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Discussion in '1988 Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette' started by triebe614, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. If you are going to mention the Cadillac LMP, then why don't we bring in the Audi R8 it raced at Le Mans. I believe the Audi went 1-2-3 one year, and 1-2 the next. If my memory serves me correctly, didn't the Audi's beat the Cadillac by over 50 laps??? You can argue for days and days about which production car is better. It's the same as arguing religion, no one will ever agree, but look at those results. At a race, all under the same conditions, Audi dominated the field. Another thing, if Porsche was there, they probably would have handled the Audi's. Porsche holds the record for the most Le Mans victories as well as the longest streak of victories at about 8. I don't think anyone will ever agree that either American or European cars are better.
  2. Hey Vette1 I thought you were done talking to me!
    Go read a book drop out. Talk to me again when you've learned something.
  3. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from gsolinas</i>
    <b>A) Europe is much more densely populated than the States, they export their cars there because they are ordered from people who would rather be seen in a Ferrari than a Saleen.

    B) I could buy an F40 for $250,000 that is much better than the C5

    C) The 355 did earn the honour (in its class)

    D) Why the Beetle? Try the M3 instead.

    E) I drive an MR2 that has smoked numerous Mustangs and Camaros.

    F) Say what you want about Vipers in Texas…anyone who knows anything about cars would laugh at your comparison of the Viper to a Ferrari.

    G) Most powerful country in the world? Is this the same America that lefts Vietnam with their tail between their legs, please leave politics, economics, and military out of these forums…this is supposed to be about cars.

    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->


    I don't know why I'm still arguing with you, but I can't stand reading you're stupid comments without responding.

    Now first off, let me get this straight, people buy more Ferrari's then Saleen's because more people in the Sates prefer Ferrari over Saleen? Did you ever look into how expensive the S7 is? The fact that the S7 was limited in production quantity? Yes you will more likely see a Ferrari here in Canada or the US, but it's because they are much easier to get you're hands on (and I'm talking about such cars as the 360 Modena), do you even know how many Saleen dealerships there are here? Last I checked there is only one in Canada! That is not a fair comparison because with that argument I can say more people in England prefer a Porsche to a Mclaren.

    Next you "CLAIM!" you're MR2 can smoke Mustangs and Camaros? Which ones the V6 versions! That is hard to believe unless you're racing against guys who don't know how to drive or you've seriously modified you're car.

    Next, now you've brought up something interesting, though stupid, you feel comparing the Impala to the Beetle is unfair, why should it be compared to an M3? But if you want to, I really would like to know what is better about a 1996 M3 over a 1996 Impala, since we already do know the Impala is more powerful but the M3 has a much better interior. Personally I don't think they should be compared at all, BMW, Audi, Cadillac, Lexus, etc are luxury divisions, Chevy is not a luxury division!

    Now finally, I do agree with you on ONE THING, Will938 stop bringing in politics and war, this forum's not about that, but gsolinas I would stop trying to insult the USA, what country are you from again, I'm guessing Italy since you seem to be such a fan of that country. Well buddy there are not much nice things to say about what they did in both WW1 and WW2. So guys lets just drop it!

    Oh and Will938, the argument here is already done, this idiot now is just trying to avoid the topic, it said “Re: American cars can only drive straight”, which already has been proven over and over again to be wrong.
  4. Are you actually getting dumber? Blacks and the crime rate? You’re really running out of ideas aren’t you? Just out of curiosity how long does it take for you to twist around what I say? Because you’re turning it into an art form. Your trouble is you can’t keep your eye on the ball. That’s why you haven’t made sense throughout this conversation.

    Stop speaking world history to me, I have grandfathers and great grandfathers who fought in both those wars…so shut the #$%# up about it already, I’m better informed since I have first hand knowledge and school based knowledge on the subject. Want a famous battle, The Liberation of Rome, The Invasion of Sicily (or are you one of the morons that thinks that the USA was fighting against the Italians…you probably are so I’ll tell you they fought together against the Germans). Now please stop bringing up world history, your ignorance is pissing me off. This should be about cars for the last time.

