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  1. well see both cars a fast as hell, but the F40 was made to bet the 959 so of course Ferrari are going try to make it faster, and the 959 has the a badass 4wheel-drives system. so the F40 may be a little faster in the 1/4 or 0-60, but you take the F40 and 959 to the racetrack and make the F40 turn and then you see who is faster then, so i choose the 959 brcaues i would rather take turns faster then just go down a 1/4 mile
  2. 959 all the way
  3. The F40 is faster in all respects, no matter how minor. The 959 is really a great car, but as people have pointed out, the 959 came out several years before the F40. When it comes to emotional attachment, it can go either way, and so I understand that people can like the 959 more than the F40. But it would be like arguing that the Carrera GT is faster than the Enzo. It just isn't, and no affinity one way or the other can affect that. And to the person who doubts that the 959 is really faster than the F40 around Fiorano but thought that the test driver would have intentionally not pushed as hard in the 959 so that the F40 would come out the winner, consider this: The F40 is made for Fiorano, and the 959 is not. Plus, the driver for both cars was the same, and he worked for a car magazine, not for Ferrari.
  6. the f40 is faster in any direction FACT!
  7. The 959 is more of a rally car. The F40 isn't. They're two different genres. But since you go there, I'd rather drive a rally car.
  8. i will take the F40,

    & ya its faster
  9. F40 is better.
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