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  1. did you say we want to be the best i think your confused we are the best. second of all sweeden boy dont nock america beacause i dont see shit coming from sweeden ya #%$ i dare your #%$get ass to go up to one of the people from the american miltary and say something bad about ameica watch you #$%#ing ne ck get brokin right the on the #$%#ing spot shit id do it my self
  2. Well after hearing all the mumbo jumbo i still say that the Americans make the best supercars.
  3. Do they make the Dauer 962 ?
    The Edonis ?
    The Enzo ?
    The C12 ?
    The Carrera GT ?
    The Murcielago ?
    The Cerbera Speed 12 ?
    The Tuscan R ?
    The Exige ?
    The Vanquish ?
  4. we don't care of italian cars because they are of very bad quality and they are rust buckets.English cars are cool but i find their design not enough agressive. And here is a warning and a questio to ya GSOLINAS and to ya JCJAZZ. why do you come on this forum if it is only to post trash? ANSWER!!!! OTHERWISE GO IN YOUR NARROW MINDED BITCHY FERRARI FORUMS! AM I ENOUGH CLEAR? NOW **** OFF!
  5. No, we make the:

    The Viper, Corvette and S7 all stand out from those cars because 1. They are inexpensive 2. They are not only fast, these three also handle VERY well and exelerate very quickly. I'm not saying that I don't like any of those cars you named because I do, but I don't see why you don't like these here that I have named. They are just as fast and handle just as well and cost about a third of the price because they decided to go with the lo-tech big engine design. No problem there. Expand your mind to new horizons jk <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>.
  6. I don't see how you get off bringing up the RT/10 against any of your quarter million dollar phalics. With that kind of money a dodge neon could smoke you in the quarter, little lone a Superbird, and that was before you wannabees knew what power even was ;P
  7. Sur ce coup là t'as de la chance que je ne t'ai pas eu en face.

    Qd un connard écris de la merde je réponds , que ça te plaise ou non.
  8. "Corners" , "braking" , check the meaning of these words.
  9. deug ,c gsolinas et l'autre abruti qui sont venus foutre la merde ici, moi je ne permettrais jamais de foutre la merde sur un forum. si il aime pas la viper il a qu'à pas venir ici l'ami gsoline et son pote aussi. je sais j'aurais pas du insulter ferrari mais quand on insulte mes voitures je reponds de même. respect et admiration pour tvr néanmoins.
    allez à + et pacifiquement
    426 hemi
  10. Swedenboy is completely right, americans cars are bullshit.
    Americans dont seem to understand that bigger isnt always better, look at a F1 engine, 200, a 2002 viper's 505, the F1 engine has almost twice the hp... Swedenboy u brought up a good point, spread it!
  12. good point, bt how long wouldan f1 engine last tn a viper's?
  13. good point, bt how long wouldan f1 engine last tn a viper's?

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  14. who needs that shit when u got American muscle...
  15. exactly good reply.
  16. Ok , c oublié.

    PS : mon prénom est Charles , ça évite de s'appeler par des pseudos.
  17. What is your major disfunction...?
    Talk in ENGLISH...please.
  18. moi je m'appele georges

    ok alors a + charles et bonne journée<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  19. bluey, i will explain ya what the problem was. a guy calles gsolinas and his friend jc jazz were bitchin the forum and posting crap in this forum so i told that their pimp cars (ferraris and lambos) were crap and that english cars were not enough agressive. deug in the sky didn't like that i criticize tvr so i apologize towards him but i said him that if people are not happy there they can go in other forums.
  20. Americans are sometimes... twats? pricks? arseholes? take your pick

    426 hemistage, or whatever your name is, tvrs kick the arse of any american cars. this dodge SUCKS! stick that in your fatburger and consume it.

    ps. this is great. better than a soap opera. keep it up guys (if your diet hasn't made you unable to)
  21. There is no road going, street legal TVR that will match this car. At least, I haven't heard of it. If you know of it, please post the article and test results. Thank you.
  22. why would you write that the TVR can beat any american car?
    the viper 800tt could beat the TVR at the drag strip
    venom 800 0-60<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>bout 3 seconds on REGULAR street tires
    TVR 0-60:3.5

    and at the track, i think the venoms' 75mph slalom, 60-0 braking in 110ft, and 1.05g's on the skidpad by far beats whatever the TVR does or will ever do on a track.

    The TVR's did not kick the ass of the Vipers at LeMans either. They lost, lost big time and then withdrew. The Vipers won LeMans 4 years straight, sometimes taking all the top positions.

    The TVR's are a dream, the Vipers are the reality. The TVR's can go to LeMans any time they want but they haven't because they have had their ass kicked time and again. Keep dreaming.
  23. just to spread the debate a bit, has anyone got figures for a blitz skyline on slicks? i think, at least on acceleration, that it would keep up with the dodge.

    also, the dauer 962 wups any car on supercars in almost any department. European is best!
  24. How much is the Dauer 962 again?

    A Skyline went up against a mostly stock Dodge Viper in last year's One Lap of American racing series. It posed no challenge to the Viper. It bowed out due to turbo problems, and the team continued on with an S2000 (which also bowed out due to engine problems before the end of the series).

    A Dodge Viper ACR with only about 530 horses (all motor, no forced induction) just went up against a 600-hp Skyline in Sport Compact Car's Ultimate Street Car Challenge. The Skyline was quicker in the drags, but come the roadcourse, it was 7 seconds slower than the Viper. LOL.
  25. get lost you redneck hobo. stock skylines wup the vipers ass around one of the only courses that cxount, nurburgring. anyway, i wasn't even talking about racing you retard

    i gotta film for ya! a fridge too far

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