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  1. That’s what I thought. You had no credibility with me but now even your loyal followers should be doubting you. How could you blindly defend a car you’ve never even driven. At least I’ve driven Ferraris (not the F50, I can’t lie). But I’ve been in the GTS and driven the RT/10. In the GTS you better have the AC jacked because the cabin overheats a lot (so much for luxury and comfort). As for handling I only know what the driver told me (front heavy and unstable in corners) but I saw that for myself in the RT/10. I know you don’t care because I can’t prove it but I am going to drive them again this summer so I’ll be sure to have my camera handy. I’ll post the pictures of me in them.

    Read the post over again. “in some cases outdated” (ie. 355). BTW they were making GTS Vipers up until 2002, but the tests on the 355 were older weren‘t they? (except the F1 which was a 98-99).

    Where did I ever say that the Ferrari should win in all aspects? Don’t put words in my mouth. But winning in most aspects does still make it the better car shouldn’t it?

    When in doubt they all turn to price. Don’t you get bored of being told that those prices reflect hand crafted vs. assembly line construction.

    No I don’t think that engine size is the sole determinant in performance but it is a factor. And you know it.

    By the way the only reference I made to a change in displacement was when I mentioned the 2003s going up to 8.3 liters. Didn’t they? I’m pretty sure they did.

    But since you think R&T is the car bible here are some results you won’t like.

    Dodge Viper ACR (top of the line Dodge)
    0-60 4.4
    Slalom 63.6 mph
    estimated top speed 185 mph

    Ferrari 360 Modena (not top of the line Ferrari)
    0-60 4.3
    Slalom 67.4 mph
    estimated top speed 189.……………………………......R&T Sport & GT Cars March 2001 and 2002

    Doesn’t the ACR have like 10 more horses than the GTS you keep mentioning, plus it‘s lighter. See at least I’m mentioning your big guns, keep picking on the 355, that’s a measure of your faith in the Viper.

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  2. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from gsolinas</i>
    <b>That’s what I thought. You had no credibility with me but now even your loyal followers should be doubting you. How could you blindly defend a car you’ve never even driven. </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    Muhahahaha! This is so damn funny. I take issue with some of your claims about the Viper. And then you assume I "blindly defend" the Viper. LOL! Face it, your remarks about the Viper are totally stupid, and that's what I'm addressing. I could be goddamn Paul Mumford (who in a Touring 1 class Viper GTS just creamed Amir Rosenbaum's Unlimited Ferrari F40 in the Open Track Challenge racing series) or professional Viper driver Bobby Archer, and it STILL wouldn't make one bit of difference: you're STILL full of sh*it.

    "Loyal followers"? LMFAO! Just because they disagree with you on the Viper, they're somehow my loyal followers? It's not my fault they can see through the BS you're putting up here.

    '03 Viper? Who the f*uck is talking about the '03 Viper?! I asked you (for what, the 5th time now?): what's the difference between Gen I and Gen II Viper engines? Forget it, you're too stupid to know. And to stupid to figure out Lamborgini had very minimal impact on the Viper's engine. And that's the FIRST GEN Viper engine, to speak nothing of the Gen II.

    Funny, I don't recall R&T ever testing a Viper ACR.

    And let's see the proof that I'm 10 years old. You make the claim, you back it up. Otherwise, your claim is invalid. But what else is new?

    Viper's are handbuilt too, you know. Do you seriously think they come off the regular Dodge assembly line? You have no f*ucking clue.

    "...will from now on fall on deaf ears"
    LOL, will the <b>real</b> gsolinas please stand up?!
  3. Un altro che sta provando ad essere Italiano. Non perdere il tuo tempo, tanto non ti credo.
    And Meradur’s post proved that for every test out there there is another test that proves otherwise.
    I do agree though that the 550 is more of a Grand Touring car but it does have more top end power than the 360. No one denied that. Keep in mind though that I like to compare the Vipers to the F50 since they are both the top of the line models for their makes (at least until the F60 comes out).

    Guibo get the March 26 2001 issue of R&T Sport & GT Cars, the ACR is on the cover under the Z8.

    That Ferrari F40 that got “creamed” was made when? 1987. Wow, some accomplishment by Dodge.

    Evilinja I’m aware that the C5R is fast but it isn’t a road going car. And my June issue hasn’t come in yet but keep in mind that more than likely happened in testing. If it were to happen on the road it would be a different story.

