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Discussion in '2003 Acura RSX Type-S Performace Package' started by way2fast4u2, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. After reading all the way through this thread there are a few misconceptions I wish to clear up.
    1) Mustangs and Camaros are “pony cars” not muscle cars.
    2) Nothing with a 3.8L engine is a muscle car.
    3) True muscle cars have large horse power, large displacement engines from the factory.
    (ie 425HP, 426ci Hemi with 490 ft lbs of torque)
    4) Turbo vs Blower: A turbo is a forced induction via a centrifugal pump powered by exhaust gasses. A supercharger (or blower) is forced induction via a gear pump driven mechanically. Gear pumps can generate more pressure and flow at lower RPMs making them suitable for large, low revving V8s. Centrifugal pumps (turbo) are much more efficient and generate more pressure and flow at higher RPMs, making them suitable for smaller, high revving 4 cylinders.
    5) The 6 speed transmission will definitely help performance with a lower torque engine but driving it every day in city traffic will be a pain.
    6) A car with 425 HP and 460 ft lbs of torque does not need more then 4 gears to accelerate down a quarter mile.
  2. No one said that there where single turbo systems on the production cars with V motors, but I have seen counltess single turbos system for V8's, especially 5.0 stangs and 4.6 stangs, so yes they do make them and they are wideley used.

    A blower pressurizes air plain and simple, I know of no system that actully compresses air within itself, they all force air into the motor which in turn pressorizes it, all a compressor does is force air into a tank where it is then held for release. So basically the motor on a compressor is like a charger and the tank would be the engine, and the air hose would be exhaust. its all the pretty much the same sh!t. Blowers do basically the same thing as a centrafugal system, it is just less efficient, easier to use, and it sits in a different spot on the motor. You are making something simple sound totally complicated and confusing with your posts blaze.<!-- Signature -->
  3. personally i am not a fan of honda (except for the s2000 and nsx) but i do have astand against muscle car guys who so strongly feel against the whole import scene.

    back in the 1960's what exactly were muscle cars? they were widely available, they were cheap, and they were efficient (for their respective time). people modified them because they looked good (in the 60's), went fast, and peple could afford them.if i'm not mistaken the original ford mustang was a remake of a different more economical car (i dont remember which one)

    similarly in our time, honda civics and the like are widely available, the looks are rather neutral (perfect for modification), and pretty cheap. put together with certain media and peer pressure, and here you have the 21st centruy remake of hot rodding, just on a different level.

    you can't expect people to hot rod the same cars that were developed 40 years ago, because 1)not everyone can own one 2)not everyone likes 40 year old things 3)no one wantss to drive a stock car.

    a six speed is a good idea for such a car because in order to take advantage of the high rpms in which this car runs you must gear it aggresively to make it go fast.

    to the ricers
    not every car has to get 100 hp/L that is not the requirement for a good car. besides this is fwd so there is a point to not modify these to extremity.
  4. If u would bother to read the post he was speaking to sumone that was advertising parts & talking about Turbo Lags he didn't feel u were worth a response.
    I like superchargers yes I know they only work when u want them to( when u stomp the gas ) but then why do I need it to work when I don't want it to.
    My 69 Chevy Bel-air wit its 327 is pretty dam' fast for weighing like 2 tons & would beat a lot of cars . in a straight line . but 11mpg isn't good.
    NOS does suck bottles are for babies & Nos would destroy this RSX after to many shots.
    SS Monte Carlo is a joke at a mere 200hp but its only a joke because of the SS badging . That must of been a GM joke that true SS lovers don't find funny. But the 3800 series 2 V 6 that is in the Monte Carlo is a good engine. In fact it is the same engine that was in the Grand Nationals that were as fast as Vettes of its time. Its just tuned down a bit now but anyone that knows anything about fixing up cars can take care of that.
    NSXs are fast but I'm sure u've read u're fair share of license plates.
    This RSX is a sad car for Acura. I don't want to compare it to an American car wit a V6 but I would say that this isn't a preformance car as compared to a Maxima or even an Altima. It sure looks faster than those two cars though.
  5. wow...............thats all i gotta say

