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Discussion in '1994 Ford Mustang GT' started by civic people, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. you call this "sport car"?
    first of all, american company only care the inside, but not the out side. The engine was good, but the body is too ugly.
    it looks more like a old car
  2. awsome car

    I have one of these and let me tell you they are amazing I love this carso much's an affordable sprots car I love it
  3. i have to admit, its a mustang, but other models have looked a little better than this, it isn't butt ugly, but it sure could use some improvement
  4. ok if your name means you own a civic then you should not be talking.....and how is a mustang not a sports car and go look at one they look damn sweet
  5. rustang

    hah, i can't help but laugh. A sports car, by ford's definition. Its a rustang. It may be okay at quarter mile, 0-60 and decent torque, but its still a stang. you can blast imports, but it takes u 5.0 liters and the best you can do is 215 horses. In 1994, thats POS. You give a Japanese company a 5.oL V8, and they'll pull out no less than 300HP. The new Maxima's have 260 horses out of a 3.5L V6. The new Altima's have 240 horses out of a 3.5L V6 and do 0-60 in 6.3 and 1/4 mile in 14.1. Show me a Ford family sedan that can do that. The new Z350 has 300 HP from a normally aspirated 3.5L V6. The new Q45 has 345 HP from a 4.5L V8, and thats a luxo car. ford will never get the concept of pulling big power from a little motor. Hell, they can't even pull out big power from a 5.0L V8(with the exception of the truly magnificent Cobra R which has my full respect)(and the Lightning which is awesome)! You pull out a measly 43.5 HP/L and have the guts to call this a sports car. It can't handle worth crap, and lasts maybe 8 years tops. Yeah, u may have torque, but thats it. The cars interior is crap, and this will never be a world class sports car. And you think this car has style, weird defintion of style you havem lol. i will give u this, its affordable, the resale prices are so darn cheap, no wonder every teenager around the block has one.<!-- Signature -->
  6. Well, call it what you want, sports car, sports coupe, muscle car, etc., its still a sweet car. Don't let the poster (theace) above let you get the wrong idea.

  7. to 94stang5L

    I'm only here on the stang forum cuz 94stang5L had the guts to come to the Z forum and blast the 300ZX. I have yet to be beat by a stang(i haven't raced any new GT's yet) but then again have u ever raced a TT 300XZ? Also, lets meet at a track sometime, with my slight mods, i could match if not beat ur 0-60 time(assuming ur stock). i've only had the car 6 months to mod it, but i could hold with you now, assuming ur stock. Also, a 1994 215 Hp from the factory is VERY WEAK especially from a V8. a 10 yr old 3.0L V6 puts out more(222HP). Well gees, of course aftermarket fixes that, there's nothing nitrous, turbos, or supercharger can't do. A TT Z could easily put out 650+HP. who can't? An NA Z could put out 380+HP. And of course, stang parts are cheap, there are so many of them, every kid down the street has one, with their loud flowmasters which don't really give them much HP if any. And as far as reliability, the NA Z motors are known for lasting 200,000 miles with no trouble. And u say a stang can handle, WOW, r u sure? A Z will smoke a rustang in the twisties. you don't stand a chance against a Z in handling. Take a Z and a stang to the autocross and see what happens. Z can handle right along side a supra or RX-7, a stang will get eaten alive in a turn by any of those cars.
    QUOTE: "I don't know why people think stangs are not reliable cars?"
    Maybe its cuz they aren't!!! you may have good experiences wiht ur car, but i've met many stang owners, who've had tons of trouble.
    Also, it takes more than some winnings in SCCA to make a world class sports car. The Z (from the 240Z to the 300ZX TT) is well known around the world, in japan(duh), Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and America. Nobody in a foreign country wants a rustang, I wonder why. Also, V8 thunder may sound nice, to some, I guess ur the type who sticks Flowmasters on jacked up SUV's just cuz they sound cool. And my stainless steel cat-back exhaust actually sounds very nice with a very deep tone, I've got nothing but compliments from people. Even the stangs turn to see my car when the hear me pull off from a light. So next time you go blast a true sports car like the 300ZX, think about it first, then think about what u drive. i can't help it if ur jealous, cuz u got smoked by a TTZ or even a slightly modded NA. <!-- Signature -->
  8. Re: to 94stang5L

