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Discussion in '2001 Pontiac Firebird Raptor Concept' started by greghourigan, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Why in hell do you people keep thinking this car's handeling sucks. firebirds handle better, actually, then many of the examples you use against this car. It is not a quarter mile only car. That is only when you have small tires on front, large ones in the back, and a big block jammed under the hood. IF FIREBIRDS DIDN'T HANDEL WELL, THEY WOULD HAVE NEVER MADE THE IROC SERIES THAT RACES FIREBIRDS ON NASCAR TRACKS.<!-- Signature -->
  3. sweet JESUS greg, you are really REALLY f-in' it up bro. where to start? how about slallom, greggy-poo, you have to use the same magazine sources for slallom mph cause they use different tests...2000 WS6 trans-am in MOTORTREND is 64.6 (which is much better than the 60 you gave it), Scrap000 in MOTORTREND is the 70.1, but in road and track, it's 65.9 mph which is where you got the trans am's mph. see how that works? and about the Z06, it was 67.1 in ROAD & TRACK compared to the Scrap000's 65.9 in ROAD & TRACK (see the pattern of same magazines?) so Scrap000 does not out slallom the Z06. and then the Ferrari 360 modena in R&T does 67.4...(DAMMIT! i brought up the 360 at random! why do i do that!) so that's one foot in your mouth.

    going for both feet now, how bout the Scrap000 being faster than the trans am in the 1/4? 98 trans am, not WS6 or firehawk, runs a 13.4 according to MOTORTREND (see how we are keeping with same magizine pattern thing? i figure i have to point this out to you every time you might miss it, much like how you miss everything else when it comes to cars.) and how about the 00 Scrap000? 13.8 in MOTORTREND (same mag...are you getting it yet?) which is in fact slower. 13.4 is less than 13.8 which is why you continue to be a moron...that's foot number 2 in your mouth...we are runnin' out of room in that big mouth of yours.

    and finally, just for kicks, lets see how far we can get those feet in down your throat...this is hilarious, i rolled, literally, on the floor laughing for 10 minutes at this statement of yours, and i quote, "the s2000 has been said to have the best shifter on the market. it also has a 6 speed, something the fire bird doesnt have." what is so rib-cracking hilarious about that? THE FIREBIRD DOES HAVE A 6 SPEED YOU MORON! what the CRAP is wrong with you?!? GM had the Borg-Warrner 6 Speed transmission in their 1989 corvette, that's even before the Ferrari 360 modena (SH*t! i did it again! i brought up the 360 modena at random! i must be a 15 year old dumbass like you, huh!) so how far have those feet gone? prolly out your ass like everything else you say.

    ps. i like it how you say, and i quote again, "not like the fire birds (transmission) where u have to put a good half ur body weight to frggn push the gear into first" AND YOU HAVE NEVER DRIVEN ONE! shut up shut up shut up!<!-- Signature -->
  4. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from greghourigan</i>
    <b><!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from LegendNH</i>
    <b>first off do not just say that this car sucks, if you want to say that back it up with some facts and not some crap you make up.

    Second this is one more example of an american car that could crush it's competition for about 1/3 the price. End of discussion</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->back it up with some facts? i have, in all of my posts in this stupid forum. everyone here has rediculous bias to nationistic pride and to their ugly ass fire birds. listen, i just posted a tonne of FACTS. look them up if u want to, the slalom speeds, 1/4 mile times and skid pad readings are all real. accept it, this isnt the greatest car ever made. not to mention this car doesnt even have one preformance stat listed. and seeing the engine is significantly bigger then the original and that it is also a convertable, i dont believe they are as heart stopping as u would think.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    k, more of the blowing it out your ass by greg, ITS THE SAME SIZE ENGINE!!!! just stroked...and i'm pretty sure you have NO idea what that is and no, i'm not going to explain it to you. maybe you should pick a new kind of forum to post at kid, cause you suck at this one.<!-- Signature -->
  5. It's sorta funny how non of u domestic fanatics knows what rev limiter is and yet you insult greg cuz he dont know one term. It's also interesting that all the ppl who like domestics back up their arguments with incoherant statements such as this "REDLINES AT 9!!!! REDLINE: CAN GO NO FASTER! YOU, STUPID, SAY REV LIMITER KICK IN AT 10! USE LOGIC, NO BE GAY."

    now remember kids NO BE GAY. btw wtf does that mean in sophisticated english?

    and about the firebird racing in nascar. nascar is stupid they go in circles for hours because that all the drivers can handle because theyre white trash redneck domestic fanatics such as you. if u want skill watch le mans
  6. ok dont group all domestic fans, i know exactly what a rev limiter is. Second I have backed up all of my posts with facts and logic unlike many people that support both domestics and imports. I gave Greg a hard time about the stroked motor because if he a had read the info on the car instead of just the stats he wouldn't have said something so retarded.