    Next YOU brought up the Impala! Not me, and now you’re backing off because it’s another piece of shit taxi. By the way transam has how many cylinders? Golf has how many cylinders?
    Besides, for a topic concerning handling you’d think you would’ve strayed as far away as possible from the transam.

    Then you made it sound as if 360’s fall out of the sky, then you back off again. Make up your mind. You sound stupider with every new paragraph.

    I ask you for a list of 25 cars, you name 8, of which you have been constantly bringing up throughout the course of this conversation. All cars that I agreed were good cars mind you. Not the best, but good. When did I call the Saleen shit. Find me one time I trashed any of those cars. I made an observation that there are European cars that can outperform them. That is the truth whether or not you continue to avoid it.

    You say why compare one country to a whole continent? Name a country producing exotics and I’ll name the car they produce that outperforms your list of eight. UK Mclaren F1 Italy Lamborghini Coatl for example. But why bother…you’ll just bring up price or engine displacement and use it as an excuse (all the while calling me the crybaby).

    “I LIVE IN NORTH AMERICA, I think I'd know more than you.”…Where do you think I’m writing you from asshole? Toronto Ontario!

    “you buddy have some problem with American cars I cannot understand.”
    I love the Saleen but I don’t let that sway my recognition of the facts. IT’S NOT THE BEST CAR IN THE WORLD DAMMIT! Learn to face reality.

    Import lovers are always slamming American cars? As soon as the Veyron was mentioned the first thing I heard was “the sledgehammer is still faster”. Look at the Euro car forums on this site and you’ll read “the 800TT can take this”, “Porsches are gay”. Look around you you’re surrounded by ignorance…and you add to it.

    You completely avoided my challenge, which further proved my point. There are a HANDFUL of American cars that can do more than drive straight…but they are few and far between since most cars made in the States DO NOT. Was that in plain enough English for you?

    You don’t believe my MR2 smoked mustangs, I don’t care, I know it did.

    You don’t believe I can obtain an exotic for less, I don’t care, I know I can. But why do you continue to talk to me if you think I’m full of shit. Not that I need to impress your sorry ass, but for the record, a new 360 Spider here would cost you about $250,000US(roughly). I could’ve put it at your front door, within 2 weeks of your deposit for $145,000US. If you were a little less of an asshole I would’ve maybe provided you with the information needed. Now you can pay through the nose. Don’t believe me? Fine I don’t give a shit but remember I’m Italian…I have family in Modena. Who do you think has the better connection here? Or do you think you know more about that too? You seem to be such an expert on everything, despite the obvious fact that you haven’t proven shit to me since this conversation began (other than the fact that you are very set in your ways, very stubborn, and even blind).

    I asked before that you not respond immediately and take time to think of something intelligent to say. You failed. Instead you wrote me an essay full of repetition, regurgitation, and not a valid point in some 650 words. If I was one of your teachers in the USA, Canada, France, or wherever the hell else you think you acquired knowledge, you’d get an F. Could you please not subject me to another useless essay? If you have a valid point, make it, but leave your useless opinions to yourself. You’re not exactly adding quality to these pages anyway.

    I still haven’t used this line.
    It seems that everyone that disagrees with these guys is an “idiot” or a “crybaby”.
    I’ll say it again, Prove me wrong stupid.

    So in closing, incase you missed it AGAIN! USA has produced a HANDFUL of well handling production cars (not the best) but the average American performance car lacks the handling the average European sports car has. How can you still be arguing this when handling is what European cars are known for? Next you’re going to tell us that the Americans make a more fuel-efficient car than the Japanese. Do you really think the rest of the world is wrong and you’re right? Prove something or pull out of this conversation and save some face.

    I do agree on one thing…keep politics out of this discussion since you clearly don’t read history books or newspapers. “Europe isn’t fighting the war on terrorism”…a British person would be laughing quite hard at you.
    I’d like to thank Mclaren for the intelligent observations but know that they are wasted on a couple of guys who intentionally ignore the facts in order to believe that the United States actually produce better performance cars. They are stupid. If I was a racist I’d be saying how much better the F50 was than the Mclaren…but I’m not because I can accept the facts. I’m not completely convinced of something long before I look it up like some people on this forum.