    First of all you keep saying that the hp/L is terrible..The purpose of a High capacity engine is to give a higher torque......that's why Impoet engines are starved for torque.... look at the Viper it has an 8L V10....and only puts out 450 hp but has 490 lb/ft of torque....why don't you start bashing the viper now......And flowmaster is a bad exhaust ok you can put bad parts on any car go throw a Borla exhaust system on a stang that's were you get the real power.....and a mustang can handle amazing it is one of the best track car there is people think because of all that torque it handles bad well it's actually quite the opposite the torque gets you out of the corners even faster....... And why are you saying a 300 zx TT would hold it's own against Supra's and Rx-7's ....A supraTT runs in the 13's and a 300zx runs in the 15's the a giant difference ...I know those cars would kill a stang but a stang is as fast as the 300zx your little N/A would get slaughtered!! As far as Japan's supercars go the 300zx is the slowest the facts are all there!
  9. Re: rustang

    well remember this car is 7 years old now so don't compare to all these new cars....look at the new Gt's they have 260hp and 302 lb/ft of torque in a 4.6L.....and actually these cars weren't that expensive to begin with that's why they are cheap now....oh yeah and mine is 7 years old and there has never been a problem with it once...
    and if your calling Maxima's and Altima's sports cars that's pathetic...A grand Prix GTP is really fast and hanldes better the most cars sport cars do but it ain't no sports car.....a sports car is a 2dr not every 2 dr just one's that give good performance ......even an M5 is considered a sports sedan( and the best sprots sedan by far).....and I don't know if you've ever driven a Mustang but with the exception of winter conditions this car handles extremly well you just have to know how to drive properly...
    And looks if your idea of good looks is a maxima your on crack (the front end is terrible the back is nice though)....and if every teenager has one than you must have so freaking wealth teens where you live good most teens I know drive 1990 or older vehicles
  10. Re: rustang

    oh one last thing the Gt is the car designed to have aftermarket parts out in....(all saleens are GT's to begin with)....I'd like to see which car could produce more power with aftermarket parts...that's the whole point of the 5.0L so there is plenty of room to turn these cars into aftermarket what I plan to do making mine into a 400+hp supercharged saleen!
  11. ah men to that brother.....Mine's a Blue 94 GT 5spd....I have a viper alarm panosonic deck and seat belt covers on it....more will come I've only had it for less then a month. I hope to one day turn it into a saleen.......yours?
  12. 94stang5L

    hey man, no offense, i usually don't post things, like "..this car suck, etc." I just couldn't let you slide after what you said on the 300Zx forum. I mean, gees, if u go around blasting cars, u get blasted too. the GT still has a very poor BHP/L rating. <!-- Signature -->
  13. 94stang5L

    OBVIOUSLY U'VE NEVER RACED A 300ZX TT. In the March 1995 issue of Motor Trend, they tested a TT 300ZX which ran 0-60 in 5.5 seconds and the 1.4 mile in a 13.9 at 102.0 mph, the 1990 model was just as fast. Therefore, it would more than smoke ur car. The 99 Ford Stang GT tested by Motor Trend ran 0-60 in 5.4 seconds and hit the 1/4 mile in 14.0 at 100.2 mph. So you have a difference of almost 10 years and no difference in speed. WOW, I wonder which car was 10 yrs ahead of its time. The Z is a sweet car, whehter u believe it or not, so don't go blasting cars which u don't even compare with. Oh, yeah, that 0.1 second advantage the new GT has means nothing, it still gets beat in the 1.4 mile and thats cuz the z takes time to get all the HP goin, turbos have to spool up and the power shines at higher speeds. So, obviously the Z is right there with Supra and and RX-7. Supra is the fastest though. Also, with about $1500 in mods, the Z is at 400HP. Does $1500 in mods get ur 94 GT up to 400HP????? Don't go around blasting cars u doan even compare with. <!-- Signature -->
  14. Re: 94stang5L

