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Discussion in '2000 Honda S2000' started by BMW Fan 356, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. I like european style and i own a nissan but you gotta hand it to the gt40.
  2. If your Accord can stand up to the best put out by the US, that means it can probably stand up to the best put out by Japan, and Europe. For sheer 1/4 mile acceleration the vette and the viper aren't far off of the mark. Look at the GNX, a buik for god's sake. Stock it would probably run with the best...until a turn.
  3. American cars are mostly good for drag racing, most of them cant even keep up on a race track unless the race track is pretty much straight but when comes a turn, its drama
  4. You are completely right. I have never seen the vette or viper ever perform well in the turns. The C5-R doesn't even have a steering wheel. It drag raced its way to a victory at lemans. Don't even get me started on the mosler and the saleen.

    I'll bet that a 60s Shelby Cobra will handle just as well as it acclerates (which is pretty damn good) and it uses 40 year old technology.
  5. I have to agree with you there, The Saleen is a car that you should never underestimate.

    The Shelby Cobra's from the 60's we're pretty damn good, But I wouldn't put my money on them if it was on a race track
  6. HP per liter is the biggest bullshit story of them all. It's really useless, and it only makes your car slower.
  7. Those Cobras could still give the sports cars of today a run for their money. 71 MPH ON A SLALOM!!?? IN THE 60'S?!! THAT'S FUCKING AMAZING!!!
  8. In a recent test, the 427, and i beleive the 289 Cobra as well, actually performed better overall than the Z06 and the Srt-10. Exept for top speed. They did well at LeMans in the sixties.
  9. It helps making large amount of hp with a relatively small engine, and it doesn't make ur car slower. A large engine with no hp will make ur car slower.

  10. The Str-10 isnt great at all, I find it pretty lame in other words
  11. Its funny 'cause its true.
  12. The car or the truck?
  13. Both, I dont like neither of them
  14. Whats wrong with them???
    Look how big the ram is. Imagine that doing 150 mph??? Thats a testiment to displacement right there. The srt-10s (car and truck) represent Dodge's attempt at gross overkill, with power, torque and diplacement. A throwback to how musclecars used to be (except for the handling).
  15. It's hot inside the cabin man! the big engine creates a lot of heat! I guess taht's why he doesn't like it.
  16. The simple solution is to get one of those beer hats that holds the cans of beer on either side that has the straws. That would be hardcore. I think thats Schumacher's secret...
  17. Haha, let me try it!
  18. I think I'm the only owner of a pickup in the world without one...or a flannel shirt.
  19. I've never seen those hats anywhere
  20. You need to watch the simpsons more.
  21. I already saw it on the Simpsons, but I mean in person
  22. no one quotes me here.... perhaps I hit a home-run with the only post here... HiT Me!
  23. Hidy ho neigborino

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