    As for LeMans and domestics not being able to handle, hmmmm. Can anyone tell me what car won the Lemans GTS class last season? Any one? Anyone? Ok i didnt think so so i will tell you. It was the CHEVROLET C5R. Chevrolet is domestic and still won, over porsche, BMW and all the rest in GTS class.

    Also just for your future information NASCAR is not only in circles they also do road courses, three a year. Granted it is not Lemans or CART but i will bet anything you want that any one of those drivers could out drive you any day of the week<!-- Signature -->
  7. Hey, Sh!tlicker or whatever your name is. First, I said "NO BE GAY" for comical effect. I also had to use the caps and the short sentances because apparently he can't read and kept telling me different things and being dumb. Third, I dont like NASCAR, its gay. I like GT racing, I like Le Mans.

    Note: You wanted to know what "NO BE GAY" really means, It means don't be yourself, because your a homosexual.


    Your my hero.

    The Fire Dept. <!-- Signature -->
  8. thank you<!-- Signature -->
  9. i find it funny that the ferrarri is so weak that its fans feel that they must pick on a car that costs much less and was built for different reasons. I own a 1991 z28 with some modifications. the car handles fairly well, well enough for the driving on the roads i see every day, im sorry if i dont know how the camaro handles at Laguna Seca with hairpin turns, but one also must take into account that my car cost me 2,500 2 years ago, it had no interior because of a fire and ive rebuilt the interior, and spent all my money on the drivetrain, engine, and suspension since then adding subframe connectors, performance brushing, and new A-Arms. the car has 326HP and 381 Ft/ Lbs of torque at the back tires, from 2000 rpms to redline the car never has less than 300 lbs of torque. with 3.73 gears the car easily runs mid 12s at the track near me (commerce) i live in Atlanta, also the car is a daily driver and i am a senior in high school. FIREBIRDS AND CAMAROS WERE BUILT TO OFFER CHEAP NECK-SNAPPING ACCELERATION AT A LOW COST, if you wanna compare your ferrari to something pick on something in your own price range, or dont as you will most likely lose. heck you could even compare your pussy ferrari to a corvette, or wait a SS camaro if you really wanted. just give me a 45,000 corvette Z06 and $110,000 to modify it. the corvette which is already awful close to the ferrari in handling performance, and most likely burns the ferrari in a strait line would then embarrass the Ferrari in all aspects.

  10. You people are insane. I don't want to say that a 360 Modena is in the same class as this car, but for the love of all things holy... The 360 can do better than 13.2 or 12.8 or 12.2... why? Because when a magazine does testing it doesn't want to tear the clutch up in a car that costs as much as a whole issue does to print. In fact, most testing is done RELETIVELY gently. Cars like the Diablo SV, Mclaren F1, Ferrari F50 and Modena all are rediculously expensive... that is why i defy you to find two sources that show the same 1/4 mi. or 0-60 time for any of them. Even this car... 540 hp + a 300 shot of nitrous?!? do you honestly think that even if you TRIED you could get consitant times with this car?! This car was made for a CAR SHOW, not drag racing where consistancy would be important... Therefore i say there is NO COMPARISON BETWEEN THIS CAR AND ANYTHING. It's not really a car. It's not a 'concept' that GM cooked up. It's 3rd party. It's a nice thought and for pete's sake leave it at that!

    BTW, a 360 Modena should do the 1/4 in anywhere 11.5-11.8 based on established formulas taking into account weight and horsepower. This does not include the impressive aerodynamics and gearbox efficiency it has.

    Also, using the same formulas, this Firebird should do 9's easily... Assuming you could get it to hook up (which you couldn't without big big slicks) ...and that a 300 shot of nitrous on a stroked motor somehow doesn't grenade the engine. Hey, it might work a few times IMHO.
  11. good points willman,gave me stuff to think about. firedebt, sorry but ur still an idiot:\
  12. I like Rice, I like Rice, I like Rice...... no I don't.

