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Discussion in '1966 Dodge D/Dart Super Stock' started by Type GT, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. another domestic crap

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  2. Ok, payton, here's whats wrong with this hunk of crap . . .
    1)It looks like a brick and couldn't possibly handle as well.
    2)Even though it's a truck, you wouldn't be able to do any work with it because at 2268kg, it'll melt the f***ing engine if you rev it that much.
    3)It'll cost a shit-tin and guzzle fuel at an absolutely stupid rate.
    4)I've heard cost estimates from 35k to 60k US, and I don't know for a fact, but chances are it'd be closer to 60k, meaning for a much lower price tag, you could get a Skyline R34 GTR, a Lancer EVO VI, a Honda NSX, a Subaru WRX, or a Toyota Supra RZ, and do them up to the point that this pile a scrap metal wouldn't have a chance of beating them without a 300m head start, and even then, it'd be close.
    And by the way, I did intentionally mention only Japanese cars in my above list, because they're the only ones who know's what it means to have performance at worthwhile prices. You stupid American rednecks really have to learn a thing or two about car manufacturing.<!-- Signature -->
  3. you are an idiot compare cars with cars and trucks with truck
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  4. This guy that started this forum, who obviously can't speak english very well (another domestic crap?) started an exact same thread on a viper forum. Dont even bother with him.
  5. Yo bowdown, hows about comparing sports cars to sports cars, and let the trucks go up against other trucks. Supra vs SRT... you retard.<!-- Signature -->
  6. This is crap?
    WTF you talkin about?
    It looks good... It preforms better than many sports cars out there... whats wrong wit it?

    Its made by an American car company? Is that it?
    Go suck a dick...
  7. This forum is just flat out sad..... I mean the dodge ram SRT-10 could hold its own against the NSX its handling is damn good for a truck without a aero-mod and that engine has an aluminum block so it would be very hard to overheat and look at the freggin grill! its huge and if you look a few years back the same thing was done with the 1500 of the damn time using a viper engine and low and behold NO PROBLEMS WERE ENCOUNTERED WITH THE FACTORY SET-UP, if you look into the reviews of the standard 2003 RAM 1500 you'll also find that its braking system and suspension are better than some sports cars now the SRT-10 has been modified to accomidate the larger engine DO THE DAMN MATH.
  8. the problum, bowdown, is that you are too busy wacking off to lambo posters and dont know shit about cars. this thing will not overheat it has an alum. block and a huge ass radiator. yeah it might not be able to haul that much in the back but it can tow a decent amount, but thats not what the truck is about anyways. thats the same thing as bitching because yer lambo doesnt have enought room for your wife, kids, and groceries. This should handle pretty well for a truck, maybe not as good as a lightning, but decent.
    Get yer facts straight
  9. bowdown ur lucky ur not in america cuz if u were i would kick ass back to were ever the hell ur from, u cant compare a car to a truck, n u talk about peformance at a price, the diablo thats a real good value at around 1/2 a mil. the vette, the viper, the only things that matter wen ur talking performance per price, p.s #$%# u

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