settle down buddy, and take some of your own advice and read other people posts before you try and contradict what they said, because the post you just made doesn't accurately reflect what I said.<!-- Signature -->
  18. "A blower pressurizes air plain and simple, I know of no system that actully compresses air within itself, they all force air into the motor which in turn pressorizes it."

    - hotboxer

    this is what you said. then why do you argue with me. i said how many single turbo systems on V engines are used ON THE MARKET. i never said anything about whether or not you could do it or if it was even a popular tuning thing. i said on the market. and of couse this comment is obviously wrong as a compressor does compress air. perhaps there is nothing i could teach you about tuning or cars, but you did make erroneous comments and the comments you made that are in dispute with mine are irrelevant in the first place.
  19. beleive me kid I know how all performance enhancers work to their fullest extent. As for the turbo thing you said "how many single turbo V or boxer engines do you see on the market?" so I told you. If you read my post you would see that I said blowers pressorized air, I know they don't actually "compress" the air itself, but air being forced into an engine by the blower creates air pressor which is what makes the extra power. Beleive me there is nothing about cars that you could teach me. I think we both need to get over this whole discussion.
    <!-- Signature -->
  20. as for your comment on 4.6 mustangs using single turbo systems. i never in my post did i say that iwas not accomplishable. it is accomplishable, but it is certainly more difficult than adding two turbos.

    as for the original post regarding speeds i already posted on that subject six speed is good for a car with high rpms because that is the only way to fully take advantage of the power made.
  21. Turbolag you say? There are cars that basicly have no lag(the new Impreza WRX, Bentley V8TT:s, Skoda Octavia RS(well a little), and many more. Also the lag can be changed by adjusting the angle of the rotor wings.<!-- Signature -->
  22. turboboxer did you read my post. if you took the time to understand how the roots supercharger fully works you'll know that it in a sense does not really compress the air.

    really a compressor does not compress air? then what does it do. if you check the definition of a COMPRESSOR you'll see that it really compresses the air. the centrifugal supercahrger is nothing but a turobcharger's compressor mated to a crankshaft driven pulley that has a step up gear box. i took the time to type that out so you could possibly understand that.

  23. most V-engines use a twin turbo system. it would be difficult plumbing wise to use one turbo on a V-engine. how many single turbo V or boxer engines do you see on the market?

    a roots type blower compresses air by a series of moving compartments, created by two interlocking lobed rotors. It differs from the centrifugal blower in that its a 'sealed' type design, which provides boost in a 'linear' fashion and actually presents the compressed air to the manifold in a series of pulses. In the simplest sense, a Roots blower has two rotors with either two or three lobes each. Like giant gear teeth, the lobes on these rotors intermesh inside a tight-fitting, peanut-shaped housing. If air is allowed to enter the waist of the peanut, or the narrow portion right where the lobes are unmeshing, the air will be drawn into the gap between lobes on each rotor. As the rotors turn, chambers are formed between two adjacent teeth of each rotor and the wall of the rotor housing. Air is simply carried around both sides of the supercharger in these chambers until the lobes try to mesh again at the other end. This type of supercharger has a large amount of internal friction due to the edges of the rotors turning inside the casing and meshing with each other. This friction adds heat to the air, aside from the normal heat associated with compression of a medium, and is one of the reasons why a roots-type supercharger (an early design) is inefficient compared to a turbo. This extra heat is energy taken from the crank and wasted. Not only is it wasted but the heat is detrimental to power production. such supercharger systems bleed off about 20-60 hp on a 500 hp car and up to 800-900 on a top fuel dragster.

    it is called a blower for a reason it doesn't actually compress the air (as there is no compressor) but simply moves it LIKE I SAID. All the compression of the discharge air happens when the air is first exposed to the backup of air waiting to get into the engine. The high-pressure air in the manifold will rush into the back of the blower until the air in the blower is at the same pressure as the air in the manifold; then, as the lobes turn, they will push the air back out of the blower again. This turbulent airflow hurts efficiency, though some creative discharge port design on the Eaton blowers helps minimize this turbulence.

    the turbo is quite simply the best way to go for better power prodution, but the roots blower remains tops in terms of reliability and driveability.
  24. this thread started off with a small remark on the gear box and ended with the tuning list for imports, damn... eventually lets get back to the subject the 6-speed trans is very sweet especialy for manual trans lovers but what pisses me off is the FWD shit i love this car and as performance, but to drive something and enjoy it, i would go for a 1989 BMW 325i, these r nasty curve takers the trunk goes in the curve before the front f!@#$% amazing excellent show
  25. well at least i know my shit, and now it doesnt cost that much (20 grand) yea fukin right. all that shit will cost roughly 7 grand. and is all strongly recommended b4 throwing a supercharger/turbo. and no, i do know my shit so dont try and act like u do. i am an american LS1 engine fan, but i am a sucker 4 imports. i know that there is no way at all you can throw a turbo on a stock engine and expect 100 hp. you have to be joking. it will MAYBE give you 25 if yer lucky. you dont know the first thing to tuning you dam magazine tuner. you know that, throw your turbo, but like i said b4...get a dyno and look at yer shity resluts that you paid so much 4. and twin turbo's range from 8k-14k son....
    and are VERY DANGEROUS on a stock engine. Twin turbos arent always the best answer either. first of all you need 1 turbo thats smaller to spool up the large turbo, but even then the small turbo has no effect. superchargers are nice, but also not recommended on a stock system. like if i was to go 4 a supercharger then i would go with jackson racing only because 1.. it has better midranger hp, and peak hp

    mid ranger hp is a big key to top performance. peak hp doesnt mean shit really.

    that is all

    -=I love teching the kids=-

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