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  1. 911 vs. vette C5
  2. May i say...DUH! 911 all the way down the street, and around the corner!<!-- Signature -->
  3. I love PORSCHEs but I am an all out Chevy guy

    PORSCHE= an sweet car
    CHEVY= best car,truck,SUV, and sports car. ITS BEEN PROOVEN
    FORD= thats a good question. IT = NOTHING
  4. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Chris Draper</i>
    <b>I love PORSCHEs but I am an all out Chevy guy

    PORSCHE= an sweet car
    CHEVY= best car,truck,SUV, and sports car. ITS BEEN PROOVEN
    FORD= thats a good question. IT = NOTHING</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    First of all Mr.Chevy-lover(american) it's Porsche=A sweet car, not AN sweet car and secong of all, chevy sucks my ass as all american cars do. I was just at the car show and every american car that I looked at under the hood had tape holding together the engine(the wires and tubes etc.) We all had a good laugh. Porsche all the way!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. The C5 might be able to keep up to the 911 in a straight line but that's all. Go to a track and the 911 will kick the vette's ass all the way. It'll outbrake the C5 (after two laps the chevy's brakes will be smoking as hell) and corner about twice as fast. C5 are just made to go fast on a straight american highway, not to be compared to a superior driver's car.
  6. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from stars</i>
    <b> </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->That picture is not a C5. Its a Callaway.<!-- Signature -->
  7. thats what i thought too and to think that this is a carrera forum and he posted a GT2 pic is just plain stupidity<!-- Signature -->
  8. To the fool that said that all corvette was good for is going strate your and idiot!

    hear are some quotes & copy pasted facts.

    Fact: During the late '80s the Corvette dominated and won virtually every SCCA race (against the likes of Porsche) and was forced to race in its own series called the Challenge Series. While back on the street, only a handful of European and Japanese exotic sports cars can compete with Corvette. Foreign makes rely on turbochargers, and things like variable valve timing or dual overhead cams, but for true performance and reliability there is no substitute for CUBIC INCHES. While some purists whine that the Corvette V-8's pushrods, etc are archaic, as far as performance and endurance this is not true. A special lightweight L-98 equipped 1990 Corvette broke several 100, 500 and 1000 km records averaging over 270 km(170 mph) for each run). The basic design of Vette engines are really bulletproof! The overhead cam engines have been around for decades! With modern engine management computers Corvettes of late can even acheive about 30 MPG fuel economy at highway speeds. With the advent of the C5 Corvette, a new era of performance and sophistication has begun. From the extensive articles in all the major automobile magazines, it is clear few sports-cars can match the balance of features and performance of the new Corvette.

    Fact2: info obtaind from Road & Track Feb 2001 Volume 52 Number6
    BMW M3 VS porsche 911 VS Corvette Z06.
    2001 BMW M3
    0-60= 4.7
    0-100= 11.6
    0-1/4 mile=13.3
    top speed= 155
    skidpad 0.91g
    Slalom= na
    Brake 60-0= 112 ft
    1998 Porsche 911 Carrera
    0-60= 5.0 sec
    0-100= 12.2 sec
    0-1/4 mile=13.5 @ 105.8mph
    top speed= 174
    skidpad 0.91g
    Slalom= na
    Brake 60-0= 134 ft
    2000 Corvette Z06
    0-60= 4.6 sec
    0-100= 10.5 sec
    0-1/4 mile=13.0 @ 110.5mph
    top speed=171 est
    skidpad= 1.00g
    Slalom= 67.1 mph
    Brake 60-0= 123 ft

    Motor Trend quote
    Note: that the tests were done in the rain

    "On the track and under Absolulutely Perfect Conditions, the Z06
    would probably be the Fastest of the trio because of its power
    advantage However, in the wet the M3 and the 911 shine with superior traction, making them all-around performers. the BMW offers sports-car handling capabilities with all the luxury appoitments and room important for every day use, and at a price that is difficult to beat."
  9. Sorry but Porsche all the way. C5 is respectable but not close to a Porsche.<!-- Signature -->
  10. I've had some experiances with both the C5 and the Carrera. And I can tell you that A Z06 is the only Vette' out that can handle a Porsche. With well trained drivers, a 996 and Z06 should be right on par with each other around most tracks. The standard C5 would get it's ass handed to it, and this is coming from someone who has attended PCA meets for track days, not just read magazines.
  11. quit comparing 911's to vettes
  12. The 911 is the faster car on the track and the strip, but its way more expensive. A better comparision would be the Z06 to the 911, and the 911 would get raped on the track and the strip. But the Porsche holds the prestige name, while the Chevy doesn't.

