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  1. im sorry but the f1 lm handles exactly the same as this car in lateral g, and brakes better it goes 0 to 100 mph and back to 0 in 11.5 seconds, and no lambo can do that, and 0-100 mph is 6.7 over a second faster than this, and the downforce the mclaren can drive up side down at 100mph again the lambo cant at top speed. stop comparing
    these cars the mclaren is a better car in all categories that is why it costs more

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  2. in a straight line the f1 will win. on a road track it doesn't stand a chance. 1998 high speed test revield that the f1 is the fastest car, but it has tall gears, which means after it hits 100 it was one of the slowest accelerating cars from 110-150mph. the lambo has a gear box that allows for faster acceleration after 80mph. On a closed track a car with this much power rarely slows more than 50mph, that means it is geared for the track were as the f1 will slowly accelerate where the acceleration is needed most on the track. I cant say which one handles better because i havent driven ether one, but i know that after mario Andretti tested 10 cars for top speed he reported this car to be unstable.

    pit an f1 lm agenst a lambo gt and you got yourself a race.
  3. Yes it has a tiny rear end to help at handling, to lower moment of polar inertia. The fan assisted (illegal in most race series because it works so well) helps keep it stable and provides downforce. The rear spoiler pops out during braking to keep the car stable under braking (the diablos nose woud dip and lose all rear end grip). In a straight line the diablo may be able to out brake it, but the non-power brakes and rear spoiler would make the difference on the track. Look up polar moment of inertia in a physics text book and think about the F1 engine and transmission placement, then mentally compare that to the placement of the drivetrain from the muira to the diablo, and you will see my point. Also the suspension design was done by ex-F1 designers and ex-Lotus engineers. If they cant make a good suspension how can anyone else. <!-- Signature -->
  4. If you weren't aware, Mario Andretti (perhaps the one of the most experienced racers anywhere) commented on the handeling of the Mclaren F1 in R&T. He said first of all that the read end always wants to pull in front on the curves, and it prevented him from going into the curves at high speeds. Second of all, he said he was "surprised at how unstable the car is at high speeds. Very unstable." It has good aerodynamics, but has absolutely no down force!. Tiny back ends are not good for downforce. The Diablo has better aerodynamics (o.30 g on the 6 liter models) and has much more downforce than the Mclaren as well, and does not need to put out any electronical spoilers to add downforce. The Diablo has ABS, so it can control itself while braking. The only thing that is not in the favor of the Diablo for handeling is that it has a higher center of gravity. But no one has ever accused the Diablo of being unstable or having nasty back end habits.
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    <b>The F1 GTR is very different than the normal F1. much better handeling, lighter, much more torque; a lot faster. The LM is exactly the same car as the GTR, except without the air restrictors. It is very different than the regular F1. The F1 LM has done some amazing performance times (0-100 mph-0 is 11.7 seconds, so I'm told). The regular Mclaren F1's performance is a little less clear, but the only reliable tests show it's definately not nearly as fast as the LM and GTR. Yeah, the Diablo Jota R would be the best comparison to the Mclaren F1 LM; that would be a tight race!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    And the Diablo GT is lighter, better handling, more torque, and is faster than a normal Diablo. So I still say compare the LM to the Diablo GT.<!-- Signature -->
  6. The Diablo GT IS the normal version of the Diablo; it's just the replacement for the SV. Just to show you how similar the GT is to the SV in performance, consider this: The Diablo GT is not lighter than the SV. Lamborghini is wrong when they say it is. The Diablo has 45 more hp than the SV, and 20 more lb/ft of trorque. But It's the same car. The GT is only 0.2 seconds faster in 0-100 mph (8.0 vs. 8.2 seconds). It's only 5 seconds faster than the SV at the Nurburgring, which is an 8 min track!

    But in the case of the F1, not only does the LM version have 680 hp and 40 lb/ft. of torque more than the normal version and better suspension, but it's much ligher. Just to give an example of how much faster th LM is than the normal version, take the F1 GTR for example: it actually has LESS hp than the normal F1 at 600 hp because of the air restrictors. But it still accelerates much faster than the normal F1 and has a lot more downforce. It's a LeMans race car through and through. And the LM version is exactly the same as the GTR (in fact they are GTRs), except with the air restrictors removed, so it has more hp than any other version! That is REALLY fast!

    The Diablo GT is not a LeMans race car. The Diablo GTR is not even a LeMans race car. The Diablo SE Jota-R could be a LeMans competetor, though. I don't say this to argue, just to say what I think is a fair comparison.
  7. There's no doubt that the McLaren F1 is very very fast, but it's not like any car around can tear the Diablo GT into pieces.<!-- Signature -->

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