    Your dumb ya ca-ca face. You eat poopy. Do my posts keep getting deleted because they are to insulting and vulgar? It happens, I'm tired about arguing about this car, they need to post some new, interesting cars. NO THE SKYLINE DOESN'T COUNT.<!-- Signature -->
  13. Some1 said that there is no replacement for displacement. To this I say:
    Technology is the only substitute for cubic inches!<!-- Signature -->
  14. Now I am a big Audi fan, with my S4 and all, but I have to give it up to the American car designers. They can make some sick cars. I also just love that American muscle car sound and the raw torque. 540hp is also so ballsy. Well I definately buy a car like this, but get rid of the soft top, its the only thing that makes it look bad.
  15. technology can only immitate cubic inches. In the end the larger the motor the more potential that you have with it hands down period the end of story. If Technology was a replacement for displacement than NHRA would use turbo four cys and 6 cys with computer controll this and that, but no they use high displacement 502 c.i. motors with superchargers, not 2.6 L 6 cys and shit like that. So Tech nology comes no where close. Also you can put all the tech you want into a small motor and it will still never make the torque of a large disp motor, it just wont. And torque is very important to drag racing and any kind of racing for that matter.<!-- Signature -->
  16. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from thefiredept</i>
    <b>Ok wow, an S2000 can go 70 in the slalom....HORRAAAAAYYY!!!! It's gonna lose as soon as it hits a straight away. OOOOHHHH....the highest specific output of any engine, no one cares, because the engine is so damn small anyways(just like your penis). WOOOO HOOOO, 8,000 RPM rev limit, well it doesn't make power til 4, geez, you are dumb. Now, 3 reasons to pick a TA over an S2000, REASON NUMBER 1.....your penis doen't crawl up inside of your rectal cavity when you are handing over the check for a Trans-Am. REASON NUMBER TWO......540hp, compared to 200(again, your penis reaches maximum size of only .32 inches). REASON NUMBER 3.....Sure you can take the corner going fast, but you don't have the torque to launch out of it, why? Because you have an S2000. I'll even throw in a additional BONUS REASON for you. BONUS REASON.....Pontiac vs. Honda, might as well throw rice in the fuel tank followed by a healthy dose of soy sauce, because Honda's(very much like your penis)are small and very homosexual. Need I say More, No. Shiatsu, you really really are retarded.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    Wait, Wait Wait, to quote myself, an S2000 doesn't have the torque to launch out of a corner, why, cuz it is a 2.0L 4 banger.
    P.S Please Refer to my quote to insult you more.<!-- Signature -->
  17. For all the rice boys on this forum who hate anything domestic: Grow up. The BigWillman supports his shit with facts better than most. Generaly the only people who out and out hate all domestics are Americans 15-25 who are bent around the idea that muffler size and spoiler size=penis size. When pressed, half of them just raise their nose and say better gas milage (which is not really valid at all, once performance mods really start getting used.) or better handling (also VERY oversimplified) or the ever vauge argument that imports are more advanced technologicaly. Not one of these arguments applies to all imports or domestics. It is just too big a generalization. Rice boys seem to think they are superior because they consider anyone buying domestic a redneck. The arrogance is generally very amusing, but they are wasting too much of my time when it takes 2 seconds to read their posts.
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    Alright...i can only read this BS for so long. There is too much misinformation here...first of all stock f-bodies are low 13 second cars. Second...this car wouldn't just beat a 360 in the quarter would decimate it. On to other points...the ls1 engine is a technological marvel. Those who say it is ancient technology obviously know nothing about it. The LS1 is not just an aluminum small is a very advanced pushrod engine. Just because it has pushrods does not make it low tech. It may suprise some of you that the LS1 is actually very dimensionally small and weighs less then 500 pounds. You may also be surprised to know the LS1 in the f-bodies puts out the same hp as the one in the vette's...they both put out about 350 hp. They numbers for the f-bodies are very fact some make that at the wheels. The morgan motorsports engine in this concept will make that power reliably for years and it can handle the nitrous just fine. With nitrous this car makes 800+ hp...that is nothing to laugh at. As for magazine numbers...i wouldn't trust any of them...magazine racing is for people who never really race. Please put down the magazine and go to the will be surprised with what you learn. For instance my car is stock and i've run a best of 13.1 at 104...this from a 2000 WS6 Trans Am...who someone said runs 14's in the 1/4 mile and could be beat by an s2000. trans am will utterly embarrass a stock s2000...i know this because i have done it in person. Before you come on here talking trash about any car at least try and be knowledgable about it. You people through out magazine numbers as facts...when the fact is that the numbers are what they got in certain conditions. Conditions that are often detrimental to one car and beneficial to another. Anyone who is truely knowledable about cars knows that magazines mean please put them down...discontinue your subscription...and step onto the track.

    if you doubt anything i have said then go here:
  19. i would--ive driven the 360 and aside from its looks it isnt the greatest street car in the world ur giving it too much credit. u prolly just think that since its got a little ferrari symbol on the front it can smack up anything- well your wrong
  20. i think i would take one over a ferarri...but thats just me. adding 240hp to this car would definitly give it sub 4 second 0-60 times, i think you need to pull that dancing pony out of your ass and look at what you're dealing with.
  21. Ok, well let me add Twin Turbos to this car and lets see whats up. As for this car not being able to handle. Have you ever driven one? NO, I did'nt think so. So all you are is an ignorant r!cer that thinks american muscle is dead.
  22. You know american cars do have rev limiters also, its called a "govenor", now not all ppl who drive domestics are rednecks or trailer trash as you put it. All you are is a typical import driver who has been brainwashed by the movie world. As for NASCAR being dumb, thats your own opinion, as for La MAns, or cart, or F-1...All those races are is a damned parade, and thats my opinion.

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