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  1. The M5 is a family/luxury car that has a big engine with lot's of power. It's not meant to be compared to cars which are designed for the track.
  2. Grey Golem, you've set an example on how to post. There is a light at the end of the tunnel after all. Thank you.

    I tire of the nonsense on this forum... it's a Ford, therefore it has is homosexual... a Civic would be sexually assaulted by a Neon, because it's 0-60 is half a second quicker.

    On the subject of this car, the Xplod is too wide for the roads here in England, but I like it a lot.
  3. look to the cookie
    all you honda boys

    If we can stop fighting of what is better, and stop the pride of a car.

    Ok, first off, for those of you who go blasting Ford (quite a few of you), know that Ford is the 3rd Largest automaker IN THE WORLD. Toyota only beat it by a couple hundred thousand cars worldwide for the FIRST TIME EVER. In 04 Ford will take the #2 spot back, especially with its new F-150. And frankly, Toyota's (as well as Nissan's) attempt to outdo and outsell American pickups...pure shi*. Ive seen only TWO Nissan Titans on the road...ever. Compare that to the atleast 200 2004 F-150s I've seen so far. I mean, c'mon, Nissan brags about their "torque", their "horsepower", but does it mean jack-sh**? NO!. The Ford, WITH the less power hauls more ass than the Ttan and its mama combined!

    But this isnt a truck website, is it? No. So lets get down to the main course. All those people flaming Ford are talking out of their asses. Who kicked the crap out of Ferrari in the 60s on their own turf racing inferior and fewer cars? Ford. Who sells the MOST vehicles in the United States? Ford. Who sold 22,000 units of their pony car on its debuting day in 1964? Ford. Who holds the record for best selling car ever? Ford (the Falcon in the 50s). Who holds the record for the second best selling car ever? Ford (the MUSTANG!). Who sells the most trucks in the US? Ford. See, Ford is a quality consumer company. If the sales numbers dont prove how popular and good Ford is as a company then you've probably taken a few remedial classes in grammar school.

    As to rycers vs. muscle. This is what really gets me going. By popular demand, some fool is gonna tell me to shut up because a band of rycer boys got pissed, peed in their pants, and said they had to do somethin about this "wacko" who in truth is making perfect sense. Here we go:

    There IS no replacement for displacement. The power cannot be matched because by all logic anything put into a 4-banger 2 liter engine can be put into a big block with much more impressive results. Want examples? Read my forum signature, the legendary CAMMER. Then theres the 426 HEMI. Then there are the Cobra Jets. THEN there's the 440 6 pak. Then there are the GM engines, which were numerous. Mind you, all these engines were underrated (minus the CAMMER, but maybe that was too), so the majority of thse cranked out ALTEAST 450 horses, without forced induction. Imagine what kind of power could be cranked THEN.... And Ive said it before and I'll say it again, for those of you who think Americans cant build reliable engines, how many asian engines can run at 9000 RPM for literally 4, maybe even 5 hours straight? Thats right, FEW! NASCAR runs in the 9000 even 10,000 RPM range, using AMERICAN 5L engines. Another thing is that all them plastic rycers, ive seen MANY cases where a driver loses control (one reasons why they suck), hit a light post (they cant even stop before hitting anything, another reason they suck) and the lightpole goes RIGHT THROUGH the car killing basically everyone. In a word, they are DANGEROUS. Cuz they're so light, they gain lift and spin out, then making their brakes do more than they can (bad brake ratios, as much as 90% front, 10% rear, which is crap if yer going BACKWARDS after spinning out), and then crashing into something that will just obliterate them. Those Fast and Furious movies fail to highlight the fact that rycers cant stand up to a crash. And I know idiots will come in saying "carbon fiber is better than metal because its more rigid", and while that may be true, because its more rigid it'll SHATTER at higher speeds, providing NO protection from the body. And those crash tests done by the government put the cars going at 30 against a wall. Rycer idiots dont drive sanely. They go 90 headed for a light post which will slice the car in half like a pizza. So yes, they're highly unsafe. And as far as forced induction comes, all you fruits can say that you use 3 L twin turbos and get 700 horses. Well NASCAR uses 5 L's getting 800 horses NATURALLY ASPIRATED. BEAT THAT! Ya cant, can ya? Plus, comparing an old school Muscle car to a modern age stock honda S2000 is somewhat unfair because look at the tires. The S2000 runs ALTEAST 7 inchers where as if I were to bring back a 1970 Dodge Challenger stock itd be running with 6 inch tires at the most. Thats whats known as INFERIOR TECHNOLOGY. And the Challenger would probably STILL win. The only area where a rycer MIGHT beat a Muscle car is in suspension, but so many rycers are hatchbacks that no matter how stiff the suspension is, the car will still rollover if the driver attempts to take a turn at a high speed, so its pointless really. Consider all these facts and you'll realize that American Muscle is the way to go. Oh, one more thing. When you buy an American Muscle car, theres the lessened responsibility of getting a smog check. Rycers with illegal mods will HAVE to get smog checked by law where as muscle cars without illegal mods dont. Ironic isnt it?

    For the record, I didnt include Europeans in this for two reasons.
    1.) This topic is about AMERICAN MUSCLE vs. ryced out cracker boxes.
    2.) Most, NOT ALL, but most European cars with the power cost in a price range which 95% of the population cannot even afford.
  5. damn, that was some get stuff. and to settle this "Which automaker is the best" lets just agree and stop, stop as in "Stop being such a dumba$$, Ford RULES!!!"
  6. Wouldnt that be an insult to Mazda? I mean, after all, they make the Wanker Engines.
  7. mazdas cool, as are their engines for normal cars
  8. Lots of heat. Not much light.
  9. He's just an idiot.

    I can hear the stock cars racing at the 1/2 mile oval track about 4 miles away from my house...those engines are loud...but its a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery relaxing, soothing sound, hearing those engines rev up.

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