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Discussion in '2001 Hyundai H6CD Roadster Concept' started by NISMOMAN, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Musso and Rexton

    Rexton has pretty nice interior, but it looks a little out of porpotion, Musso is just an ugly brick, real ugly and i don't think anybody would buy a Musso in the state.

    p.s Rexton and Musso are both powered by Benz.
  2. Anybody look at the newest stats on Hyundai? Here in the Us.. they are tied for second place in reliability... who is number one? It is not honda, but Toyota.. Honda gets the distinction of being tied with Hyundai for number two.

    I own an older first gen tiburon coupe.. great little car that has given me NO trouble in 80,000 miles since new. For about the same price as a honda civic ex.. I have a styish coupe that can will blow the doors off of said civic.. that is if both are stock.

    Honda does have a jump on hyundai in the modding department, but hyundai is catching up. There are a few 400hp turbo tiburon's roaming the streets.. The nerdy little kid on the block is pumping up and looking better and better.
  3. car guy 1286 don't speak man

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