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  6. a twin turbo system on a V motor does make for less lag when compared to a V motor with a single large turbo that will take more time to spool up, but these days there is almost no lag on any turbo system unless the PSI is turned way up. Blower are considered supercharges and where the first addon to be called a supercharger because the centrafugal chargers had not be designed yet. Blowers do infact create compression and they don't just fling air into the cylinders. That is why they all have blow all plates or valves. If they didn't create compression why would you have use lower compression pistons? Yes blowers are very pron to massive heat buildup, but that can easily be helped out with an intercooler that sits below the blower and above the intake manifold. But also remember that blowers do not create more heat than turbos, its only because it sits right on top of the motor that it is an issue. Turbos are the BEST power adder available, but with modern tech superchargers are catching up slowly and will never be as good.<!-- Signature -->
  7. motorhead what are you talking about. i did not speak of any of the parts on this car. i didn't advertise anything. all i explained was the reason for the current import scene. i dont know what your tlaking about lag and what not because i didn't talk about that at all...

    and a correction in your nonrelated forum post. a supercharger contrary to belief does not provide instantaneous response. a supercharger is a relatively general term. a BLOWER which is considered a type of supercharger does, but is highly thermally inefficient, but gies the best driveabiity and gives throttle response similar to that of a larger displacement car. really it doesn't even compress the air it merely flings it in. however due to its inefficency, supercharger manufacturers developed centrifugal superchargers whcih are basically turbo compressor wheels driven by the crank. however because it uses this half turbo technolgoy it must be spooled to about 100,000 rpm (the centrifugal supercahrger) to work and provides NO power whatsoever below this rpm. in addition there is a gear set up on the centrifugal supercahrger to prevent the air from moving too fast, so its never working in its ideal power production.

    last thing. a twin turbo (a sequential one) is only good for reducing lag if you have those two turbos on one of cylinders. if its two turbos on a V engine it does nothing for turbo lag.
  8. You must sell the parts your hyping up.Why spend all of that money when you can get better results cheaper? True all of the parts you are talking about are great upgrades. But if I've got a choice of spending a couple grand on a turbo or supercharger and gaining around 100hp if you run around 8lb of boost, which is completley safe by the way. Or I could spend at least $20000 for all of the upgrades your talking about to get the same result, I'm going to take the turbo. Unless I've got an endless piggy bank. As for turbo lag, that's what twin turbos are for. Lag is almost completely unoticable in a good twin turbo. Power increase in a supercharger is instantaneous.
  9. blaze 4 eva your the shit man, you hit it right on the nose! the reason why people soup up their little ***** ass civics or integras is because not everyone is lucky enough to afford an NSX or even a turb Supra. how many teen agers or early to mid 20 year old guys here can say they have a 90 thousand dollar car? i can probably count those on my hand.

    So before you diss someone for ricing out their ride remember what the purpose is, to turn a cheap, affordable car into a cool looking sports car and maybe drop a second or two off the damn acceleration.<!-- Signature -->
  10. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Puro_malvagio</i>
    <b>Yeah man...right. First part I am okay with, but spoilers and wings start working...oh...probably at 30mph for anything readable by scale. At 60mph, you will usually be getting decent downforce. You do realize that downforce is meant to keep a vehicle stable at high speed, AS WELL as help a vehicle keep control when going through a corner, right? Moron child, practice your own fruggin advice before you deal it out: "so think b4 u reply next time asshole!!!"
    §cotty</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    holy sh!t you are so wrong it's not even funny. <!-- Signature -->
  11. the six speed is a good choice for this car...heck more gears are almost always better now that i think about it...the lower the power the more helpfull a large number of gears is for reasons previosly stated but also they hlep on gas mileage because u can stay in a high gear and keep the engine spooling at lower rpm which saves gas because less fuel is used during combustion. 200 hp isnt bad for a little car likw this 2780lbs is pretty light. now that i think about horsepower is a lot like gears...the more the better! <IMG SRC="">
  12. A 6-speed in a small car like this would be annoying. Coming to a stop sign, you would have to start in 2nd gear. And the engine develops its peak BHP at 7000rpm, I think that its a great idea, but they obviously didn't think it all the way through.
  13. camero's and mustangs are available with 6 speeds you moron, and back in the muscle car era they only needed 4 speeds because they where built to go in straight lines from the factory (most of them anyway) Plus they also built them with the intention of the car being modified, so why bother putting in more speeds when "joe driver" didn't want them and "joe racer" was going to change the tranny anyway. You obviously don't know anything about cars, how often do you see 350 big blocks? Thats odd, most any 350 you find is a small block. Know what's funnier than muscle cars? Taking an economy car, sticking a wing and stickers on it and thinking its fast.<!-- Signature -->
  14. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from GoOnIeFeNiX182</i>
    <b>yea this car sucks and there is no reason for a six speed in it. that is usally reserved for cars that are remotely good and have a little better than 200hp....

