Re: a masterpiece of engineering. american cars suck

Discussion in '2000 Honda S2000' started by Honda rulez, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Hmm, do u know that ethe NSX is by far teh most reliable and comfortable exotic on teh planet? Just look at any car magazine for proof.

    How much does a Bentley cost? How much does a Rolls Royce cost? How much does........and, at last, how much does a Honda cost?
  2. But I'll tell you what the NSX doesn't have... pushrods. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  3. It doesn't need them neither
  4. Haha, why does it need pushrods?
  5. It doesn't, it's like if I was saying it need NOS
  6. Hey, how does NOS work?
  7. They could put some non functional ones in there. Sort of like a mustang with a non functional hood scoop.
  8. Its mostly water mixed with all kinds of other chemicals, mixes up with the gas and then you hear a boom and then your going to 100 mph in like 4 or 5 seconds
  9. Sounds cool to me! But how come it has somethign to do with nitrogen? When there are all sort of chemicals?
  10. The Nitrous Oxide has a high oxygen content that gives the engine a kick (similar to forced induction) because it is suddenly combusting a large amount of O2. Cars that run on nitromethane have a similar principle.
  11. and whats your point 120hp/l is still an accomplishment
  12. So are heated seats; I'm so jealous...
  13. Oh, now ic!
  14. I'm a wealth of useful information. Sometimes.
  15. Who's Brabham BT54?
  16. Yep, sometimes
  17. Everything's good in moderation. Except for SARS.
  18. Cough Cough......ahhh chooooooo!!!
  19. If you lived in Toronto like me, you would have just been quarenteened.
  20. luckily, i live in vancouver.
  21. Actually its really not as bad as the W.H.O. makes it out to be. I never worry about SARS.
  22. Im scared that it comes to Montreal
  23. Haha, and i'm going to hong kong this summer.
  24. overall, i would say american cars suck, but the ones i like, i love. like the camaro. my favorite camaro is a 1969 camaro z28 i love em. and the old 60s and 70s mustangs are awesome. but i hate the new ones (not the concepts) and corvettes are legendary. i read about a turbo charged corvette in car and driver that could hit 250 k/ph. and of course theres viper, i dont love them, in fact i find them annoying. but they are good cars. and what about vector? But i love the s2000 also, i love all hondas exept thos gay LOOKING honda si concept hatch backs.

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