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  1. I havent heard of half of those cars. We don't get much up here in the great white north.

    Also ou counted wrong. You have to look back to the good old days of performance muscle cars. You will see lots. Also don't forget, GT40s, cobras, S7s and I think even the new shelbys. Lots of the newer pickups will boast lots of torque.
  2. yeah i cheated, kinda

    Toyota Century and Mitsubishi Proudia are only on sale in Japan, Nismo 400R was a very limited edition R33 Skyline. S202 is limited edition Scooby. Mazda Cosmo was an early 90s Lexus Soarer lookalike

    Are Saleen S7s on sale yet? Shelby Series 1s have 290lbft, does the optional supercharger not count as an aftermarket tuning affair?

    Of course, loads of the 60s muscle cars had 450-500lbft, but i was talking more about more recent cars.

    As for pickups, cant really count those in since theyre more commercial vehicle than 'car'
  3. U got some very good points there.
  4. Have a look at the Silverado SS concept. There is more corvette in there than truck. (please don't complain about it being a concept, i just want you to behold its grace and elegance.) I am pretty sure the supercharger is right from Shelby and so yes, stock. Don't forget companies like Panoz.
  5. the Silverado SS is a TRUCK, no doubt about it (a damn fine looking one though, it has to be said)

    I remember reading somewhere that the Shelby supercharger wasnt on sale in California because aftermarket superchargers are banned (which is the stupidest thing ive ever heard). Supercharged Mercs are fine coz theyre stock, the Shelby's is an optional extra.

    I wasnt aware that Panoz made any cars other than those powered by the old Cobra engine, 320hp/317lbft
  6. I was reffering to the SS being more truck than commercial vehicle. Sorry, I could have explained better. That's what my 'Black Silverado' is slowly becoming. I just need to get my whole front valence custom fabricated, and my bore and stroke to a 402 should be completed by summer.

    I think Panoz makes some weird roadster type thing. I don't know the numbers but I think its pretty fast. They also have the Esparente street version, but it kinda sucks ass.
  7. ok i got one thing to say, if there gonna compare the best focus, compare it to the best civic, the civic type R, dont compare it to the si and then claim that ford is better than honda, ive driven a CTR and a si, and the si seems like a lada compared to the ctr, id like to see a comparison on the ctr and the focus and see which one comes out on top

    str = 140 mph top speed, relatively quick accel, amazing handling, amazing braking
  8. Who cares? They're all front wheel drive anyway...
  9. I went to a car lot today, this guy carries some pretty top of the line cars. sittin at the front of the lot is a brand new Vette, but its got this odd exotic twist some comany name acolade? or something not sure of the name (HELP ANYONE??) they put different siddoors on and changed the complete look of the car it looks great. Oh and as for the famous question. NO, a Z06 will NOT beat a Porche 911 with the new stage 7 turbos or even a stage 4 for that matter. Us Americans make some great cars and the Z06 is one of them but give Porche there props the 911 truely is king of the road!
  10. A vette is naturally aspirated.
  11. And one hell of a lot cheaper than a 911. If you want to see a twin turbo vette, look at the LPE one, 9 second 1/4 mile, zero to sixty in 2.0 seconds.
  12. I would rather get the 911 GT3. Which laps the Nurburgring in less than 8 minutes.
  13. I think its better off you go for the Porsche, just because its a Porsche
  14. ahahahahahahahahaha oh god my sides hurt from reading that first paragraph...hahaha so true
  15. haha the statement american cars can't handle is more directed at muscle cars as far as american muscle goes i respect the z06 and that's about it

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