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  1. Alot of the people who cannot believe that others own such cars are saying so because they are jealous that they cannot own one themselves. Where do you think all the Lamborghinis that are sold goto? And as someone has already is probably were alot of supercar owners come to. If you lie on the internet you are of course a fool though.
  2. hehe.......frazer, was machst du dir nur für einen stress

  3. Your friend named Ima F. N. Nobody i see.
  4. OMG u all suK!
    I am God himself. I live in a private island called Heaven and I have every car available. I use a McLaren f1 LM to go shopping at Home Depot, a Skyline R32, R33, R34 GTR I gave my grandkids, a custom Veilside r34 GTR being built and pimped out especially for me. I also have a Reseatti 600 GTR, a Ford Pinto GTR, and several Honda Civics. Finally I have a Ferrari Enzo tuned to 1625.678543 rwhp w/ quad turbos and NOS which will smoke you all. Plus, I have the ltimate power to get all you liars on here who claim they own Lambos ans Skylines and whatnot to Shut Ur Talking As*h*les and get a life.
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    ya know lambo owner, somethin actuallly makes me believe you. I seriously doubt half of you arre over 15 from the way you talk in these forums. ha ha.
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    I can't lie that I have such high end car! what I do own is a 1998 mercedes benz CLK GTR !

    1:18 model
  7. I might belive you, I am having a hard time making people belive that I have a 1992 honda accord ex

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