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    <b>How many else are sick of all the American hypocrites on this site with their snobby remarks about their cars being the best, the cheapest and having no competition?

    Click this link and look at this post regarding the sledgehammer Corvette.

    Listen to what Am Car fan has to say on the fifth last post.

    "Do you really believe that a Buggati will put an end to this top speed? Even if they do, do you think that us Americans will let it stand? No. We will just make a faster car. Remember that this car is 14 years old and no car has surpassed it yet. That means that us Americans have had 14 extra years to improve on it if need be. Don't hate our cars because they are fast and agile."

    What a stupid comment and not the only one. I'm sure there are plenty more of those on this site.

    I mean it's all great how Yanks support cars coming from their country because it shows loyalty but COME ON!! Stop being so hypocritical and assume that the whole world revolves around the US and that it dominates the car market because it doesn't.

    People say this car's great because it's so cheap. I don't know how many times I've said that the only reason for this is because other cars are imported to the US. Take it from the point of view of another country and the Viper won't be as cheap. And I also disproved the Viper being cheap when I made the comment about the Skyline with Deug (who SvSi claims to be me) backing it up.

    This doesn't just go for the Vipers. People are comparing Corvettes to Modena's and saying how they're so much better and can nearly beat them for the fraction of the price. It doesn't occur to people that a Modena is an exotic meant to serve a purpose of luxury, looks and speed combined while the Corvette doesn't accomplish all those. Again, it's also imported making it much more expensive.

    Now watch this, the idiots are gonna come pouring in and start flaming me just because I'm telling the truth and they don't like it.
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Here are two examples of the reason I was pissed off. This post was the very first in the forum from which you found my post:

    quote from gsolinas:
    "Its amazing how far a little American ignorance will go. How many of these ugly things exist? ONE! Its a prototype, you want to compare Vettes with the rest of the exotic car world pick an attainable one. Like the Z06 which wouldn't even hit 280kmh if you dropped it out of a plane. Any car manufacturer can produce 1 rocket...look at the production cars, not this shit. As it is the Bugatti Veyron will be good for 406kmh and that will be a production car, give them time, they'll hit 410kmh. Can't top Italian engineering...sorry."

    here is another,
    quote from gsolinas:
    "By the way. Am I the only one that noticed that the only Chevs, Dodges or Fords with any balls at all are always coproductions. If Shelby, Hennessey, and Callaway didn't improve American junk they wouldn't have any bragging rights at all...if they even do."

    hmmm... patriot? Racist? Is he jealous of something? Is he anti-patriotic? Maybe he's just an asshole. I'll probably never know but this is just one person on the many forums that seems to have something against us Americans. Later on in that forum gsolinas, jcazz, cornu, and a few others go on about how America "ran from Vietnam with our tails between our legs" and how America was "useless in the two World Wars." I don't have anything against people and products from other countries, nor should you. I hope this helps you understand that your opinion about us "ignorant and arrogant Americans" is wrong.

    Also, Vette1, I liked what you said about the reason the Sledgehammer was made so much that I decided to save it knowing that it would come in handy eventually and it has a few times.

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