    By the way I couldn’t help notice that you hyped US cars for some 20 postings even making your name Vette1 and then you announce you’re looking into a 360. Let me guess…the Vipers were all gone?…Jackoff

    You are full of shit! And so is your boyfriend.
  5. Sorry, I had to post under my friend's name (jcazz) because mine wasn't opening.
  6. Leave Bigblockbrawler alone...he doesn't know any better. The only vehicle he's ever driven is the van he lives in.<!-- Signature -->
  7. all american cars suck shit
  8. True, it's your opinion.
  9. Not surpised about those three but, your reply was pretty contradicting in terms.
  10. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from jcazz</i>
    <b>You are so original. Listen since all you're going to do is regurgitate what I write just click on quote and post this as your next message, at least you'll look smarter. </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Oh hell yeah! That one's a keeper. *You are so original. Listen since all you're going to do is regurgitate what I write just click on quote and post this as your next message, at least you'll look smarter.* Man, that one is going to kill at work! Thanks, again!
  11. "Did BigBlock just call someone dumb? Talk about the pot and the kettle. "

    Look idiot, if you're going to insult someone at least do it right.
  12. Actually the concepts have been tested. It might not be official but they have been tested. <!-- Signature -->
  13. You guys aren't even talking about this Corvette which is a steaming pile of crap!<!-- Signature -->
  14. "Because correct me if Im wrong doesnt Lotus have their own non-exotic cars they sell as well??"

    i didn't understand if that was sarcasm....lotus does sell non-exotic cars...the names proton
  15. Because NO ONE here has anything official. NO ONE.<!-- Signature -->
  16. 1. The Z06 has already beat the 360 Modena, NSX, and Carrera, if you want to whine about the 3 liter argument I'll argue about price.

    2. The Viper GTR tested against the Bugatti was eurospec., very underpowered.

    3. American cars that are come factory race spec. How about the GT-40, Viper GTS-R, Cadillac LMP, or C5R (which it based off of a production car unlike most Italian racers and still wins).

    4. This is a street car, it follows all D.O.T. regulations. It even has a radio and a/c.

    5. It was not a prototype, it was made for production. No one was interested in buying it.

    Give European car owners congratulations and their arrogance will be shown. Americans have contributed signifigantly to the automotive industry, yes we take a lot of pride in our work and I can see that Europeans do too. I'm not dissing anyone, but for people who say America can produce nothing but junk, look at history, look in your damn engine bay. Chances are some part of your engine was innovated by Americans.
  17. Inferior???

    ummmm, lets put it this way, I'll ask you this question what is the fastest production car that money can buy today???

    Give up, it's the MOSLER900TT, an American exotic!

    And what the hell do you mean they don't have specs?!
    Do you even know of what cars I'm talking about , the Saleen S7, the Callaway C12, the Mosler 900TT, YOU ARE SAYING THESE GREAT CARS ARE SHIT?! ARE YOU SERIOUSLY BRAIN DEAD!

    And buddy I'm not a Yankee, I personaly don't care for the USA, oh and try looking at some races little man, the Z06 and the 360 Modena are close in performance, and there have been races where the Z06 has won!

    You seriously need to learn to give respect where it's deserved, I'm not saying I think European cars are shit, I think they are amazing, but idiots like you need to learn that they arn't the only ones that can make exotic cars.

    Oh and a bit more for you're education the Porshe is not a V6!

    Now lets see you back up what you say, now lets get you're narrow mind to listen here...

    FIND PROOF, THAT THE THE Z06, THE C12, THE S7, OR THE 900TT CAN'T HANDLE TURNS?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Oh and you're own ignorent opinion does not count!
  18. Do you guys realize that every single time you submit something I manage to look smarter. I mention Production Exotics…you mention race cars, I mention cars that go between 380kph to 406kmh…you mention cars that hit at best 325kmh…some not even 300kmh. The Mosler MT900 is good for 245kmh, the Saleen S7 (which I like) is among the fastest of the bunch and still tops out at 322kmh…same with the C12. Even the GT40 which will have a 5.4 litre 32-valve supercharged and intercooled V8 will still only go 188mph/288kmh. A normally aspirated 355 can top that.

