Re: all thats need is a 2 stage nos kit and a sony sound system

Discussion in '2000 Mazda RX-7 Type RZ' started by mkiv98, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. im only 14 year old, whats double clutching?
  2. Btw, y'all need to stop jocking the Fast and the Furious. Ya, it might not have been much of a movie but it's the only movie dedicated to street racing (even though it was only like one scene in the movie). Besides don't act like y'all didn't want to burn rubber after seeing that movie. Luckily for me my friend was driving in his '84 corolla.
  3. why don't we put a #$%#ing turbo, a nos, and make it kick everyones ass...
    then we can buy a new engine to replace the blown one...
  4. Hey custum hdt
    Are you Australian or where from? If you had that sort of setup you'd be doing pretty well on the strip. Have you had a chance to run any quaters yet?
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  5. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from noamericans</i>
    <b>why don't we put a #$%#ing turbo, a nos, and make it kick everyones ass...
    then we can buy a new engine to replace the blown one...</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
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  6. How dar you insult the car like that. mother #$%#er. I'd say, how about no Nitrous, #$%# sony because they suck, and get some real performance. What the #$%# are trying to say anyway. Nobody calls it a "Stage 2", #$%#in idiot.
  7. u suck,wannabe!!!i bet u dont know shit bout cars.<!-- Signature -->
  8. all thats need is a 2 stage nos kit and a sony sound system

    just like the one the fast and the furious
  9. forget the nos and sound, just strip all but the nessasary, dump the turbo's and fit a t5 hybrid turbo (good for 800bhp)
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  10. Bottles are for babies

    Dude you're a tool.. such a rice boy.. "Fast and the furious is coooool man!!!".. First off, if you can't make power out of this motor without nitrous then you shouldn't be touching a car. Second off, Fast and the Furious had some cool cars in it, but was a very cheesy movie, incredibly unrealistic and pathetic if you ask me. "Not double-clutching like you're supposed to".. give me a break, you don't double-clutch unless you're driving an old race car without synchros, and even then, you only really do it when you're downshifting. They just take a bunch of cool sounding words and use them to make the movie sound cool. It was a terrible disappointment if you ask me.
  11. tru, but for the average joe blow who doesnt even know what double clutching is, the nice cars and fast chases/races were kick ass

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  12. The only thing this car needs is a place in the US Mazda showrooms.
  13. also, why a sony sound system? Sony makes horrible car audio products, yeah they look cool, but they suck, their recievers skip all the time, and their subs well, Xplod, it's not only a name, it's a performance. Theur subs are awful. Why not get some infinity speakers, and a JL audio sub or two?
  14. First of all this car doesn't need nitrous, you're asking for it if you put it in, it'll blow the seals and your gaskets like you wouldn't believe, I've seen someone blowing a rotary up like that and it's not pretty, second of all Sony sells mass produced stuff, it's not top end, try getting a 3 or 4 Boston Acoustics or Focals with a pair of kicker 6×9's
  15. all you ppl dont know anything about this car it should not be striped of all the essentials all you have to do is install a trust T88 34D turbo rated at 900hp of flow and GTR intercooler upgrade injectors do some mild dowing new multi plate OSGIKEN clutch and then a decent gearbox like a hollinger 6spd and a twin stage direct port nitrous system and all this should be good for about 1000 rear wheel horse power and a sub 9 second time at the moment i am working on this project and have had the dyno rolling at 875.38 horse power without the nos!!
  16. Why are you even on this website if you think the movie Fast and Furious is some car-builder's gospel?
  17. Tight as #$%# hope they keep making em
  18. Would you people get over your #$%#ing NOS and turbo's with rediculous amounts of power. Sure, this shits cool for the track, but who's gonn use it on the road! cummon.

  19. First of all that car couldnt handle nitrous. In case most of you don't relise 98 percent of people with NOS have never used it. A. Because its expensive and B. because it will #$%# up your engine and cost a hell of alot of money to fix. Also for all you people that don't know already the fast and the ferious was a movie not real. That sceen where he kicks the shit out of the 355 with his supra is not real. The 355 is one of the best ferrari's to date on the track. There are world class car modifiers (RUF) who don't get the kind of numbers that you are talking about that you get with your bolt on parts. RUF takes the porsche turbo mod's it out and they don't get 800-900 horsepower. This is a $120,000 dollar car that then gets moded by RUF for another $100,000 and doesn't produce those numbers. You guys are in LALA land. Also "FOLEY" that is the stupidest car i have ever seen if i saw you on the road i would die laughing and the fact you think it is so cool is even sadder. And to answer your question YES they should stop making that car. So that guys like you don't do things like you did to that car.

    Your Car God
    Ferrari the undesputed king of Cars
  20. And oh yes Sony Car Audio sucks big time it just underlines your incompetence. A guy sees a movie and thinks he knows everything about cars.
  21. LOL riced and ridiculous
  22. Maaan I've been reading some of the posts on here and all you guys ever do is fight! Like, someone says something stupid, then everyone jumps on him and calls him an idiot and stuff... Or one guy says he can put NOS on an rx-7 then everyone else tells him he can't cuz he'll blow his engine. Hahaha if the guy's working on the project, let him work on it and when it's done, if it's successful, great, if not, at least he learns something about the car...

    And the fast and the furious? if the movie sucks so bad, why did everyone in here go to see it? maybe even more than once! I thought it was funny how they threw around all those terms and used a non-turbo eclipse, but it was a sweet movie - first of its kind!

    And I noticed someone mentioned Boston Acoustics - thanks my fav. speaker makers...

    Oh, and Ferrari, there are supras that can smoke any F355 for under $100,000. 600+ RWHP is not uncommon in modded supras... But personally, I'd rather own a Ferrari <IMG SRC="">
  23. Not a SONY sound system!!!

    Sony sucks...just put in a pair of Cerwin-Vega 12"s and a couple of Autotek amps....DEAFENING!!!<!-- Signature -->
  24. "fyi", the car in the Fast in the Furious (I assume you're refering to Vin Diesel's red RX-7) isn't "this car with some NOS and a sound system". Veilside is an aftermarket tuning company; they took a mid-90's US spec. RX-7 and put lots of cash into interior totally different that the one described here, exhaust, custom body work, rims, and yes, a NOS nitrous fuel injection system. Not really much like this particular new Japanese market RX-7, in actuality.
  25. Adi is right, Fast in the furious was a pretty good movie, Not the first of it's kind since it's a remake of the 1950s movie called fast and the furious. That supra in the movie would easily have chewed up that 355 since that supra had 650hp. Also The RX7 is pretty unlimited as to what you can do to it, Personally i'm not one for 1/4 mile times but these cars can be very quick in the quarter and still hold together.

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