    I’m going to correct myself though . The GTS has an 8.8 liter V10 according to R&T. Like 8.0 wasn’t enough of an advantage.

    And in response to one of Guibos bullshit posts referring to the Vipers superior braking over Ferraris R&T…your car bible, had this to say.

    Dodge Viper GTS…….60-0...155 ft
    Ferrari 360.…………..60-0...110 ft
    Ferrari 360 Spider……60-0...125 ft
    Ferrari 550 Maranello.60-0...112 ft
    Ferrari 550 Barchetta..60-0...122 ft

    Road & Track Sport & GT Cars March 12 2002

    How about some ABS? But then we’re saving money by driving the Viper so who needs to stop right?
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  4. BTW whoever posted that shit about the GT40s in the 60s should read up. Ferrari wasn’t even competing in every race due to financial troubles. That is why they pulled out. That is why the GT40 won 4 Lemans’. But Ferrari still won 9.
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  5. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from gsolinas</i>
    <b>That Ferrari F40 that got “creamed” was made when? 1987. Wow, some accomplishment by Dodge.

    Evilinja I’m aware that the C5R is fast but it isn’t a road going car. </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    Bwahahaha!!! Niether is that F40. You seriously think the F40 was stock? Notice I said it was in the Unlimited Class. Meaning it was on racing slicks (ie. ZERO tread), and basically had to be trailered in between events. It was also putting out over 500 horses by the way. The Viper was on street-legal tires and was driven from racetrack to racetrack.

    Brakes? The Viper has had ABS as standard since '01. You seriously think you're getting shortchanged on the Viper because it doesn't come with ABS? What a freakin' dolt!

    Even without ABS, the RT/10 in C&D had stopping distances that matched the 360 Modena. And outbraked the F50 by a pretty large margin. (Yes, this is the "little Viper" against the "big Ferrari", LMFAO!!!)
    Which is kinda strange when you consider:
    1) The Viper is some SEVEN HUNDRED pounds heavier than the F50.
    2) Its brakes are smaller than the F50's.
    3) The F50 has the more ideal weight distribution for hard braking.

    Yet, the RT/10 outbrakes the "big Ferrari". That's right, the heavier $70K Viper has better braking than the half-million dollar F50, both without ABS. Congrats!

    Now, check out the pic below. This is from MT, when the 360 Modena and Viper ACR were tested head to head on the same day with the same driver. The difference is only 4 feet. Again, that is the Viper without ABS. Think of what it could do with the addition of antilock. Think of what it could do to the F50, LOL.
  6. I still dont know why anyone would down this car its a great car....I could see if you had a better car then you could down it but since most people here dont some dont even drive nevermind own a car that could beat this... I dont have a problem with cars that arent from america i love Ferrari's and Lambo's there great but every time a nice car comes out from america you people come here and put it down.<!-- Signature -->
  7. Hey Guibo what do you mean exactly by "state of tune"?

    You are right in the fact that size is not everything. There is no replacement for displacement. A cylinder has a limit on how much power it can make, and the ONLY way to open up more potential and raise that limit is to make it bigger. Period...that is a scientific fact. However, other factors that determine the power output of an engine are camshaft/valvetrain configuration (camshaft type, valve lift, duration, lobe seperation angle, centerline, rocker ratio and valve timing), and cylinder head flow (combustion chamber design, port flow, valve sizes). Supporting players are the Intake system to feed all of this and an exhaust system to breathe it out.

    As for this gsolinas character, take a hike. You don't know jack about the technical aspects of cars so don't try arguing them with someone who does.<!-- Signature -->
  8. Take a hike? For someone who doesn't know jack I've done a good job of discrediting the so called "panel of experts".

    As for that F40 thing. You are right Guibo, it was babied and the Viper was not…LOL. You ignored the fact that it was built in 1987.

    Hey look another test from Motortrash. Keep believing Guibo, I know it suits you. But I’m staring at a test in R&T where the ACR stopped at 155 feet. And another where it stopped in 156 feet from 60mph. (R&T March 2001, and R&T March 2002). Get some back issues.
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  9. Wonderful. Call it Motortrash simply because it doesn't bow down to your Eurocentric/Tifosi snobbery.

    Was that Viper tested with ABS?