    And I am fully aware that the Porsche is an in line 6 but it was grouped together with an Acura NSX and I neglected to include both engine types. But the next time you feel the need to correct someone on a car…learn how to spell it. Its Porsche! With a C

    And I’ve seen the Vette beat a 360 too…it was on Car & Driver…AN AMERICAN PROGRAM!!!!

    And genius…in the same sentence that you had the nerve to call me an idiot you managed to miss-spell “aren’t”, then you called me ignorant and miss-spelled that too. Do yourself a favour and have your shit proof read. And I’m the foreign one.

    Since you mentioned price difference I'll give you a cliché "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR" Think about it.
  19. I can see that Vette1 needs a history book too. This is my last history lesson then I hope the stupid subject gets dropped:
    WW1-Italy killed Austria
    WW2-Italy overthrew its own Fascist Government and assisted the Allies in the defeat of Germany
    Now please drop this stupid subject! Just because I went to school and you didn’t doesn’t mean I should fill you in on what you missed.

    I’m sick of you white guys calling me an idiot when I’m yet to be proven wrong. And I’ve driven Impalas, I’ve driven M3s…if I need to explain to you how an M3 is better than an Impala you might very well be the stupidest person on this forum. Impalas are cabs for god sake!

    And you must think that getting a 360 is as easy as going to a dealership and ordering one but it isn’t. Considering demand you will (in many cases) have to prove that you are already a Ferrari owner just to be placed on a list. And if there are more dealerships for Ferrari than there are for Saleen it is because of the immense difference in demand. Now I’ll refer you back to my previous comment that more North Americans would rather be seen in a Ferrari than a Saleen.

    American cars can only drive straight is a fair comment (which I didn’t make but do agree with). Bringing up one or two exceptions simply to split hairs does not mean that American cars handle better than European cars. You are being very persistent in bringing up the same 2 cars that can be outperformed as a whole by some European cars. For all the hype I hear about the Sledgehammer I am yet to see tests that prove it can hold the road. But how am I supposed to prove to you that it can’t? You want me to personally test it…or do you really think that Road & Track or Car & Driver will say “American cars can’t hold the road”, how unrealistic are you?

    Take 50 Stock American Production cars and square them off against 50 stock European Production cars and I doubt if the American cars would emerge victorious more than 7 or 8 times. Why? Common knowledge, something you guys fail to recognize. You want to be geniuses prove me wrong. Don’t show me 2 or 3 good handling American cars…show me 20-25 the same way I could show you 20-25European cars right off the top of my head. Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Audi, every Lamborghini made after the Countach, Mclaren despite its crazy speeds, and Bugatti, among others are all cars that are not only known for speed but for superb handling. American cars are not! FACE THE FACTS!!!!! A handful of exceptions don’t make up for an entire industry!
    Did I touch on your topic enough that time asshole!

    Don’t respond immediately, pick up a magazine that isn’t North American and read what some other opinions are around the world…then give this topic a try again, because I guarantee I’m bringing much more background knowledge to this discussion than you are. Your pitiful comments have proven that time and time again.

    You like the Corvette, good for you but that doesn’t make it the best car in the world.

    And if it is so hard to believe that my MR2 can smoke Mustangs go to morpheus and download “MR2 smokes Cobra” so you can watch for yourself (no it’s not me but it should still be proof enough).

    Finally why am I stupid? For disagreeing with your completely biased opinions? That puts me ahead of you dumbass.

