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Discussion in '2000 Honda S2000' started by Honda rulez, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Those Honda Civic SIR aren't that bad, they're pretty good
  2. A turbo charged vette that could hit 250 kph? A stock one can hit 170 mph. What about the old 442s and Buick GSs?
  3. Uhh which stock vette can hit 170 mph
  4. A c5. They even had made a big deal about it when it first came out. They even had a television commercial about it.

    The 84 I have sucks. I top ended it at around 220 kph. Cross-Fire injection sucks.
  5. He some guy on this forum. Some guy named 'BIGDUMBASS' made a stupid post (as often happens) basicly saing that a Porsche or Ferrari or something sucked and this guy yelled at him. I found the quote to be truly inspiring and added it to my sig.
  6. I wonder if you are even from the US Skyline freak. US built cars are just as good as many of the others built around the world. Sadly, many forigners do not understand how we build our cars: Cheap, simple, and reliable. Though our refinement is not nearly as high as some Hondas and Toyotas, our cars have held their own for more than 100 years in our country, and have withstood gas shortages, safety lawsuits, and every forign compedator thrown at it. The simple fact is: Majority of the time it is just us Americans that will drive our own cars, and were more than happy with that. I remember a time when Nissan was thought of as cheap crappy cars, just as it was for Honda and Toyota for quite some time. If you dont like our cars, dont buy them...Its as simple as that, however most of us dont want to to hear you ***** about it either. Ive owned cars from may different counries, but the good ol American cars still fit me the best.
  7. No I dont live in the US, I Live in Canada and it has been prooven many many times that Japanese parts outlast American parts, If you dont believe me you can check yourself, Lets say for example the Toyota Camry, How many of those do you see on the roads and are still working perfectly fine and im talking about the 93 Camry and then let's take the 93 Sunfire, How many of those do you see on the roads? Toyota even said it, 83% of their 93 Camry's are still on the road, Im not trying to say in no way that American cars are built really badly but it's just that Honda, Toyota and Nissan have prooven themseleves more reliable then any car company
  8. LOL. yes those great American V8s. more than 5000cc and less than 300hp. ROTFL. americans dont know how to build engines... and sport cars.
  9. Im not saying that all the cars we're like that, It's only by reputation
  10. ok i know im a lil late on this 1 but for all u hp lovers out there what moves the car??? torque or hp both if ya wanna beocme a smart @$$ but the torque does atleast 90% of the work...and also if honda can make such a killer engine thats as big as an american engine y dont they do it....cuz they cant plain n simple C-A-N-T they will never make an engine w/the same displacement/configuration as an american car that can keep up
  11. Buddy, I've pushed my 1990 Civic Si MUCH MUCH harder in every area you've described, and it has over 230,000km (approx 150,000mi) on it.

    Three things I've learned - 1) it can go faster than the speedo says (which is 200km/h) 2) it can be run above the redline for extended periods without burning too much oil, and no discernable engine damage (compression is almost exactly what it came from the factory with) 3)while the suspension may provide phenomenal handling on pavement, it is not really durable, as through the punishment of a number of rally races I've worn out the ball joints, upper support arms, and have gone through 3 sets of struts...

    BTW - that's not very bright to drive 10,000mi without changing the oil (though I have to admit I've done the same, though that's because the local Honda dealership forgot to tell me that they hadn't changed the oil when I'd last taken it in for a tuneup)
  12. Personally I dislike Hondas. I have driven quite a few including the S2000 and Integra Type R and I found them to be a bit torqueless. That said they did have good amounts of very progressive power, until VTEC kicks in that is. As for other Jap cars they are some of the best in the world don't knock them.
  13. Drive the S2000 in the powerband, I found it to have astounding performance.
  14. 'Drive the S2000 in the powerband, I found it to have astounding performance. '

    I had one for a week and the majority of the time I did. However I found that standing starts and over-taking were a bit below par. But as I said in another post that is not its intended purpose.
    Hey how do use this thing to quote what others have said I'm new to this so I just copied and pasted.
  15. Yeah I did too, though I only got to drive it for a few hours, I did find that trying to overtake someone, or accelerate quickly was painfully sluggish, unless I did so at 6000+ rpm, so if I needed to pass someone on the highway, I downshifted from 4th (at 6000rpm) to 3rd (at 8000rpm), and man did it ever have kick, that's what I meant by astounding performance. That's also performance more akin to a racing engine than your typical road-going, reasonable torque, sports car engine. Passing someone at about 6000rpm was still reasonably fast, but you wouldn't want to go any lower than that.

    Most racing engines feel incredibly slow if run at low rpms (even an F1 car would, however they're programmed to idle at a minimum of 7000rpm - or somewhere around there).

    For overtaking and standing starts you need to start it at a relatively high rpm, then it will feel considerably above par - think about that the next time you drive one. And if you overtake or start at 6000+ rpm, you'll see what I mean about "astounding performance".

    As for quoting, I can't remember exactly, but I believe you need to have "member" status, rather than "new member" status, which you'll receive at about 50 posts (I think), but please don't spam just to bring your post count up.

    P.S. there is a screenshot below of the post options you should see when you have enough posts (click on the thumbnail to enlarge)
  16. Nevermind, the computers on this network at my school are not working right, and I still don't have an internet connection yet on my computer, so I cannot save a screen shot to post it, so here, the left column at the top of each post should have these as your options: Reply - Quote - Report ....once you have enough posts.
  17. Cheers mate,
  18. I beat one of these with a truck
  19. was there anybody in the drivers seat?


  20. Re: a masterpiece of engineering. american cars suck

    I am a little bit insecure,
    a little unconfident,
    'cause you don't understand, i do what i can,
    but sometimes it dont make sense.

    "To be is not to not to be, and To not be is to be"
  21. Good ol' Linkin Park, song fits Veight perfectly.
  22. i think theres different between sports and muscles

    muscle cars have low rpm redline, but horsepower and torque come out for u anytime

    sport cars have a higher rpm redline to get more horsepower, also easier to control(better handling), because the horsepower or torque dont rush out at once

    they are made for different purpose, so quit saying whatever cars suck

    have u ever liked a car that was said ugly by your friend???
    some people like the F1 feel like S2000, some people like power(the push back feeling) when u step hard on the gas
  23. S2000 doesnt suck, even GT3 revs to 8000rpm like S2000 to get a higher HP
    if u think GT3 sucks, than i agree than S2000 or V-TECH sucks
    rev the rpm to a higher level isnt a stupid idea
    think about it this way, if u know a car has potenial to get more HP from the same engine, will u like to have more power from the same engine??? or rather have a bigger displacement engine to get more HP
    usually when u tune up a car, the HP will increase, and so will the rpm

  24. Yeah, imagine a tuned s2000 who can increase more and more power...
    Yes, how you can think, there is an s2000 type-R of 280 HP...
    I have a video of that car going to 281 km/h, it's simply incredible what you can do with a 2.0L engine...

    So, dear fanatics of ugly truck, could you beat with your s*it 4.1second 0 to 100 km/h ?
    I know, but know put these cars on track, and see who win....

    Guys, I think you have nothing to say for that master piece of engineering... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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