  13. Well, a Corvette C5 with LS6 upgrade fails to shine in the presence of two Aussie-built cars, those being the HSV GTS Coupè and the CSV Mondo GT 305i. Both of these cars, mind you, would be comprehensively spanked by the current Carrera. Today's American "muscle" cars, such as the C5, Z06, Firehawk, etc. are sub-standard, dodgily built, unrefined and over-glorified death-traps with prehistoric powerplants, and it's about time they were treated as such. This issue might be revisited when GM finally catch up and develop a decent engine for a change. Ford is doing well (in the engine department, anyway) and they're still a long way off.
  14. ouch! man, that's gotta hurt. well said
  15. how can you compare some crude chevrolet to this......
  16. we are comparing the Porsche to C5 dumbass, not the Z06. Of course the ZO6 will beat the carrera, but the standard C5 won't stand a chance in any category.
  17. The Z06 will beat the Carrera where? In a straight line? Oh wow. I bet a quick lap of the Nürburgring would put the Z06 POS in its place.
  18. It would put it in its proper place. The current 50th anniversery addition Z06 has lapped the ring in 7:56, right next to the 911 turbo.
  19. im not actually sure which car would win, but im tempeted to say its the porsche. but it probably wouldnt win against the Z06, but i think it could beat a C5. but personally, i would rather have the porsche because:
    a) its more prestigeoous (spelling?)
    b) its more fun because you dont have to throw around all that size and weight
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    Here are comparisons from both Road and Track, and Car and Driver, where the Z06 beat the 911 Turbo's track times:

    In that Car and Driver test, the Z06 even beats the 911 Turbo 0-60, and gets better braking times.

    The 911 is a rear-engined (as opposed to mid-engined) car and it has a short wheelbase. Those features don't help it's handling.
  21. first off comparting the 2 is stupid. second, the 911 destroys c5s. all of you damn people post #$%#in mag articles about corvettes. learn something. those are PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS. no1 except pros can get those numbers on the c5 (the handleing stats). the corvette is all grip, no handleing. that means yes it has potential, but youd have to be #$%#in f1 driver to get em to do it.its far too brutish and unrefined.

    according to a road and track article with 3 dif lvl drivers, they compared z06, 996, and NSX. only the pro driver picked the z06. the z06 won on the track on all of them, but only the pro driver picked it, and he said "im a big fan of american muscle" meaning he was prob alredi leanin towards it. also, the times were only a second, maybe 2 faster than a 911. and thats a z06. your tryin to tell me the less power, less stiff suspenetion and less everything of a normal c5 will keep up? jesus get a life.

    oh yeah, heres the 1 thing that everyone has failed to mention. LUXURY jesus christ a porsche doesnt gost that much for the name, you get what you pay for, and quite frankly, the corvette is pathetic on the inside. tons of cheep shiney plactic crap. uncomfortable non hold ya in seats. the porsche is very comfy (my dad owns one) and very well designed.

    oh yeah, you mentioned racing. sorry but you were a moron for bringin that up. you said late 80s. thats 14+ years ago now. look whats happened in the 90s. utter domination by porsche. at 24 hours off daytona last year, guess what cars came 1-2-3? porshce gt3r. this is not in its class, this is OVERALL. over all the higher class C5rs, over all the Daytona Prototype cars, over everything. the GT3R finish in 15 of the top 16 GT class cars there. do NOT bring up racing whenit comes to porsche, its only possible competitor is ferrari (with their f1 domination)

    sorry but you c5 people all fail.
  22. Doesn't your second point prove your first point wrong. All three drivers (a pro, a amatuer, and a rookie) all were faster.

    I do not think that the C5R was at Daytona this year.
  23. i was saying basically the numbers for it are done by pro drivers. the z06's times, even when nipped a lil by amature drivers the times still were slightly better tho. thats a z06 tho, not a c-5. sorry i made that a lil confusing.

    vettes still dont have anywhere close the the intangables, feel, interior, or fit and finish of the porsches. not as reliable either, but nothing is as reliable as a porsche.(im not just talking about engines)
  24. Fine, let us compare the boxster S to the base C6. About the same price, which one would lap a track faster?

    Yes the 911 has a better interior, but is that really worth the extra 30k and higher running costs. Servicing a 911 is going to be a bit more than pulling a vette into a chevy dealer.
  25. this is dumb, but juss for shits and giggles ill juss throw in that i burned a c5 in my dads 911 one night. juss a lil note.

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