    @#%! you don’t post shit again until you have something intelligent to say.
  20. You think I'm telling you where to find Exotics for less? Go buy a Vette.
  21. Buddy I'll bet you any money I KNOW MORE ABOUT WW1 AND WW2 THAN YOU DO! (I've studied it in Canada, the US, England, and France. But little boy if you really want to argue with me on that lets exchange e-mails or find another place on a chat site, because I would love to set you in your place)
    WW1 Italy changed sides because the Allies offered them more, basically back stabbing their own allies.
    WW2 Yes Italy overthrew their own government (with major assistance), but what major battle did they participate in against the Axis?
    If you leave Italy and look at how others viewed Italy's part in those wars, you won't like it, part of reading history is not just reading the stuff that comes from you're own country.

    Next the comparison of M3 and Impala is STUPID, because they should not be compared against, but if you do want to yes an M3 is better, but you know what a TransAm is better then a Golf, that is how stupid you’re comparison was!

    Next LEARN TO READ! I didn't say getting a 360 Modena is easy to get (I'm looking into that now, planning in about 5 years so I would know), but what I said was that North Americans don't prefer Ferrari to Saleen, they order them more because a)It is cheaper and b)IT IS EASIER TO GET! My god you idiot listen to what I say "The S7, no matter how many orders gets put in, Saleen will only produce a limited amount!? It just like the Mclaren, they only planned to make so many, if Saleen produced a lower end exotic such as the 360 you would see more of them around, and buddy I LIVE IN NORTH AMERICA, I think I'd know more than you.

    Lets take a look at some great American cars, we have the Saleen S7, the Mosler M900 and the M900TT, we have the Callaway C12, the Ford GT40 and on the lower end we have such cars as the Corvette, the Viper, and the Mustang Cobra R. Now that is 8 cars that all have proven that they can go more then just on the straight line all these cars are raced on the track. Now why do you feel the need to bring in all of Europe, US is a single country why are using all of Europe?

    Next you're proof that an MR2 beats a Cobra is some video you found on Morpheus, LOL, yea I'm sure they were both stock right!

    And let me get this straight, you're saying I'm being biased?
    I don't recall saying anything bad about any car, you on the other hand have only said American cars are shit because they are American, example "Take 50 Stock American Production cars and square them off against 50 stock European Production cars and I doubt if the American cars would emerge victorious more than 7 or 8 times. Why? Common knowledge" this is a biased comment you idiot! That is almost as bad as saying black people commit all the crime because it’s common knowledge.

    Now lets get a couple things straight here, FIRST I'm not white, I'm south Asian.
    Next I don't hate European cars, but you buddy have some problem with American cars I cannot understand. You've provided no proof that American cars are shit (unless you make a STUPID comparison such as the Impala VS the M3). Buddy you are the one that is being the idiot here, because all you do is yap, and when someone brings you evidence you act like a cry baby saying that it's all been fixed by America because they put a gun to everybody’s head!

    Europe does have amazing cars, but so does the US, if you like one over the other fine that is you’re choice, but what people like you do is anytime they find a great performing American car they immediately start crying about! God get you’re head out of you’re ass for a change!

    (Oh and go find it myself unh, another way of saying you were just pulling more shit out of YOU’RE ASS!)
  22. American cars can only drive straight

    <!-- Signature -->
  23. Here's the part where you're supposed to say, "Except for those American cars that beat everything but Audi's in Lemans."
  24. I agree. I am sick of this dumb american pride. Am I really supposed to be impressed with this car. Its a prototype. I can't respect a car that never got produced. Its not a race car its not a street car. Here is a previous quote:
    "Its amazing how far a little American ignorance will go. How many of these ugly things exist? ONE! Its a prototype, you want to compare Vettes with the rest of the exotic car world pick an attainable one. Like the Z06 which wouldn't even hit 280kmh if you dropped it out of a plane. Any car manufacturer can produce 1 rocket...look at the production cars, not this shit. As it is the Bugatti Veyron will be good for 406kmh and that will be a production car, give them time, they'll hit 410kmh".
    Good for you Chev, now put something on the road.
  25. By the way. Am I the only one that noticed that the only Chevs, Dodges or Fords with any balls at all are always coproductions. If Shelby, Hennessey, and Callaway didn't improve American junk they wouldn't have any bragging rights at all...if they even do.

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