    actually dummy $1500 supercharger and there 400+ hp....and how come on this website and both have the 1990 300zx in the 15's on the quarter mile...and what about torque does your car have any well a little...
  15. Why are you comparing a 300zx TT to a stock Mustang GT? You'll be had pressed to find any completely stock '94 mustangs these days. Yeah for the $11,000+ price difference (when they were new) I would sure hope it would perform a little better than a stock GT. For $11,000+ do you have any idea what you can do with a Mustang? Also a 13.9 in the 1/4 is NOT very impressive at all for a much smaller car with twin turbos. The N/A 300 is just downright SLOW. My car is still N/A and I've run a best of 13.57s @ 103.2mph with bolt-ons. Think about it; lets just say - $5000 in engine mods (includes installation), $2000 in the suspension (if cornering is your thing) and you've got a car that can EASILY wax a 300zxTT AND be at $4000 less than the stock 300zxTT. Just because Mustangs are affordable and popular doesn't mean they can't perform. I don't see anyone bashing the 300zx?? It WAS a nice car until production was stopped. It just depends on what you want - if you want good performance for a bargain, Mustang is great. If you have plenty of money or want to keep you're car stock, a 300zx is not bad. I perfer the performance and think that modifying is half the fun. BTW - I HAVE beaten a 300zxTT ;-). Just think about it and quit bashing.

  16. Re: 94stang5L

    I don't even have a problem with 300zx's it's just 300zx maniak came on and said a mustang wasn't a sprots car well it is and a sweet one at that
  17. Re: 94stang5L

    well... i think mustangs suck... and if u think they make it with that hp because of the tuneability of the car u r #$%#ing wrong..............
    if u take a EVO 7, it has an inline 4, isn't that a highly tuneable car? even though it has turbo?
  19. ok you have a camaro and your name is noamericans.....yeah that makes sense..........And the Cobra would kill your Z28
  20. LMFAO!! You can't even buy an EVO 7 in the United States! So I guess that answers the question as to if the are tunable or not! haha. Hey, noamerica why don't you post a picture of your camaro?
  21. the z28 can't be compared with the cobra...
    i'm talking about the z28 and the gt *****
    and my name is noamericans...yes it is... u know y?
    because the only good american cars are the corvette, and it's little brother(the camaro)
    the mustang sux and the other good "american" cars are less than 70 % american
  22. Hey noamericans, I still don't see a picture of your camaro. Why??? Because you don't even own a car!!! Get out of here lamer. Why do you people have a problem with the mustang? I could go over to the Honda Civic forum and flame them for various reasons, but do I? No. I own a Mustang GT and no one will ever be able to convince me that its not a good car. Why are you wasting your time? Opinions are like a**holes, everybody has one.
  23. sure the import companies are making some serious horsepower now but what you dont realize is the lack of torque. and for the z28 #%$ you may be faster in stock form but your car looks like shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Hey, same here. I have a 1991 Mustang LX 5.0 and nobody will tell or write to me that the Stang is a bad sports car. I LOVE MY 5.0 and who cares what other people say. I say it`s the best bang for the buck period. I do appreciate Supra`s, RX-7`s and 300ZX. There great cars but for my budget ( at the time ), they where more costly. And I won`t go bashing other people taste of cars. It`s all a personnal choice. Some likes turbo, rotary engines or hi-revs engines but my taste is V8 power.
  25. Re: rustang

    #$%# YOU!!! What the hell are you thinking? My 1994 Mustang GT 5.0 Liter H.O. is most definitely a sports car...not only by its interior, but its exterior, these cars are #$%#ing beautiful. The 94' Stang 5.0 is a #$%#ing muscle car for everyday use...look at the torque for the money you stupid bastard. I'm done with you now go play with you import.

    P.S. My Five O will make your ears bleed its so damn loud, maybe thats why you need a gay ass sound system to help you make some noise!?!?

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