    one more thing to all those people that think that they can supe up their shitty honda's so that they can go fast.. just get a muscle car....

    Racing your civic is like the Special Olympics, even if you win you're still retarded :-D</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    one big retard in his own right...driving american cars is like running in the special olympics the smaller guys win while the bigger fatter kids dont even finish...i think a car that can go 150mph out of the factory should have a 6th gear. just american car makers arent smart enough to engineer more gears with there muscle cars...3 speed 4speed manual cars with a 350big block lol now i call that funny <!-- Signature -->
  15. wut's wrong with 6-speed trans?? Real car enthusiastics enjoy shifting gears. This car has more low-end torque than the old Integra thanks to teh new I-VTEC system, so u don't have to worry about little power in low rpm. <!-- Signature -->
  16. Hey Ford still can't figure out how to put a 6 speed in a Crustank so, good job Acura. 200hp though I find that to be a bit sad in what is considered a preformace package car. Seriously this car is considered like the God of the ricers here in America now that the Integra is gone. How come they couldn't match the 280hp of some of the other new ricers out there.
    Whats with the 1" drop. I seen an ad for a 1" drop on my car very pricey. Why not 2" or maybe 3" oh well.
  17. BORING stupid car with all ricer mods other than the wheels. good idea lets build that one.....<!-- Signature -->
  18. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Biturbos</i>
    <b>A 6-speed in a small car like this would be annoying. Coming to a stop sign, you would have to start in 2nd gear. And the engine develops its peak BHP at 7000rpm, I think that its a great idea, but they obviously didn't think it all the way through.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    why would you have to start in second gear?

    first of all do you have ANY idea what a gear does? cuz if you did then you'd realize that the more gears the better at extracting every last piece of power in the engine. have you heard of CVT's? these have infinitely many gear techincally that means that the engine can be pegged at let's say 7000rpm (if that's where the engine makes the most power) THROUGHOUT...that is from 0 to 160mph the engine can remain at 7000rpm.....

    i hope you have learned something by reading this thread. b/c you desperately need some knowledge about gears and transmissions.
  19. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Tommy kaira</i>
    I think that the 6-speed tranmision is not a good choice for a car like this. Can you believe that RSX previous version already had some trouble with finding the right gear for high rpm. If acura want to make 6-speed manual tranmission they should insert a turbo engine or an engine that have more than 240bhp. </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Yah, you're obviously wrong.. please don't post close-minded topics.

    Thank you.<!-- Signature -->
  20. The 6-speed tranny makes perfect sense. The RSXs claimed horsepower is acheived at 7400rpm. Most consumer cars are not even capable of such high engine speeds. This transmission serves the purpose of keeping the vehicle within the powerband and allowing the driver to utilize more of it's power. Gear counts have nothing to do with horsepower.<!-- Signature -->
  21. no point in answering to this post so hi everyone ... just wirting something :p<!-- Signature -->
  22. the more speeds the better in underpowered cars, they can accelerate faster, and the ratios are closer for optimum RPM and power band usage. This car does suck ass tho. Anything with front wheel drive will never the leader in performance.<!-- Signature -->
  23. yea this car sucks and there is no reason for a six speed in it. that is usally reserved for cars that are remotely good and have a little better than 200hp....

    one more thing to all those people that think that they can supe up their shitty honda's so that they can go fast.. just get a muscle car....

    Racing your civic is like the Special Olympics, even if you win you're still retarded :-D<!-- Signature -->
  24. Even the 2003 Hyundai Tiburon has a 6-speed box. Though I think that's another way for Hyundai to push it as a $16K Ferrari (it already sort of looks like a 456M).<!-- Signature -->
  25. BOOO 6speed WE WANT 7speed!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->

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