    Still waiting for those Euro Ferrari top speed tests...
  10. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from gsolinas</i>
    <b>As for that F40 thing. You are right Guibo, it was babied and the Viper was not…LOL. You ignored the fact that it was built in 1987.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    How do you know it was babied? Can you prove it? The guy certainly didn't baby it when he tried to beat Steve Beddor's Ruf CTR-2 at Nevada's Virginia City Hillclimb last year.
    But that was only one race. It appears the F40 is a bit fragile to withstand the rigors of 7 tracks in 7 days. LOL, a guy modifies an F40, throws some slicks on it, pays the fee to go racing (remember, this isn't a high peformance driving school),...and proceeds to "baby it". Your "reasoning" is totally unfathomable, gsolinas.
  11. Retard I was being sarcastic. But post in part 2 please. I too am sick of opening all this shit.

    There is a post there you'll like.

    BTW that F40 was built in 1987 in case you missed it before.<!-- Signature -->
  12. man u guys r funny. i dont get it why do u waste u time talking bout shit u dont even have even in your dreams. All u know is some damn statistics. I tell u what u can suck my d i c k and stop talking shit.
    some facts that the viper is not build for the race is simply a sellout. The viper is designed for the lower class so more ppl can aford to get some speed, but if u have the money u would get a PLATINUM HORSE or A RAGING BULL or other cars. a ferrari is a diferent class to this,from handling looks and performance. Listen dont u think ferrari or lambo can't put a twin or quad kkk which will easily make em to rockets but they already fast. When u see a viper u be like whoa and when u see a diablo or f50 u be like WHOOOOOAAA c what i mean.
    listen there is no point arguing bout cars every 1 has their own taste like every 1 has its own taste for p u s s y or d i c k some #%$gs so u never agree. This car can be easily killed by the 2.1L golf RSI which is 4WD no doubt will kill the 800TT and that is from a 2.1l engine now that is some engennering. If i had the money i get all em Supa cars like the SULLTAN OF BRUNEID have u seen his garage, now thats a real mothafuka.
    but i aint got that yes so im happy with my CORRADO which will suck most cars like i suck that p u s s y

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  13. the golf rsi will kill this

    supercars put that car here<!-- Signature -->
  14. The RSI Golf VW will eat this car easily on the track and real life
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  15. Haha and your a moron too.<!-- Signature -->
  16. i agree with swedenboy 100 percent
  17. No stock american car is worth a flying rats a$$
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    Let me add, The MPH is an astimate. ( ) Another note is the fact that if there was no such thing as an "american car" there most likley wouldn't be any other kind of car. One more thing I got to say is that this car costs $160,000 American is comparing with cars with 3 times or 5 times more money of the base price. But the 3 times less money makes you feel like the car would fall apart.
    I do myself though think American's are ignorant, I'm not a fan of Vipers but if ones passes by i'll try to get a glimpse of it.
    I am not picking anyones corner in this debate. I just said what I thought.
  19. Sveeden iz der gutensuken
    Americans are sometimes........

    I like swedish porn...look...
  20. i am sorry but i am agreeing with sweden, even though t5his cars is my dream the f-50 is quiker, but i have to say that the 2.43 on slicks was also in RAIN! not argueing but i think the rain might just affect the time to it ass well!!!!

  21. My post here is in regards to NSXVSESPIRITVSCORVETTE post saying this "Another note is the fact that if there was no such thing as an "american car" there most likley wouldn't be any other kind of car". The thing that I want to say is, what the hell are you talking about?

  22. ok, im not gonna quote or argue anyones comments, i just want to know what "americans are sometimes......" means. americans are sometimes wut?...... better? wurse? stupid? smart? what exactly was the point of this topic. ok, im american, im pretty sure our country is badass, we havent loss any fair fights yet. we top pretty much whatever is dished out from other countries. for this site being cars, in any class of vehicles, its been topped by an american built car, and is managed to be done by better build quality and about 1/5 or more, of the price of something by other countries.
  23. American's made the first car...
  24. No, they didn't. Mercedes made the first car. If you're thinking of Henry Ford, then you are sadly mistaken. Henry Ford simply made the car affordable by using the production line that he created.

  25. No, they didn't. The first person to make a car was Mercedes. If you thought that Henry Ford did then you are mistaken. He simply made the car affordable by making cars on the production line, which he created.


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