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Discussion in '1987 Porsche 959' started by BIMMERMAN, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Definately the 959.
  2. Didn't know that the F40 had a V12......

    I have always thought the F40 had a twinturbo V8. The engines virtually have the same displacemant, 3 litres.
  3. It has V8
  4. dragstrip would be a great place to win for a 959, but i kinda like both of them
  5. F40 for racing weekends
    959 for the rest of the week.
  6. 959 could destroy an F40 on wet conditions, they're about the same on dry.
  7. The Ferrari wins the crown. The F-40 WAS, in fact, Ferrari's answer to Porsche's 959. So it's a clear bet that they designed the F-40 to out-perform the 959 in every way they could. Don't get me wrong, the 959 is a wonderful machine, but even God would tell you, from a scientific point, not biased, that the F-40 is better. It is lower, has more power, better areodynamics, faster top speed, etc. The Porsche IS, however, right on the Ferrari's ass with a top speed of 197 and so on. And don't even talk about dragstrips and crap like that. NIETHER ONE WAS DESIGNED FOR THE DRAGSTRIP OR 1/4 MILE RACING. They are both no-holds-barred thrill machines. Both Ferrari and Porsche did a great job.
  8. porche is genius...they've proved that to us once again i'd take this....anyone know how much it would be if i were to get one right now?
  9. The new skyline would eat both... ja, no, i'm not gay, i don't like japanese cars... hmm... maybe the F40... or 959? it's a close race...
  10. F-40 is a race car, the 959 a GT. On a track the F-40 would be the fastest, but in normal drive conditions the 959. So, I wan't them both!!
  11. I love that this forum is just people shooting their mouths off. The 959 is a ROAD CAR. The F40 is a slightly detuned RACE CAR. If one was to put the F40 against the 959 around a race track, the F40 would win, hands down. The F40 is the last super Ferrari that Enzo himself asked for and helped build. Ferrari builds race cars for the road. Porsche builds road cars for racing.

    That having been said, I would rather have a 959 in my garage.

    P.S. To get a 959 now would be almost 100K more than buying a GT2. It would run you around $260,000 USD. (Quoted from an advertisment in the Robb Report)
  12. this and the f40 and both some of my favorite cars
  13. ferrari almost never makes supercars (f40 f50 and enzo nutin else) comfortable they just try to acheive speed porsche offers speed and comfort the 959 is 1 of the best cars ever and overall it takes the f40 by its balls
  14. I'm for the 959. Not like those Porsche guys were. I love both cars, but however, i like the Porsche 959 better, andi beleive it has slightly better performance. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  15. The F40 is better anyday! It has better excelleration, top speed, 1/4 mile, and it handles much better. The 959 has major turbo lag, too. But the 959 has better brakes and a more comfortable interior. Both are great cars though. I wouldn't mind either!
  16. I'd be a definitly close race, but the 959 would come out on top
  17. Some people are just IDIOTS.
    NO, the 959 would NOT come out on top, and NO, I am not a biased Ferrari fan. Some people are just so biased they won't admit the truth.
    VMI Ferrari put it perfectly. The F40 came out slightly later than 959, so obviously Ferrari designed to be slightly faster than 959. F40 is basically a street-legal race car. It looks like a race car, and feels like a race car (no interior).
    959 and Ferrari are both awesome cars, but the undeniable truth is that the F40 is faster and would win in a race. Period.

    BTW, for idiots that don't know, F40 has a twin turbo V8, not V12.
  18. Im not shure witch would win but it would be cool to see in a race oh yeah and my pic is a pic of the 959 my favourite car
  19. both cars are very fast, but each in their own way.

    the porker is a refined, somewhat comfotable teutonic high speeder.

    the ferrari on the other hand is the agressive, hard to control and flamboyant Italian.

    so it all depends on the way you like your rides actually... But I think the f40 will become a true classic and hold its value even better than the 959
  20. id take the f40
  21. well I would take the 959, because it is a car that i could drive everyday. The F40 may look better to me but I couldn't drive it everyday and would have to get another car for the times i couldn't drive it. And I don't have the money to go out and get another car after buing one of these, not that I can afford either of these. The 959 still has one of the most advanced 4 wheel drive systems even for todays standerds.
  22. i dont care if the f40 is faster. id take a 959 anyday.hell i'd probably take a 959 over a f50

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